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****Exported by Opus Message Kit*** Area Telix Comm Echo Msg# 25

FROM: Mike Harris
TO: Mike Dunnagan

Via SLMAIL v2.15A-M (#0382)
> I have a question about Telix. Is there a way to bypass the
> opening screen in Telix and just go right into the program?
> Someone said it was so. I am new to this echo, so if you have
> mentioned it before, bear with me. Thanks...

There are two ways you can bypass the opening screen. You can illegally edit
Telix, using a hex editor, to skip past the opening screen. The benefits of
this are that you don't have to write a script file, and you can save the
space. There's one problem with this, however. By editing Telix you are
modifying the code. Not only does that totally tick off anybody in Exis, it is
also completely and totally illegal. Also, you don't know who wrote the
message telling you how to edit Telix. It could be modifying Telix to zap
everything on your hard drive, for all you know...

The second solution is to write a short script, to be run when you start.
Write a text file with the following in it:


Save it in the directory which you keep Telix in, as START.SLT. Then make sure
you have Telix's script compiler, CS, in the directory, and type the


Any time that you want to run Telix, type the following:

telix Sstart.slt

The easiest way to do that might be to write into a batch file.
Whenever you start that script, you will not only automatically
bypass the opening screen but bring up the dialing directory.

The benefits of this method? It's legal, and you bring up the
dialing directory, plus you have absolute assurance that it will
work, because it's the method that the CREATORS of Telix do to
get past the opening screen.

The problems with this method? Well, it's a bit more difficult
than the first one. But it's not that bad...

.... Mike ....

--- SLMAIL v2.15A-M (#0382)
* Origin: The Dog's Breakfast (HST/V32), Toms River, NJ (1:266/71)

-- **Exported Via Opus Msg Kit v1.18 Copyright 1989,90,91 R.M. Brown III

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