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Handy little Telix icon for Windows.
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Handy little Telix icon for Windows.
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Contents of the TLXICON.DOC file

TELIX.ICO is an icon file that may be used with Windows 3.X to represent
your Telix program item graphically. It has been released as FREEWARE. No
payment for continued use of this icon is expected or required.

How to use TELIX.ICO:

Copy TELIX.ICO into the directory where windows resides

Follow the directions for "Changing an Icon" in you Microsoft Windows user
manual, and selecting TELIX.ICO as the icon file which you wish to use
for your Telix program item.

Legal notice:

TELIX.ICO is to be used at your own risk. The author is not
responsible for any lost data or damages in any way in any amount that
exceeds what you paid for the program.

Jeffrey Alan Groves
3359I Peachtree Corners Circle
Norcross, GA 30092

Feel free to copy this icon file as often as you like. I only ask that
the files listed below accompany any copies of the icon file.


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