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WinAto Version 1.4
February 25, 1992


WinAto is a Windows 3.x application which provides an interface to AUTOSIG, a communications program for accessing CompuServe. AUTOSIG, commonly known as ATO, is a copyrighted program of Vernon. D. Buerg. WinAto was implemented to interface to version 6.8 of ATO. The current release, 6.8b, is available in the AUTOSIG library, Library 1, in the IBMCOM forum of Compuserve as ATO68B.EXE. There is no registration required for ATO.

WinAto provides the off-line functions of ATO, providing forum and host configuration maintenance, off-line message functions, script creation and editing, off-line library browsing and interfacing to ATO for on-line activity. For on-line functions, WinAto uses command line parameters to ATO along with automatically generated scripts to invoke the desired on-line activity. For normal operation, no menu operation of ATO is required.


WinAto is a copyrighted program of the author, Raymond J. Saunders. It is offered as shareware. It is not free nor is it in the public domain. The author grants a limited license for the purpose of evaluation for a period of 21 days. All currently implemented features of the program are available. The program does not overwhelm you with nagware during the evaluation period. Use for any purpose other than evaluation, or use beyond the 21 day limited license period requires registration and the payment of the registration fee. When you register you will receive a license number which allows use of the program on one machine at any given period of time. The license fee for registration is $40.00. A registration form is included at the end of this document for your convenience.


The shareware version of this program, WATO13.EXE, is available as a self extracting ZIP file containing the following files.

WINATO.EXE The WinAto program.
WINATO.HLP The WinAto help file.
SAMPLE.INI An example WinAto initialization file only.
ATO_F.PIF A Windows 3.x .pif for executing ATO full screen.
ATO_W.PIF A Windows 3.x .pif for executing ATO in a window.
WINATO.WRI This file.
README .TXT If present, includes last minute installation or operation

Prior to executing WinAto for the first time, ATO should be installed and operative. The ATO definition file must exist and the PC options should be configured. Forum and host configuration options need not be completed prior to installing WinAto as these options can be set using WinAto. If you have already had ATO up and running, there is no additional changes required to use WinAto.

The WINATO.EXE and WINATO.HLP files may be placed together in any suitable directory. The WINATO.INI file is only included as an example and should not be installed. WinAto will create an initialization file in your WINDOWS directory on first execution. The pif files should be placed in your AUTOSIG directory.

When the files have been placed, execute WinAto. A Message Box will open indicating that initialization requires General Setup. Select OK to open the General Setup dialog box. Enter the entire path to your AUTOSIG directory. The directory entered here must contain the AUTOSIG.EXE and AUTOSIG.DFN files. This is the only entry required at this time. When done, select OK. The WinAto registration notice will be displayed. Read the agreement. If you agree, select "I Agree". If, not, select "Quit Now". If you select "I Agree", the WinAto Main Window will display. It is suggested that you browse through the Help facility prior to executing any other commands.

NOTE: If a previous version of WinAto is already installed you may replace the old WinAto files with the new WinATO files without disturbing the winato.ini file or your ATO definitions as long as you are not loading the WinAto release into the windows directory or ATO directory. If you load it into the ATO directory, you must update the pifs to provide the correct Program File Name path for autosig.exe and the autosig directory as the Start-up Directory.

Technical Support

Technical support for the program is provided by the author mainly through the use of CompuServe. It is suggested that messages be placed in CompuServe Mail or in the AUTOSIG section, section 1, of the IBMCOM forum. Please include the version number of WinAto that you are using. On problem reports, please include as much detail as you can to help diagnosis of the causes. Your comments and suggestions for enhancements will be warmly welcomed.

Address all CompuServe correspondence to Ray Saunders 72740,764.

Version History

Dec. 8, 1991 - Version 1.0, Original release.

Dec. 20, 1991 - Version 1.1

Clipboard functions and print added to Script editing.

Fixed problem with auto2 not working if script execution was set to windowed.

Corrected problems with single forum command execution.

Added J command to auto list.

Added A command to single forum command execution sub-menu.

Added message header marking for J command.

Added multiple auto list capability.

Added default ppn file capability to address book and fixed problems with address book save.

Deleting duplicate ppn files in address book list.

Implements ability to copy a prepared message to additional recipients.

Fixed problem saving to a new forum save file.

Fixed various other small bugs.

Made other cosmetic and operational improvements.

Jan. 4, 1992 - Version 1.2

Fixed problem writing the .FIL forum files.

Fixed problem setting read only on new save files.

Fixed possible UAE on forum delete.

Fixed UAE in library scan when adding two consecutive scans with for the same forum. Also fixed the seeting of the file types which were included in the scripts offset by one.

Added confirmation to deletion of messages.

Deactivated the forum list during forum configuration and host list during host configuration to disallow changing forum until configuration is saved.

Added header edit capability to editing of previously prepared outgoing messages.

Added high message number reset to forum menu.

Added a default parameter to winato.ini to use a fixed font in the Read Messages dialog boxes instead of proportional. To set fixed font, enter "fixed_on_read=1" to the general section of winato.ini. Setting the parameter to zero, or leaving it out will cause WinAto to use proportional to get more characters on a line without scrolling. Additional enhancement in this area is anticipated in a later release.

Added ability to request a receipt for email messages.

Added the ability to split large forum messages.

Added the ability to mark messages or threads for download by message number. Also include the ability to delete messages by number.

January 24, 1992 - Version 1.3

When a private message is replied to, message mode is automatically defaulted to private for reply.

Added ability to swap definition files for installations where there are several ATO users on one system, or where more forums must be visited.

Fixed problem with ATO periods appearing at the beginning of blank lines and the following line on unformatted messages.

Fixed problem in marking J type headers where incorrect message header was sometimes being displayed in mark dialog box.

Fixed problem in library browse where mark sometimes caused file descriptions to get out of sync.

Added the ability to add To or From address to an Address Book from Read Downloaded Messages or Read Saved Messages.

Added check to library browse to give message when windows runs out of memory for the file list.

Added the ability to define a script file that will automatically be executed prior to the next autopass.

Added checks in several places where exit will lose modified data allowing user to cancel exit.

Added phrase selection to library browse.

Added library scan and browse to the icon bar.

Added comment line to addresses in the address book. Also added Copy and Paste buttons to provide the ability to copy an address to another ppn file through the clipboard.

Added an imp
ort file capability to message compose/edit function.

For those who were used to being able to abort an autopass when ATO displayed the auto list, I added the option to have WinAto open the auto list dialog box prior to auto1 or auto2. To turn it on, you must manually add a parameter to the winato.ini file. See the help section on the ini file.

Added an option to keep WinAto from updating a forum HMN if it is set to "N". To turn it on, you must manually add a parameter to the winato.ini file. See the help section on the ini file.

Added the ability to set the ATO PC Options from WinAto.

Added cursor numeric cursor position to message edit dialog boxes.

Added a disposition capability to "Read Downloaded Messages" which provides for deleting the message file. with, or without, backup, and, as an alternative, appending it to the forum save file.

January 27, 1992 - Version 1.3a

Fixed a bug causing a UAE when saving unformatted prepared messages.

February 18, 1992 - Version 1.4

Fixed bug which was sometimes changing the selected forum in the Iconbar when the selected forum was not actually being changed.

Modified several dialog boxes to allow size changes which automatically changed the size of edit boxes contained within them. Modified the Window Position Save to save the positions and size of any of them that are open when the command is selected.

Added default capability for section and message mode for write messages.

Did away with extra message box on save in marking message headers. Allows appending to the backup file as well as replacing the backup file.

Added check on exit from Library Scan to give a warning when scan criteria has been saved but the script has not been created and saved.

Modified Keep for prepared messages to save the messages in a new file, forump.ato, in the same format as the ATO outgoing messages file, foruml.ato. Changed the View Saved Prepared Messages function to use the Edit Prepared Messages dialog box. Messages may now be deleted from the save file, printed, modified and resent. A conversion function is provided to convert the .FIL files to the new file.

Added library catalog files (.CAT) and library list files (.LST) to the file status dialog box. This allows these files to be selectively deleted.

Added an additional option setting dialog box to the setup menu to provide the ability to set miscellaneous WinAto options.

Changed General Setup to automatically update the pifs when the ATO directory is changed.

Added ability to scan messages in read downloaded, read saved, edit prep and view saved prep message functions for a user defined phrase.

Thank you for trying this program.

Ray Saunders
RaySaun Software
21866 Ticonderoga Lane
El Toro, CA 92630

Registration Form for WinAto Version 1.4
Copyright (c) 1991/1992 Raymond J. Saunders

WinAto is licensed on a per user basis. This license grants the user the right to install and use the software on one or more computers so long as the total number of users does not exceed the license quantity.

Please include the following information:

Name: __________________________________________________________

Company: __________________________________________________________

Street: __________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________ State: _______ Zip:___________

Country: ___________________________________ Phone: _______________

CompuServe ID: ___________________

Ato license QTY: _______ X $40.00 Total: __________

Enclose the proper amount of payment in the form of check or money order made out to Ray Saunders.

Mail this form and payment to:

Ray Saunders
21866 Ticonderoga Lane
El Toro, CA. 92630

When your registration is received, your license number will be sent to you by CompuServe Mail. When checks are submitted as payment, you will be given a temporary license until your check clears, at which time a permanent license number will be sent. To insure that a proper temporary license is given to you, please indicate the date that you first executed WinAto on your system. The date should appear in the About box which is displayed when you select About from the Setup menu on the "Licensed To" line.

Original Execution date: _____________

Thank you for your support.

Ray Saunders
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