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:: GEnie IBM PC RoundTable message upload script for YAM TurboDial 2.18+
:: Author: Rahul Dhesi
:: Date: 1986/10/25
:: Version: 2.1 CAF Rev 10-4-90
:: Ideas were borrowed from Paul Homchick's file uploading script. This
:: script may be freely copied and modified by all. I accept no liability
:: should you go insane trying to figure out YAM's script commands.
:: Each message to be uploaded is kept in a separate file. Each message file
:: must begin with the prefix "msg" and must not have any extension. Good
:: names to use are "msg1", "msg2", ..., "msg10", "msg11", and so on. Each
:: message file has one of the the following formats:
:: Old format:
:: line 1: category number
:: line 2: topic number
:: rest: message text
:: New format:
:: line 1: Category 5, Topic 36
:: rest: message text
:: See the sample message files provided.
:: This script is invoked after you are already logged in to GEnie and
:: are at any GEnie menu. It is invoked from your phones.t file and
:: a sample phones.t file is supplied to show how this is done.
:: This script simply returns to its caller. The portion of phones.t
:: that invokes this script is responsible for logging you out.
:: This script assumes that your system-wide prompt character is ">". If
:: your prompt character is different, e.g. "?", see items I and II. If your
:: GENie break character is not control C, make a change in item III.

::I. SET PROMPT CHARACTER. Here we set the system-wide prompt character
:: to ">". If your prompt character is different, change the following
:: line, e.g.: set pr "?" (set in phone directory)
: set pr "\006"
: set pr "?" : not currently in use

:: code for your system-wide prompt character. For example, if your prompt
:: character is "?", the next line will become: set code "63"
set code "62"
: set code "63" : not currently in use

::III. SET BREAK CHARACTER. Now, make sure that our break character is
:: known to the script. If it is control C, the value is "\003". Otherwise,
:: change the following line.
: set intr "\003" (set in phone directory)

::IV. Set page number in s7
: set s7 "615"

::The script itself starts here. Some patterns are initialized and we
::try to reach the RoundTable Bulletin Board first.
on !c return
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Beginning upload of file %1"
set blankfill " " : convert null lines to blanks
pat 1v "P %s7%pr" : e.g. "P 615>"
pat 3v "1 %pr" : e.g. "1 >"
pat 7v "elp"
pat 8v "Returning to

revious page."

::Send a carriage return and see what GEnie does
put "\r" : hit return
wait -f20 : wait for any pattern
if 7 put "m%s7:1\r" wait -f20
while 7&&L<2 put "c\r" wait -f20
if 8 wait -f15; return
while !1&&!3&&L<2 put "c\r" wait -f20
while !1&&L<3 put "m%s7:1\r" wait -f40 : try to go to RT BBS

::If nothing happened, send our break character to wake GEnie & try again
if !3 put "%intr" wait -f20 : send break
if !1&&!3&&!5 goto failed : no pattern still? give up
if 3 goto foundrt : if found "1 >", go on...
while !3&&L<3 put "m%s7;1\r" wait -f20 : else try to go to RT BBS
if !3 goto failed : not reached BBS? fail

::If we reach the bulletin board and see the prompt for category 1
::(e.g. "1 >"), we find the next message and select category and topic.
open -!tg %1 : open message file
: !t = no throttle (full speed)
: !g = don't send file yet
set s0 "" : get 1st two lines (cat & topic)
while "t&&!%s0" grab s0
if !ps0,Category goto oldf
ss s0 "([0-9]+)(,[^0-9]*)([0-9]+)"
sets s0 %z1
sets s1 %z3
: set
: abort
goto newf
oldf: grab s1 : get 1st two lines (cat & topic)
if !t goto nullmsg
newf: if "as0<1" goto nonumber : category must be nonzero
if "as1<1" goto nonumber : topic must nonzero
pat 2 "ot \256vailable" : \256 is wildcard for pattern match
pat 3i "%s0 %pr" : e.g. pat 3 "5 >"

::Select the desired category
put "set %s0\r" : e.g. "set 5", 5 being category
wait -f30 : wait for cat to be chosen
if 2 goto nosuchcat
if !3 goto nocat : give up if not chosen cat

::Select the desired topic
pat 2 "is closed"
pat 3 "ot \256vailable"
pat 4 "annot \256eply"
pat 5 "# of topic"
pat 6l "nter \256emo \256ext"
put "reply %s1\r" : e.g. "reply 22", 22 being topic
wait -f30
while n&&L<2 put "reply %s1\r" wait -f20 : Give GEnie two chances

::If GEnie says, "Enter # of topic..." something must have gone wrong.
:: We escape from there with a break character and give up on this one.
if 5 put "%intr" goto nosuchtop : escape from prompt & give up

::Closed topic, or no such topic, or no "Enter memo text" prompt
if 2||4 goto closed : topic is closed, can't reply to it
if 3 goto nosuchtop : No such topic
if !6 goto noreply : no reply prompt
pat 7 ">"

::We reach here if we saw a string asking us to reply to the topic

::Following lines from Paul Homchick's file upload script. No idea what they
:: do but we'll let them stay there since they don't cause any harm.
if !dP ena -p : Ask Paul
if dP ena -r : Ask Paul

put "*u\r" : Shift gears, no echo upload
pat 6l INPUT
wait; pat; sleep 10
::Upload the message, waiting for the prompt character after each line has
::been sent
t -Hgx : send file, continue script when done
ena -ht!p : enable throttle, disable wait for ">"
: pp250 : disable prompt character
pat 1 "entered"
put "%intr"
pat 6 ">"
put "*s\r" : send "*s"

wait -f20
if !1 put "*s\r" wait -f20
if !1 goto doubtful
: put "set 1\r"
goto goodret

if !dv "!%mv %1 Z%1.tmp" : ren original to Z*.tmp
if dv "!%rename %1 Z%1.tmp"
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Message %1 transmitted." : record successful transmission
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Could not find RoundTable BBS."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Category %s0 topic %s1 is closed. Cannot reply."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Category %s0 has no topic %s1. Cannot reply."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Category %s0 is not available. Cannot reply."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Message null, not sent."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Could not set category %s0."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Did not receive Reply prompt."
goto badret
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Category or topic not nonzero."
goto badret

::Reach here if something went wrong. Rename file to Y*.tmp.
:: Send a "set 1" for good measure and return.
if !dv "!%mv %1 Y%1.tmp"
if dv "!%rename %1 Y%1.tmp"
goto restore

::Reach here if we thought we sent the message OK but GEnie didn't seem
:: notice. Rename to W*.tmp
echof ""
echoc "MSGUP: Message may or may not have been entered"
if !dv "!%mv %1 W%1.tmp"
if dv "!%rename %1 W%1.tmp"
goto restore

pattern 1 "%pr"
while !1&&L<2 put "\r" wait -f20
pattern 1 "1 %pr"

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Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : GEMSGUP.T

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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