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For scripts

If you have wanted scripts to totally automate your Qmail runs
using Qmodem4.0 and DSZ, these should do the trick. However, you will
need to edit them for your own use, and please test them before you run
them unattended-its only fair to your SYSOP. Please also be sure you
have not created a monster that automatically uploads duplicate .REP
files. I did not write the original scripts; they came with QM4.0.
What I did do was edit out the sections which offered choices so the
scripts will do one thing only, but can do that thing unattended. This
version eliminates most unnecessary portions of the original scripts to
make it easier for you to find errors. I can say that they do work for
me on my system, but unfortunately that doesn't necessarily mean, for
whatever reason, that they will work on your system with the BBSs that
you call.

NEWDL.SCR is for downloads only
NEWUPNDN.SCR is for download then upload


1- Make a new line in your QM phone directory for your target
BBS which includes your password but no script.

2- Be sure your DSZ batch files are such that DSZ returns to
Qmodem automatically after a transfer. The "Press any key" at
the end of a transfer will not work.

3- Edit my scripts as follows:

A- Change the "ASSIGN" variables for your use. I do all
uploads and downloads from C:\QMODEM\DL and have set my
DELUXE reader to read them from there; your set up is
probably different.

B- In the same area, "DIAL '20'" must be changed to the
correct line in your Qmodem phone directory.


1- Put the modified scripts in your designated script

2- Decide whether you should be using the download only script
or the download then upload script.

3- Invoke QMODEM from the command line with

4- Watch it execute until you are confident it works.


Create a batch file such as the following which I use to make a
mail run and then bring up DELUXE:

QMODEM /S=BBS2.SCR (for a different BBS mail run)

I then use a timed execution of EXERUN.BAT to do the mail in
the wee hours while I'm asleep, and then load DELUXE so my mail
is waiting when I come down for coffee.


1- Please be absolutely sure you don't set this up so it uploads
dupe REP files. I use DELREP by Tony Tortorelli to delete
REP files as soon as they are uploaded- its available on EXECNET
and works well.

2- If you try a timed execution, be sure you don't time it close
to the BBS's "event". The script can not adapt to those times
just before an "event" when time on is limited and/or downloads
cannot be made.

3- There are several programs for timed executions; some do not
work on the last calendar day of the month when set up before
midnight for an AM execution (I think they look for a date of,
eg, 5-32). Automenu, BTW, does have a timed execution feature.

4- If it does not work reliably, PLEASE don't use it.


If you would let me know that either this works well or is
causing problems, that would be helpful. In the latter case we
should dump the whole thing; the former would feel good.

Ted Crockett 5/21/89
thru Execnet BBS Mt Vernon NY

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Archive   : ZZMAIL2.ZIP
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