Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : DOSIG.T

Output of file : DOSIG.T contained in archive : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
:: DOSIG rev 10-8-91 Cruise a CompuServe Special Interest Group
:: dosig register usage
:: s4 saves hi message number
:: s5: flag for individual subject prompt - read
:: s6: garble detect
:: s7: SIG page designation
:: s8: prefix for upload messages
:: s9: inital command
echoc "DOSIG: %s7 AT %t"
sets remote "%s7"
kbdlock 0
put "\25g %s7\r"
set s5 ""
set f9 "@set s5 x;kbdlock 2;echo OK-ALREADY"
set s6 ""
on 20||e>45||!c echoc "Bad/Lost Connection"; return
pat 0cp " ^Q " "\021"
pat 1$v "\nFunction: " :Desired response
pat 2v "Function: \b" :Desired response
pat 3 "" :Possible Compuserve snafu
pat 4 "User ID:" :CIS may just log you off
pat 5 "unavailable"
pat 6 "Fatal error"
::if !iremote,allsig pat 7c "Short bulletin:" "\25\017\r"
pat 8 "hat page is empty"
pat 9c " RE T)" "\25\r"
pat 10iv "Forum messages:"
pat 11 "? MONUTR"
pat 12 "service is not defined"
pat 13 "Fatal Error"
pat 15 "temporarily"
pat 16v "Forum !\b"
pat 17c "Control-C Intercepted Menu" "1\r"
pat 18 " is unrecognized!"
wait -F90
if n echoc "90 seconds and no match!!"; timestamp
if 8||12 putw "\021\25g %s7\r"; wait : possible garbled cmd
if 8||12 echoc "Got 8||12" sets sk "%sk 8/12:%s7"; return
if 10 pat 10i "\r"; wait
if 10 pat 10 ""; sets s4 "%y1"; wait
if n set s6 x; put "\021\25\r"; wait :in case of garble
if 11 echoc "CIS Total Lossage"; s; sets sk "%sk %s7"; bye; fail
if 5 mput "\r"; echoc "(Unavailable)"; sets sk "%sk u:"; goto gcis1
if "15|18" echoc "(%s7 closed.)"; sets sk "%sk c:"; goto gcis1
if 6||13 echoc "Fatal Message"; sets sk "%sk f:"; goto gcis1
if 4 s; sets sk "%sk %s7"; fail
if 3 set s6 x; put "\021\25\r" wait
if n put "\021\25\r" wait -f55 :No match - try once more
if n echoc "No Patterns Matched!"; s; goto gcis1
if !1&&!2&&!16 s; echoc "Wrong Message"; s; goto gcis1
if jinvok,upl if %s8 expand %lib/upl.t cisupl/%s8*
if jinvok,dow if %s8 expand %lib/dow.t cisdow/%s8*
if %s8 expand %lib/cisupl.t %s8*
put "\021\25%s9\r"
pat 0cp " ^Q " "\021"
pat 1 " RE T)" :Message waiting for you
pat 2i "Function: \b" :Desired response
pat 3$ "\nFunction: " :Desired response
pat 6c "yam " "@echo YAM\ MENTIONED"
pat 7c YAM "@echo YAM\ MENTIONED"
pat 8c Yam "@echo YAM\ MENTIONED"
pat 9v$ "\nNO CARRIER\r\n"
pat 11c "\n#: " "@setc now %t"
pat 12l "\nTo: "
pat 16 "Forum !\b"
on "9||e>45||!c" goto ondosig :If disconnect or bad line
dosg1: wait
while 12 echof "Prefix: %s8 Sig: %s7 D/L:%t" wait
while 1 echoc "SIG: %s7" put "\25\r" goback dosg1 :Bypass RE T questions
if !3&&!2&&!16 echoc "Timeout waiting for Function prompt"; put "\21"; wait
if !3&&!2&&!16 echoc "Timeout 2 waiting for Function prompt"; put "\021\25\r"; wait
if !3&&!2&&!16 echoc "Function prompt not seen"; s; goto gcis1
: echoc "Function Prompt Detected"
:: if !is9,rm if %s8 expand %lib/sigrd.t r%s8*; expand %lib/sigrd.t I%s8*
if %s5 echo " Enter Subjects to scan for, one per line, empty line ends. "
if %s5 while %s5 accept s5 "subject:" if %s5 put "r;s;s;%s5;n\r" wait -f15
set f9
@echo "Sorry... Too Late to Stop the Bubble Machine"
pat 19i "For"
if js9,qsn split s4; putw "\25OP;HI;%z4;P\r"
kbdlock 0
echoc " %s7 Dosig Ends %e errors detected "
echoc " Last header line seen at %now"
: echoc "s4 = %s4"
ondosig: s :If disconnect or bad line
echoc "DOSIG error trap"
if "!c" echoc "Carrier Lost"
if "9" echoc "Carrier Lost Message Seen"
if "e>45" echoc "Error Count Exceeded: %e"
gcis1: w; echoc "**** DOSIG ERROR RECOVERY (%e Line Hits Detected) ****"
sets sk "%sk %s7"
pat; pat 2 "\nOK\r"; pat 3i "TOP"
while "L<5&&c&&n" put "\021\25TOP\rg cis\r" wait -f15 ife "!n" put "\021\17" return
bye; fail

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Archive   : ZMSCRIP.ZIP
Filename : DOSIG.T

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: