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Scripts designed to get you up and running utilizing the power of Professional YAM or ZCOMM.
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Scripts designed to get you up and running utilizing the power of Professional YAM or ZCOMM.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
101.MK 1034 488 deflated
BAUD.T 1546 771 deflated
BAUD2.T 2000 875 deflated
BIXFUPL.T 2044 959 deflated
BIXMAILD.T 520 307 deflated
BIXMAILU.T 1673 738 deflated
BIXMSGU.T 1456 708 deflated
CALLBACK.T 1476 797 deflated
CBBSCK.BAS 1338 601 deflated
CHALLENG.T 2355 1206 deflated
CHECKRMT.T 1759 810 deflated
CISSIG.XXY 128 81 deflated
CISUPL.T 4092 1531 deflated
CKCISDL.T 842 495 deflated
DASHR101.MK 3811 937 deflated
DASHRDG.MK 3484 858 deflated
DASHRSTD.MK 2815 743 deflated
DIALERS.DOC 1721 867 deflated
DOSIG.T 3825 1649 deflated
DOW.T 1313 622 deflated
ENS.T 2183 1055 deflated
GEFDL.T 2372 1031 deflated
GEKXDL.T 1391 691 deflated
GEMAILD.T 1419 687 deflated
GEMAILU.T 4100 1681 deflated
GEMSGUP.T 7769 2944 deflated
GERT.T 1033 533 deflated
GEUPL.T 4992 1963 deflated
GSORT 595 379 deflated
KCISDL.T 762 444 deflated
MENU.HST 3121 1283 deflated
OPUS.T 1021 550 deflated
OPUSAREA.T 471 295 deflated
OPUSUPL.T 2640 1056 deflated
PHOMAST.DOC 32773 10070 deflated
PHOMAST.T 79757 24465 deflated
PHONES.T 13622 5081 deflated
PHONES2.T 29113 10400 deflated
PLXUPL.T 2209 975 deflated
RMA.T 661 319 deflated
RMAREA.T 523 284 deflated
RMAUPL.T 2493 1020 deflated
STD.MK 938 465 deflated
STV.MK 1115 520 deflated
UPL.T 3879 1841 deflated
WYS.MK 1622 604 deflated
XEN.MK 1989 726 deflated
XKCISDL.T 867 502 deflated
XYAMHELP.T 1745 722 deflated
YAMHELP.T 1789 773 deflated

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Contents of the DIALERS.DOC file

Starting with this edition, the "one size fits all" mm224 dialing
subroutine in the phones.t file has been retired. One size doesn't fit
all modems with the execellence demanded of Professional-YAM. (Just be
thankful you don't have to get by with one or two dinky initialization

The new version uses a modem independent "adial" subroutine that
understands alternate numbers and other aspects that are shared by most
modems. The "adial" routine then calls a modem specific "dialnum"
subroutine contained in a specified file. So, to change modems one merely
points to the appropriate dialer file. The dialer files are distributed

set mcommand "@gosub adial":: Top level dialing subroutine
set MODEM "hu96.t":: Modem specific dial FILE

The old forms are shown for comparison:

::set MODEM HV96
::set mcommand "@gosub mm224"

Modem specific dial routines are provided in the following files, whose
names correspond to the old logical names:
generic.t hst.t hv96.t hu96.t mm224.t mm224e.t mmv32.t tb.t

The new arrangement supports "call init" as an easy way
to access the modem specific initialization script. Each
modem specific file should contain a modem initialization
subroutine "initmodem" which is called indirectly by "init" in
the main phones.t. A bit of object oriented structure as it were.

Generic.t contains if statements for all the modems supported by
the mm224 subroutine. It may be used as a base for writing new
modem specific scripts if a script for a similar modem is not available.

New dialers:
t1600.tTelebit T1600 v.32/v.42
hu96.tHayes Ultra Smartmodem 9600 v.32/v.42
mmv32.tMultitech V32

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