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// This is the definition of the 19 different locations it is
// possible to enter. This class contains an embedded object of
// class "items" to store the elements in each location. The
// message is output automatically when the location is entered,
// and the look_message is output when the player gives the look
// command.

#ifndef LOCATION_H
#define LOCATION_H

#include "items.h" // This gets the definition of the item list

class location {

location *north_move; // Where we go to, north of here
location *east_move; // Where we go to, east of here
location *south_move; // Where we go to, south of here
location *west_move; // Where we go to, west of here
char *message; // Message output when we enter here
char *look_message; // The message output for a "look"
items list_of_items; // The list of items in this location


void init(location *valid_north, // These four directions are
location *valid_east, // initialized when init
location *valid_south, // is called.
location *valid_west,
char *local_message,
char *local_look_message);
location *move(word direction); // Move to another location
void add_item(word item_to_add); // This puts an item here
void drop_item(word item_to_drop);// Item picked up by player
char item_here(word item_to_check);// Is this item here?
void display_message(void); // This displays the message
void display_list_of_items(void); // Display items found here
// and a few room details.