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Version 2.2

A Utility for Predicting Dates for U.S.
Daylight and Standard Time Changes, 1992-2100


Pete Petrakis
Life Sciences Software
Stanwood, Washington

CIS 76555,1175


DLTSTD.COM calculates the starting dates for U.S. daylight and standard
time for any year between 1992 and 2100. The program is based on the current
rule by which daylight saving time begins on the first Sunday in April and
standard time begins on the last Sunday in October, both at 02:00:00 local

Given Congress' propensity to change the official starting times for these
seasons every few years, there is no assurance that the program will be
useful through 2100. For example, at this time (April 1993), a bill is
pending in Congress to have daylight saving time begin on the third Sunday
in March and end on the first Sunday in November. The bill also includes a
provision to consider the feasibility of advancing clocks yet another hour
during the summer months, for a total of four time season changes a year --
a one-hour advance in early spring, another one-hour advance in summer, a
one-hour setback in early fall, and finally reversion to standard time in
late fall.

Running the Program

Just type DLTSTD in DOS and enter a desired year at the prompt. The
program displays up to six sets of starting dates per screen, in two columns
(Figure 1). JDate indicates the Julian date for the corresponding calendar
date for a season change. After the sixth set of dates is displayed, a prompt
appears at the bottom of the screen. Pressing Return clears the screen in
preparation for a new set of years; pressing ESC at that prompt ends the

Figure 1. DLTSTD Screen
³ U.S. TIME SEASON CHANGES (1992-2100) Version 2.2 ³
³ First Sunday in April: Daylight Time (advance clock 1 hour) ³
³ Last Sunday in October: Standard Time (set clock back 1 hour) ³
³ (Changes occur at 02:00:00 local time) ³
³ Copyright 1993 Life Sciences Software ³
Hit Return at Year prompt to quit

2053 JDate Enter year:
Daylight time: Apr 06, 2053 2470999
Standard time: Oct 26, 2053 2471202

2054 JDate
Daylight time: Apr 05, 2054 2471363
Standard time: Oct 25, 2054 2471566

2055 JDate
Daylight time: Apr 04, 2055 2471727
Standard time: Oct 31, 2055 2471937


DLTSTD is a free program and may be distributed by anyone provided no money
is charged for it.


There is no conceivable reason why this program should cause any harm since
all it does is calculate and display dates. Nevertheless, Life Sciences
Software disclaims responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from its

Pete Petrakis
Life Sciences Software
Stanwood, Washington
April 1993

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Archive   : TIMST721.ZIP
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