Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : ZNOTES10.ZIP
Filename : ZN.BAT

Output of file : ZN.BAT contained in archive : ZNOTES10.ZIP

@echo off
if "%1"=="" goto info
goto start


echo ³
echo ³
echo ³ ZipNotes V1.0
echo ³ Auxillery File
echo ³ ZN.BAT
echo ³
echo ³
echo ³ This batch file allows you to use the data file (zipnotes.dat)
echo ³ on the drive or directory where the zip path is pointed to (-p option).
echo ³ This is similar to ZNFLOPPY.BAT except this will store the data file in
echo ³ the directory as well as the output file.
echo ³
echo ³ This gives the advantage of being able to add a listing to a
echo ³ zipnotes.txt file without needing a master zipnotes.dat.
echo ³
echo ³ ZipNotes is called in the menu mode so any preset options can be
echo ³ changed before executing the program.
echo ³
echo ³ The proper format for this batch file is:
echo ³
echo ³ ZN d:\path\ The path must end in '\'
echo ³
echo ³
goto end

if exist zipnotes.dat copy zipnotes.dat zipnotes.tmp
if exist %1zipnotes.dat copy %1zipnotes.dat zipnotes.dat
if not exist %1zipnotes.dat erase zipnotes.dat
zipnotes -m -p%1 -a -v
copy zipnotes.dat %1zipnotes.dat
if not exist zipnotes.tmp erase zipnotes.dat
if exist zipnotes.tmp copy zipnotes.tmp zipnotes.dat
if exist zipnotes.tmp erase zipnotes.tmp