Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : UPL.T

Output of file : UPL.T contained in archive : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
:: See comments at end of the file Rev 10-7-91
open -!tgx %item
echoc "upl.t: processing %item"
set s1 "" : flag indicatng Sysop quota exceeded
cloop: grab s0
while "t&&!%s0" grab s0
ss s0 "^(@)(.*)"
if "t&&%z1" echof "Command Line: %z2"; obey "%z2"; goback cloop
set ifs " " : split on space or tab
split s0
if "!%z2" goto failed
if !f%z2 goto nofile
if !f%z1 goto nofile
pat 0cp " ^Q " "\021"
pat 1v "\nDL "
pat 6v "\nLIB %z3"
on !c o; fail
if az3 put "\025DL%z3\r" : get to proper DL section
else put "\025DL0\r"
wait -f40
if !1&&!6 goto failed
wait -f1

set typ "bin"
if jz0,.doc set typ "ascii"
if jz0,.txt set typ "ascii"
if %z4 sets typ %z4

echoc "Enabling c mode"
ena -c
put "upl %z0/type:%typ/proto:b\r"
pat 2cv "Replace it" "y\r"
pat 4cv "File name truncated to " "y\r"
pat 1v "File name for your computer"
pat 3v "Please notify the Sy"
wait -f40
if 3 set s1 "quota"; goto failed
if !1 goto failed
wait -f1
put "\025\T%z1"; put "\r"
pat 1v "Description"
pat 2v "?DO_UPL-ERR"
wait -f60
:: CIS uploads the file here (B Protocol)
echoc "Disabling c mode"
dis -c
if 2 goto failed
if !1 echo "Didn't find pattern 2"; wait -f40
if 2 goto failed
if !1 echo "Didn't find pattern 2"; wait -f40
if 2 goto failed
wait -f1
pat 1v "okay"
pg10; ena -p; pq8; put "\025"
pat 4c "6 EXIT" "6\r"
open -g!x %z2
wait -f40
ena -t!p
put "\025Y\r"
pat 5v "soon as"
wait -f400
if !5 echoc "Timeout (400 seconds!) waiting for completion message."; goto failed
if !dv "!%mv %item cisupl/done"
if dv "!%rename %item [.cisupl.done]%item"
goto final
nofile: echoc "FILE %z0 or %z1 NOT FOUND!!!"
failed: echoc "Upload (control file %item) failed"
ena -t!p
final: nolog closetx
echoc "upl.t finished with %item"
pat 1v "Forum !\b" :Desired response
pat 2v "Function: \b" :Desired response
put "\r"
wait -f20
if %s1 fail : Terminate "expand" if quota problem

:: Upload a file to a SIG, assumes we are at the SIG Function: prompt
:: and (hopefully) returns us there. Gives up on error.
:: This is called by a line such as:
if %s8 obey "expand upl.t cisupl/%s8*"
:: and expects to find one line CONTROL FILES such as:

disinf.txt $p/disinfo.txt /t/yam/disinf.key 0 ascii

:: The control file may have any number of optional leading command lines,
:: @immediate command(s)

:: where the first field is the SIG filename, the second field is the
:: pathname on the YAM system, the third field the pathname for the
:: description/key file, the fourth field is the DL section number.
:: Am optional fifth field gives the upload type (ascii), default bin.
:: The descritpion file contains the description (500 char max), a
:: /exit line, the keywords, and the title (sample below):

DSZ is optimized to be called from a bulletin board or other comm
program to support YMODEM and fast ZMODEM file transfers. This version
has buffered XMIT for greater throughput, esp. with multitasking
executives. Automatic selection of comm port, baud rate, etc with
override. Supports 32 bit CRC, wild card xfers, recovery from line
disconnects, etc. See dsz.dqc and the ZCOMM or Pro-YAM user's manual
for more information, also ZMODEM.DOC. (part of ZMODEM.ARC).
Program Title (50 chars max)

:: This script assumes the SIG editor has been selected, it will not
:: wotk with the line editor.
:: Upon successful upload, the control file is moved to the "done"
:: subdirectory, or the "failed" subdirectory otherwise.
:: File is uploaded as type bin unless it has an extension of .doc or .txt
:: The optional fifth field (if present) overrides the above choice.

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Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : UPL.T

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: