Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : GEUPL.T

Output of file : GEUPL.T contained in archive : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
:: Rev 9-04-91
:: This one is a file named "geupl.t" and it goes in %lib
:: file for uploads looks like...
:: @immediate command(s) (optional, as many as needed)
:: local filename %s4
:: filename %s0
:: page;menu:menu:library_number %s1
:: short descripuion %s2
:: keywords %s3
:: long description
:: please note
:: 1) the system-wide prompt character for this script is in "pr".
:: 2) the line delete character used in this file is in "ldel".
echoc "Control File = %item"
on !c goto fooxc
pat 1 "%pr"
put "\r"
if !1 goto foox
open -!tg %item
cloop: grab s4
ss s4 "^(@)(.*)"
if "t&&%z1" echof "Command Line: %z2"; obey "%z2"; goback cloop
grab s0; grab s1; grab s2; grab s3
if !t echoc "%item Short file! "; goto fubar
if %s0>24 goto fubar
if %s2>35 goto fubar
set s5 ""; obey "if f%s4 set s5 OK"; if !%s5 echoc "NO FILE"; return
split s1 ":" ":"
echoc "To: %z0"
put "%ldel\336m%z0\r" : move to initial page 615:3
echoc "Choice: %z1"
put "%ldel\336%z1\r"
put "%ldel\336%z2\r"
put "%ldel\336\&5\r" : menu choice 5 - upload file
pat 4 "-----"
wait -f30
if !4 goto foobar
put "%ldel\336%s0\r" : name
pat 3c "choose another."
wait -f20
if 3 put "%ldel\336%s0.%d\r"; wait -f20
if !4 goto foobar
put "%ldel\336%s2\r" : short desc
pg62; pp300; if !dP ena -p
if dP ena -r
pat 4 "to save."
t -gx; ena -t!p; pp250; put "*S\r"
pat 2 "Keywords"
wait -f15
if !2 goto foobar
put "%ldel\336%s3\r"; : keywords
pat 3 "Which item"
wait -f20
put "3\r"
pat 4 "READY FOR INPUT\r\n"
wait -f50
if n put "3\r"; wait -f50
if n goto
pat 4 "C"; wait -f3 : Force a timeout to flush the network
sx %s4
if !? echo "Upload FAILED!"; goto foox
pat 1 "%pr"
pat 2 ""
wait -f50
pat 2i "put the file in the Library"
pat 3i "Put in Library"
put \r
wait -f50
if n echo "TIMEOUT waiting for question"; goto foox
agn: put "Y\r"
pat 4i "Upload failed!"
pat 5l "Upload Complete"
wait -f90
if 2 goback agn
if !5 goto foobar
if !dv "!%mv %item done/%item"
if dv "!%rename %item [.done]%item"
echoc "File Uploaded: %item moved to done/%item"
wait -f40 : wait for menu to reappear
ena -gt
dupli: echoc "Duplicate File"
pat 4 "\r\n%pr"
pat 1 "1%pr"
pat 2 "P 615%pr"
pat 3 "P 616%pr"
put "\r" wait -f20
while !2 put "*x\r" wait -f20
put "m%s1\r" wait -f30
echoc "Moving %item to failed/%item"
if !dv "!%mv %item failed/%item"
if !dv "!%rename %item [.failed]%item"
ena -gt
nolog closetx
foobar: echoc "File Not Accpeted"
pat 1 "Option:"
wait -f4
put "%ldel\336\&2\r"
wait -f4
echoc "Moving %item to failed/%item"
if !dv "!%mv %item failed/%item"
if dv "!%rename %item [.failed]%item"
ena -gt
nolog closetx
fooxc: echoc "Carrier Lost"
foox: echoc "Upload failure not related to Control file"
ena -gt
nolog closetx
if !c fail

---- Directory Listing ----
total 338
drwxr-xr-x 2 caf omen 96 May 31 03:45 done
drwxr-xr-x 2 caf omen 64 May 31 02:44 failed
-rw-r--r-- 1 caf omen 464 May 31 14:50 gezmodem.key
---- Control File ----
Classic stand-alone shareware sends or receives files using ZMODEM-90(Tm),
True YMODEM(Tm), or XMODEM. "Talk" command (term emulation) for automatic
ZMODEM downloads. Provides fast background transfers in small windows.
MobyTurbo(Tm) gives fastest GEnie downloads. Table driven CRC-32, ZMODEM
compression, Crash Recovery(Tm), advanced file management. See DSZNEW.ARC
for details: Apr 16 91 Improves "Handshake Slow". Apr 4 91 vsn supports
115200 bps, enhancements for VMS users.
---- end of file at cr-lf pair, previous line -----

The cryptic 615:3:8:6 relates to page 615:3, menu choice 8 (set section)
and 6 (section number).

Note: Make sure your control files have a CR/LF to end the last line,
and do not have any trailing blank lines. Also, please note that the
"Longer Description" must be 9 lines or less.

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Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : GEUPL.T

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: