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Auto logon Telix SALT files for many BBS formats.
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Auto logon Telix SALT files for many BBS formats.
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Contents of the UNI.DOC file

Version 1.30

A Unified Telix logon script.
By: John Abatte


The idea behind UNI.SLT is simple. I got tired of keeping
track of numerous small logon scripts for all the different
bulletin boards that I call. I wanted a script which would be
adaptable to any type of BBS, and be easy to maintain and update.
None of the currently available scripts which claimed to work on
all BBS'es actually did that. At best, they would send your name
and password to a few different types, and leave you off somewhere
in the middle of the logon sequence requiring the user to fill in
the necessary keystrokes to reach the Main Menu.

Please note that UNI.SLT is presently set up to handle only
nine different BBS types. This was mainly due to the fact that I
typically call only these nine types of boards. However, because
of the modular design of the script, it is a fairly simple task
to add in more logons as the need arises. This was one of the
design goals of the script. I plan to add more logons to the
script in the future to make it as universal as possible.


The author makes no claims or warranties as to the fitness or
suitability of this script for any particular purpose. The user
assumes all responsibility for any damages or loss resulting from
the use of this script. The author of this script is in no way
affiliated with Exis Inc. or Telix.

Now with that out of the way, let's get on to the good stuff!


The first thing you will need to do is edit the top part of
the script with YOUR NAME, and the full path pointing to the
directory where you keep your Telix CAPTURE files. This is
explained in the script header, so I won't elaborate any further
on it here.

If you would like to be prompted each call whether or not to
create a capture file, be sure to set the strings for cap_prompt
and cap_status both to "Y". This is the default setting so you can
leave it as is. If you would automatically like to start a capture
file for each BBS you call without being annoyed by a prompt
everytime, set cap_prompt[1] = "N". The third option is for those
who prefer to open their capture files manually when desired. In
this case set the cap_status[1] = "N", and this function will be
skipped altogether by the script.

Next, make a backup copy of your TELIX.FON file and any other
dialing directories you wish to use with the script. One way would
be to simply copy any ".FON" files to a floppy. Alternatively, use
the DOS COPY command in the following fashion:

copy telix.fon telix.bak

This is necessary since you will have to edit the file, and this
will insure that you have a good copy in case you goof and trash
the original somehow. A very good utility, TFE 1.10 by Paul Roub,
is available for editing Telix dialing directories and greatly
simplifies this task if you have a lot of entries to alter. This
should be available on many BBSes.

Now you will need to edit the ".FON" file(s) by placing a two
letter prefix in front of the name of each BBS you wish to call
with the script. As mentioned, the script will work with nine
different BBS types, and there are eight different codes for the
appropriate boards. These are as follows:

"FI", for FIDO BBS and EXEC-PC
* "GT", for GT Power BBS
* "OP", for OPUS BBS
"QU", for Quick BBS
"RB", for RBBS
"WC", for Wildcat BBS
"WW", for WWIV BBS

* Note: The logons for GT and OPUS boards have enough
similarities to use the same sub-script. I've used different
codes only as a convenient way to identify systems within the
dialing directories.

The following is an example of how to set up the dialing directory
with the BBS prefix codes:

Telix Dialing Directory - TELIX.FON

Name Number Line Format Script

1 QU TELIX SUPPORT BBS 1-416-284-0682 2400 N-8-1 UNI
2 FI EXEC-PC 1-414-964-5160 1200 N-8-1 UNI
3 gt Someother BBS 987-6543 2400 N-8-1 UNI
4 Pc Another BBS 321-0000 1200 N-8-1 UNI
5 RB Your Favorite BBS 999-9999 2400 N-8-1 UNI
6 wC Welcome2 The BBS 111-2222 2400 N-8-1 UNI
7 WW Whatzit BBS 888-1234 2400 N-8-1 UNI

This should give you the idea. You'll notice that case is not
significant so it doesn't matter how you enter the codes.The space
following the prefix IS necessary, however, since the script will
read the name of the BBS to create the optional capture file starting
at the fourth position in the string. Be sure to put your passwords
in the password field of the directory since the script will read your
password and send it to the BBS automatically for you.

That's about all there is to it. Compile the script after
you've finished editing it and you're ready to go.


Telix is Copyright (c) 1986, 1987, 1988 by Exis Inc.
Telix and SALT are trademarks of Exis Inc.

I would like to pay a special thanks to Colin Sampaleanu,
author of Telix, for creating an outstanding telecommunications
package. If you are using Telix and haven't registered yet, please
do so. A great deal of time and effort has been expended on making
Telix an excellent program. It's only fair that if you use the
product you should pay for it.

Special thanks is also due to Robert F. Henn, of Midland
Park, N.J., for making his PCBOARD.SLT script avaialble. The
code for building the capture file was unceremoniously lifted from
PCBOARD.SLT and grafted into UNI.SLT. My only modifications to it
were to add a few lines to allow the user to include a full path
specification for placement of the capture files, and to allow the
user to optionally skip creation of the capture file if desired.


I'm releasing this script for anyone to use or modify as they
wish, with the exception that it not be used by anyone for making a
buck. In other words, if you modify it and redistribute it keep it
in the public domain and give credit where credit is due.

If you have any comments, criticisms, or suggestions about
the script then leave mail for me on the Telix Support BBS, or on
call Telix Support about every two weeks or so, and EXEC-PC on a
daily basis.

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