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txt2fon is covered by the GNU General Public License version 2. See
accompanying file "COPYING" for terms of the License.

Using txt2fon is easy enough.

By specifying the name of a text file and telling txt2fon:
where the BBS name begins
how long the name is (in characters)
where the BBS phone number begins
how long the phone number is (in characters)

By specifying the name of a Qmodem .fon file to read from and what record
of the .fon to begin inserting the new records

And lastly by specifying the name of a new .fon file,

txt2fon will essentially copy the old .fon file (old.fon) up to but
not including the record where insertion is to begin. Then it starts
reading text lines. They must be Carriage-Return delimited, and currently
they must be shorter than 132 characters. Using the position and length
information you gave txt2fon, it reads the BBS Name and Number fields
from the text file, merges it with the current record of the old.fon file,
and writes out a record to the new.fon file.

This process repeats, inserting a new record into the new.fon until either
a) the text file is completely emptied. In this case, the rest of old.fon
is simply copied over. Currently these records are assumed empty and
their Protocol fields are set to 'Z' (Zmodem).
b) The old.fon is completely read in. In this case the new.fon file
should be completely read in as well, so all three files are closed
and the program terminates.

No files are deleted by this process. Nothing is overwritten except as
'insertions' in the new.fon file.

Files you should have in this distribution:
txt2fon.c - C source for txt2fon
txt2fon.exe - txt2fon executable
txt2fon.doc - this document
copying - GNU General Public License version 2

I can be reaced via smail mail:

Brian Allison
6769 Old Waterloo Rd #532
Elkridge, MD 21227

and I can be found on Baltimore BBS's here and there....

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Archive   : TXT2FON1.ZIP
Filename : TXT2FON.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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