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TMHOST22 Should fix the problem in the message base when
proper installation and set-up are done.
TMHOST21 is a fixed version of TMHOST2 modified by Bob Wiatr
Questions or comments can be left on the Telemate Conference
on the RIME net-work. Or you can try (312)-248-4799 (data).

TMHOST2 is an enhanced version of the Telemate Host Mode script as
modified by Richard Bailey.

TMHOST2 is an updated version of TMHOST1, with more features
and the cleaning up some routines.

TELEMATE - Copyright (c) 1988-1993 Tsung Hu. All rights reserved.

Why did I bother modifying the host script, well, firstly I believe
Telemate is the best comms program around, particularly it's ability
to multitask, and secondly it started out as a "see what could be
achieved" effort. It worked so well I just kept up it's development
when I had the time.
Richard Baily

I desparately needed a message base, but TMHOST2 did not work with
Ver. 3.02, 3.10 & 4.0. So I made a few changes. This script is not
perfect, but it should work if it is installed correctly.

Bob Wiatr

What's needed:
To run the enhanced version of Telemate host you need:

1) Telemate version 3.02 or 3.10.

2) To read the HOST.DOC file that came with Telemate for the
basic concept of the original Host Mode as written by Tsung Hu,
if you have not already done so.

3) Files listed below in the MUST be located in the Telemate
Directory ONLY. e.g. C:\TM\

(a) Files created by sysop: (example files supplied)
These can be modified with your farvorite editor.
BULLETIN.HST - Bulletin File
BYEANS.HST - Ansi Goodbye Message
BYETXT.HST - Non-Ansi Goodbye Message
HELP.HST - Xpert Mode Help File
HNOTICE.HST - Logon Bulletin File
MENUANS.HST - Ansi Main Menu
MENUTXT.HST - Non-Ansi Main Menu
PROTOANS.HST - Ansi Protocol Menu
PROTOTXT.HST - Non-Ansi Protocol Menu
TRASHCAN.HST - Non accepted password file
WELCOME.HST - Welcome File

(b) Files created by TMHCFG and TMHOST2 :
HSHELL.BAT - [S]hell batch File (during configuration)
- can be modified to run DOORWAY program
- and use [O]pen Doors instead of Shell
HOST.DIR - [F]ile directory file
PASSWORD.HST - Host Directory File (can be edited)
USER.HST - Questionnaire Generated File
*.BSE - Message Area Files
* TMHCFG.HST - Configuration file (created after first run)
- in Telemate directory

(c) Script Files :
* TMHCFG.SCR - Host configuration script
* TMHOST21.SCR - Host script
- both need to be compiled
* SCREENIO.SCR - "include" file for above
- will be automatically compiled
- with files above - see scripts

Added Features:
1) ANSILOCAL and ANSIREMOTE variables included in screen
routines for ANSI display either locally or remotely
a la BBS. These are in an include file called SCREENIO.SCR.
Colors can be setup with TMHCFG.SCR depending on these

2) TMHCFG updated to add new or delete old message areas
and associated files (10 maximum).
Message to Sysop (PRIVATE) is automatically configured,
during S)etup of message areas, as message area 1
and cannot be deleted.

3) Time left indicator and disconnection if out of time
routine, also "inactivity" disconnect (5 mins)

4) Procedure to setup a date string.
Date format can be 'Friday December 14, 1990'
or '14-12-90' depending on variable 'full'
Telemate version of date is MM-DD-YY e.g '12-14-90'
Used for welcoming user etc.

5) User can read personal mail at logon. Mail is
updated as a new message is entered, or mail read.
i.e. if there are 3 messages waiting for you at
logon and you read all 3 then your mail becomes 0
until another message is entered. the old messages
are not shown again at future logons.

6) This section has been considerably modified since
TMHOST1 - see Sript file comments and descriptions.
E)nter Message and R)ead Message routines.
Leave messages to the Sysop (PRIVATE), or A)ccess
other message areas. S)can or R)ead the
messages remotely. E)nter Messages includes S)ave or
K)ill commands, and R)ead Messages includes S)can,
Q)uit or V)iew Msg. The number of messages to read
is shown and once you select "V" you are prompted for
the message number. The S)can feature shows message
subject, user name, date and time.
A)ccess message areas can take you to E)nter or
R)ead messages, Q)uit or help (?) for commands.
Can R)eply to messages, 'Msg# of reply' field on
original message.

7) Beefed up the password entry routine to check for correct
passwords etc.

8) Check for ridiculous password routine added.

9) Newuser Questionnaire routine.

10) View statistics and change password - password file
updated on line.

11) Bimodem as an external protocol.

12) Welcome user routine showing time, date and number
of personal messages. Choice of reading mail.

13) Local view of username (to be expanded further).

14) Many other small changes such as Current Message
area shown on command line, small graphic delay
for message save etc.

Richard Bailey

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Archive   : TMHOST22.ZIP
Filename : TMHOST22.DOC

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