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INEVENT Release Version 1.0 January 13, 1993

What it is
INEVENT is a DOS class that will allow you to gather mouse, scan-code,
and keyboard messages from a SINGLE (overloaded) function-name.
By calling GetMessage() from your program, you can make your DOS
C programs "event driven" (see inevent.c for the basic idea).

INEVENT will be featured in the Febuary 1993 version of BYTE in "Some
Assembly Required". I worte the class to demonstrate how C++ can be
used to "wrapper" message-gathering on several operating-system
platforms. I have versions of this for DOS, UNIX, OS/2 and Windows.
Only the DOS version is "freeware".

Written with Borland C++. Runs under all versions. Should work fine
with Microsoft 7.0, though I haven't use MSC for a long time.

Don't Forget!
All that I ask is that if you modify these files, let me know so that
I can share your goodies with the rest of the world (I'll give you the
credit in the next READ.ME file)! Also, although I have tested this
stuff and it runs without any flaws that I can see, I am obliged to
mention that you have to USE THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!



Randall A. Nagy

internet: [email protected]
compuserve: 72561,2005

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