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Dialing Menu Example
Version 3.0

Michael Ash -- CIS: 71350,3327

To activate this Dialing Menu Example from PHOMAST.T just hit Shift-F7
as listed on the F9 help menu...

This is just an example of how a menu might be setup... Put your own
names and numbers into DIAL.T by using an editor to make it specific
for your area.

Notice the syntax of the decision statement. In response to the accept
command the variable 's0' gets a letter. The variable is evaluated
if is0,a cls; call -100 bnf; goto done

This line above says, if s0=a, clear screen, then call script label
bnf (upto 100 times if busy). When the call is complete, goto done
and that will cause the menu to reappear. You could just have a number
in place of 'call -100 bnf' and it will call the number; and then return
to the menu when the call is completed...

Actual on-screen Menu Generated below...
echo "\n >>> Internal Dialing Menu <<< "
echo " "
echo " Enter the Letter of the system you wish to call as listed below: "
echo " "
echo " A. Back & Forth Support BBS N. Olde Guard BBS "
echo " B. CompuServe O. PC Magazine "
echo " C. APCO (Public BBS) P. "
echo " D. APCO (Members BBS) Q. "
echo " E. R. "
echo " F. S. "
echo " G. T. "
echo " H. U. "
echo " I. V. "
echo " J. W. "
echo " K. X. "
echo " L. Y. "
echo " M. Z. "
echo " --------------------------------------------------------- "
echo " 1. Return to ZComm menu 2. Hang-up phone and re-display "
echo " 3. Edit this DIALING Menu 4. Return to DOS... "
echo "\n"

acceptl1 s0 "Your Choice: " : Ask the question, then evaluate...
: Force lower case and one char.
: Below would be labels in your phones script of different BB Systems
: You must first generate these labels in your phones script to either
: dial the number or actually provide a autolog onto the host system.

if is0,a cls; call -100 bnf; goto done
if is0,b cls; call -100 cis; goto done
if is0,c cls; call -100 ap; goto done
if is0,d cls; call -100 apmem; goto done
if is0,e goto error :Not defined...
if is0,f goto error :Not defined...
if is0,g goto error :Not defined...
if is0,h goto error :Not defined...
if is0,i goto error :Not defined...
if is0,j goto error :Not defined...
if is0,k goto error :Not defined...
if is0,l goto error :Not defined...
if is0,m goto error :Not defined...
if is0,n cls; call -100 old; goto done
if is0,o cls; sp 2400 1-212-503-5255 ena -E;t -8g ; goto done
if is0,p goto error :Not defined...
if is0,q goto error :Not defined...
if is0,r goto error :Not defined...
if is0,s goto error :Not defined...
if is0,t goto error :Not defined...
if is0,u goto error :Not defined...
if is0,v goto error :Not defined...
if is0,w goto error :Not defined...
if is0,x goto error :Not defined...
if is0,y goto error :Not defined...
if is0,z goto error :Not defined...

if is0,1 gosub menu; fail : Return to ZComm
if is0,2 o; goback start : Hang up and re-menu
if is0,3 o; !%edit %home\dial.t : Hang up, edit DIAL.T
if is0,4 off : Return to DOS
goback start

error: : if not found... ask again!
lput "\t\t Not currently active... Pick again"; sleep 15
goback start

gosub start.%home/dial.t :After call return to dial menu

:: ------------------------------------------------------------------ ::

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Archive   : ZCEX1808.ZIP
Filename : DIAL.T

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: