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Filename : HOST31.SLC

Output of file : HOST31.SLC contained in archive : THOST31.ZIP
CONNECT 19200@@0, 1.0%%O%%,˜1+.0%-}1%*_0+,™1.%+G×.0!
user31.dat×,d1.!*‹%Ì.(’%Ì.!0,1*¥%Ñ.!Ñ*Ð0%!Loading HOST31,–1.0,1.%*?%à½.!*ð%Ì.(÷%Ì.!*0%,1.0!,•1.%Â.%ï.%å.%Ç.%
.!NONES.!NEVERx.%.%*!ERASE ‰.0‰,d1.0! TEMPARC.ZIP‰,d1.0%‰,1.%.0, 1.0-àU1.0!

,Q1.]*Ð0%%%%%/%%,1.(ã0%%%%%/%%,1.0%%%!Date: -è1.0%%%!Time: -è1.0%%%!*ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´-è1.0% % % !
Host Mode:-è1.0%% %!Waiting for call....-è1.0% %
% !Press: -è1.0% %
%!ESC-è1.0% %
to exit host.-è1.0% % %!L-è1.0% % %!for local test mode-è1.0% % %!C-è1.0% % %!for configuration.-è1.0% %
%!U-è1.0% %
%!for User File Compressor-è1.0% %%!F2-è1.0% %%!for User Editor-è1.0%%%!*ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´-è1.0%%% !Total calls since start up: -è1.!¸.v% *
!NONE¸.0%%%'¸-è1.0%-|1.0,1 öÿ.%.0 öÿ,q1€.€% *f
€% *‡
€% €.!pmûÿ.(®
% €.!amûÿ.(®
!amûÿ.0¸€,G1.¸‰.0!:‰,d1.0 öÿ,x1€.€% *î
0!0‰,d1.0¸€,G1.0¸‰,d1.0!:‰,d1.0 öÿ,‚1€.€% *1 0!0‰,d1.0¸€,G1.0¸‰,d1.0ûÿ‰,d1.0%%%$‰-è1.0 öÿ,y1€.€%*‚ !Jan ‰.€%*— !Feb ‰.€%*¬ !Mar ‰.€%*Á !Apr ‰.€%*Ö !May ‰.€%*ë !Jun ‰.€%* !Jul ‰.€%* !Aug ‰.€% ** !Sep ‰.€%
*? !Oct ‰.€% *T !Nov ‰.€% *i !Dec ‰.0 öÿ,o1€.0¸€,G1.0¸‰,d1.0!, ‰,d1.0 öÿ,ƒ1€.0¸€,G1.0¸‰,d1.0%%%‰-è1.0,1*Ú %Â.+0,<1€.€* €$;*
0%-|1.0%-|1.0-àU1.( €%*"
%Ö.+( €$G*L
%.0-àU1.( €$<*r
%.0%-P}1.%&.+( €%c€%C*ª
0+,™1.%+G%&.+( €%u€%U*â
0]%%!h31utils,1€.%&.+( €%l€%L* 0, 1.0-àU1.%Â.%Ì.0€,|1%L)-
&*(%&.+ÐÖ*Ý0, 1.0-àU1.0!

,Q1.]*b0%%%% %'%%,1.(u0%%%% %'%%,1.0% %%!Incoming call.-è1.0% %%! Sysop: press-è1.0% %%!ESC-è1.0% %%! to exit, or-è1.0% %%!END-è1.0% %%!to terminate user.-è1.0% %
.0-1.ÛàÌ0,1*Ý0,:1.%Ñ.Ö*<0,1!*þ0,1.Š ..”.™
.ž.á.0+,™1.0%,1.%+G(Ð0,1.&B *m0,•1.Â*j0,1.(âX*Ë&*Ë0%![,i1€.€%*˜+Ë0€!m,i1 ûÿ. ûÿ€ % ûÿ.0 ûÿ€,1.(t0,•1.Â*â0,1.&+ç&B]*0   ,T1.(0%  ,T1.&+&B@‰.0!
HOST31.LOG‰,d1.0‰,†1.0%,1.Ñ*½0!Already Connected!,Q1.(ÕÌ*Õ0-@1*Õ0,:1.&+,0%,1.&*h!¸.0%!
Can you support ANSI? -H1.0,&1.0%%¸-I1€.€%*0%+,0¸,k1.¸!Y*P%X.+h(e¸!N*e%X.+h(܉.X*Œ0! LOGON.ANS‰,d1.( 0! LOGON.ASC‰,d1.0%%‰-±A1.0,&1.%*Û!+Please enter your full name: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%S-I1€.€%*%+,0%!
-H1.½*,&+,! "¸.0%¸-H1.0%S-H1.!,", correct? (Y/n): ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%º-I1.0%!
-H1.0º,k1.0!Yº,e1%0!º,e1%*Ø+Û(²0-,1*0%%! Logon by ,‡1.0%%S,‡1.(‘!"
Goodbye, call again soon!
,1.0!*CLOSE*,†1.0,:1.0%%!Failed logon attempt by ,‡1.0%%S,‡1.&+,‰.X*´0!NEWS.ANS‰,d1.(Ç0!NEWS.ASC‰,d1.0%%‰-±A1.0%!
User: -H1.0%S-H1.0%!
Last on: -H1.0%x-H1.0%!
Sysop is: -H1.ê*t0%! UNAVAILABLE-H1.(ˆ0%! AVAILABLE-H1.0%!
-H1.v.%*,½*©&+,0-6X1.0-àU1.0%%‰-I1.00%‰,l1,|1 ¸ÿ.0%!
-H1. ¸ÿ%X*q!*
Current Experiance Level: ¸.0%¸-H1.å%*F0%!NOVICE
3: EXPERT¸.0%¸-H1.&*h!
Choose: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%‰-I1.0‰,k1.‰!1*;%å.+h‰!2*P%å.+h‰!3*e%å.+h(á0-ýo1.(, ¸ÿ%?*ƒ0-[1.(, ¸ÿ%F*¬Ç%*˜+šÇ%
*c!OEnter filespec or press <RETURN> for all. ¸.0%¸-H1.!> ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%@½ÿ-I1.0%!
-H1.(, ¸ÿ%Y*¾0-p1.(, ¸ÿ%T*ãÇ%*Ó+š!!Type what file? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%@‰-I1.0%!
-H1.Ç% *:0½ÿ%‰,'1.(B‰½ÿ.0½ÿ-TU1*h‰.0½ÿ‰,d1.‰½ÿ.0‰%½ÿ,#1*´!Unable to find ¸.0%¸-H1.0%½ÿ-H1.+š0%%½ÿ-±A1.0%%!Typed: ,‡1.0%%½ÿ,‡1.(, ¸ÿ%V*Ç%*ø+š”!*+š!$View what archive? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%@‰-I1.0%!
-H1.Ç% *o0½ÿ%‰,'1.(w‰½ÿ.0½ÿ-TU1*‰.0½ÿ‰,d1.‰½ÿ.0‰%½ÿ,#1*é!Unable to find ¸.0%¸-H1.0%½ÿ-H1.+š0½ÿ-±D1.0%%!Viewed: ,‡1.0%%½ÿ,‡1.(, ¸ÿ%E*(Ç% **+š”!*7+š!%Archive to extract? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%@‰-I1.0%!
-H1.Ç%*¢0½ÿ%‰,'1.(ª‰½ÿ.0½ÿ-TU1*Љ.0½ÿ‰,d1.‰½ÿ.0‰%½ÿ,#1*!Unable to find ¸.0%¸-H1.0%½ÿ-H1.+š0½ÿ-ÇE1.(, ¸ÿ%G*J!A
Log off? (Y/n): ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%‰-I1.0%!
BYEBYE.ASC‰,d1.0%%‰-±A1.0%%!User logged off.,‡1.0-ýo1.Ì*.0,:1.0!*CLOSE*,†1.&+,(G+š(, ¸ÿ%C*‘ ê%*Í!GSorry. Sysop is unavailable at this time.
Sysop: Press SPACE to chat, any other key not,•1.0! to.
.!Paging .¸.0%¸-H1.% ®ÿ. ®ÿ€*q!.¸.0%¸-H1.0-àU1.Ì0,1*þ0!B
Connection has been lost, call terminated.
$ ,{1.0%
$Û,{1.0%$,{1.% ©ÿ. ©ÿ0,<1€%*i0%,1. ©ÿ.(H ®ÿ.(m%
.½*€+š€% €*ÿ0%!
-H1.!GSorry. Sysop is unavailable at this time.
The Sysop is here!
¸.0%¸-H1.%ï.Â*V 0%,1.(„ 0!&
You can't chat in local mode!,•1.0!
,Q1.(, ¸ÿ%U*E#!(Upload what file? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%0‰-I1.0%!
-H1.‰*ù +šÇ% *!0½ÿ%‰,'1.(!‰½ÿ.0½ÿ-TU1*@!D‰.0½ÿ‰,d1.‰½ÿ.0‰%½ÿ,#1*Š!!%
File already exists!
¸.0%¸-H1.+š*Ê!0-—e1.% ³ÿ.!n!q*µ!+š00%,l1,|1 ¸ÿ.(â!*â!00%‡,l1,|1 ¸ÿ.0-àU1.0½ÿ ¸ÿ,U1 ³ÿ. ³ÿ%*"%½Û.(B# ³ÿ%*R"!#
File not received!
¸.0%¸-H1.(B#0½ÿ-I1€.€%*o"+š(B#€%*ã"!ERASE ‰.0½ÿ‰,d1.0%‰,1.!/
[1,31mArchive is bad, it has been deleted!
Transfer Completed.¸.0%¸-H1.g.0%%!
Uploaded: ,‡1.0%%½ÿ,‡1.(, ¸ÿ%D*3'Ç%*Z#+šbg%q
*¼#0%!CSorry, but you have to upload more files in order to download!-H1.+š!*Download what file? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%0‰-I1.0%!
-H1.‰*$+šÇ% *6$0½ÿ%‰,'1.(>$‰½ÿ.0½ÿ-TU1*d$‰.0½ÿ‰,d1.‰½ÿ.0‰%½ÿ,#1*Æ$!/
Unable to find any matching file!¸.0%¸-H1.0%!
-H1.+šÇ%*n%0½ÿ,$1€.€0 *n%0$è€.0‰€,G1.!*
Sorry, but you can only download ¸.0%¸-H1.0%‰-H1.0%!k or less files-H1.0%!
-H1.+š*§%0-—e1.!n!q*’%+š00%,l1,|1 ¸ÿ.(¿%*¿%00%‡,l1,|1 ¸ÿ.0%!?Ready to transfer file...Press Ctrl-X at least twice to abort
-H1.% ³ÿ.0-àU1.0½ÿ ¸ÿ,Z1 ³ÿ. ³ÿ%*=&%½Û.(Ô& ³ÿ%*|&!
File not sent!
Transfer Completed.¸.0%¸-H1.b.0%%! Downloaded: ,‡1.0%%½ÿ,‡1.%‰! TEMPARC.ZIP*0'!ERASE ‰.0‰,d1.0! TEMPARC.ZIP‰,d1.0%‰,1.%.(, ¸ÿ%S*”)Ç%
0,21% *£'!6Remote Shell not supported on this comm port!
¸.0%¸-H1.+šÂ*v(!"System password: ¸.0%¸-H1.!‰.0%%
That is NOT the password!¸.0%¸-H1.0%%!User attempted to shell to DOS,‡1.+š!JType EXIT and then press RETURN to come back.
,1.!GATE‰.00,21%0%‰,`1.Â*m)0‰,W1%*Q)!COM‰.00,21%0%‰,`1.0‰,W1%*D)+š0%!,1.([)0%!,1.Â*j)0!,W1.(w)0%!,1.0%%!Shelled to DOS,‡1.(, ¸ÿ%L*ô)Ç%
HOST31.LOG‰,d1.0%%‰-±A1.0%%!Viewed user log.,‡1.(ñ)+š(, ¸ÿ%*,Ç%*,!L
Are you SURE you want to shut down the system? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%‰-I1.0%!
-H1.0‰,k1.‰!Y*,!"System password: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%
-H1.!0Shutting down. Goodbye!
¸.0%¸-H1.Ì*?+0,:1.0-ýo1.0%%!User shut down Host Mode.,‡1.0!*CLOSE*,†1.%½.%Ö.( ,0%!
-H1.!0That is NOT the password!¸.0%¸-H1.0%%!&User attempted to shut down Host Mode.,‡1.(,+š(,+š(š&B ñÿ%¹þ.&*ï-0-/91€.€%*Q,+ï-€%*],+ï- ñÿ. ñÿ%¹þ.0Sð,e1%*ì-t!B*h-!?
You are NOT allowed on this system!¸.0%¸-H1.!3
Do NOT call here again!¸.0%¸-H1.0%%S,‡1.0%%! attempted to log on!,‡1.0,:1.%½.%à.%+.9(ì-0,c1å.0,c1Ç.0ƒ,c1
.0,c1X.0‹,c1b.0‘,c1g.‡!n*Å-%.(Ì-%.% ûÿ. ñÿ% ô.ô%¹.+ï-(7, ûÿ*V/0%!Password: -H1.% öÿ. öÿ% *S/0%%
-H1.Ç%*Å.0%!HSorry, but you have not been validated yet, please call back later.-H1.%+.9&+.9 öÿ%
Wrong Password!
Try Again: -H1.(E/0%!#
Too many wrong tries!
-H1. öÿ% öÿ.(.((9!No user "¸.0%¸-H1.0%S-H1.!" found in user file.¸.0%¸-H1.0%!
-H1.‰.X*ì/0! NEWUSER.ANS‰,d1.(00! NEWUSER.ASC‰,d1.0%%‰-±A1.!GDo you want to register? (Y/n): ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%º-I1.0%!
-H1.0º,k1.º!Yº!*#9% öÿ. öÿ% *3!M
¸.0%¸-H1.!HPick a password (10 characters maximum)¸.0%¸-H1.! : ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%
-I1€.€%*¨1%+.9!*Ã1 öÿ%
*Ã1 öÿ.+ò2!G
Re-enter your password to verify: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%
º-I1€.€%*=2%+.90º,e1%*P2+3 öÿ%
Wrong Password!¸.0%¸-H1.!
Try Again¸.0%¸-H1.+ò2(ò2!$
Too many wrong tries!
¸.0%¸-H1.%+.9 öÿ% öÿ.(¥0&*40%!3
¸.0%¸-H1.!APlease input your phone number in the form above: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%  -I1€.€%*ü3%+.90 ,f1% * 4+4(3&*50%!#
¸.0%¸-H1.!1Please input your street address: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%/-I1€.€%*ï4%+.90/,f1% *ÿ4+5(4&*Ü50%!
¸.0%¸-H1.!'Please input your city: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%K-I1€.€%*É5%+.90K,f1% *Ù5+Ü5(5&*“6!2
¸.0%¸-H1.!(Please input your state: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%b-I1€.€%*€6%+.90b,f1%
¸.0%¸-H1.!+Please input your zip code: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%j-I1€.€%*?7%+.90j,f1%

Pause after each page? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%º-I1€.€%*¯7%+.90º,k1.º!Y*Ì7%

Enable ANSI graphics and color? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%º-I1€.€%*98%+.90º,k1.º!Y*V8%X.(]8%X.Sð.%Ç.0Ç,G1.%å.0—%%! ** NEW USER ** ,n1.0º0,1,1.0º—,d1.0t%%!A,n1.0‡%%!n,n1.%g.%b.%.0%!
-H1. ñÿ%¹.þ.0%-ü<1.l*9%+.9&+.9((9%+.9%+.9&B¹0!r×,(1%ù*í<0%þù,,1.0ù%´Dÿ,!1.Dÿ!*<:0ù,1.%+û<0%;%Dÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0ð ?ÿ%Dÿ,n1. ?ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0 ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0 % :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ%
 :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0/ ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0K ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0b ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0j ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0t% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0x ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0ƒ% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0‡% :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0‹ ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0%; :ÿDÿ,—1 :ÿ ?ÿ.0‘ ?ÿ :ÿDÿ,n1. :ÿ ?ÿ% :ÿ.0—% :ÿDÿ,n1.0×,1.%+û<0ù,1.%+û<&B´ðIÿ.0!;Iÿ,d1.0Iÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0Iÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0ºå,G1.0ºIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0ºX,G1.0ºIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0 Iÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0/Iÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0KIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0bIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0jIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0tIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1. *à>0x%%!NEVER,n1.(ì>0x0,1,1.0xIÿ,d1.0!;Iÿ,d1.0ƒ
Iÿ,d1.0!a+×,(1ù.0%þù,,1.0ù%´Iÿ,.1. *÷?þ%¹þ.0%þù,,1.!Iÿ.0ù%´Iÿ,.1.0ù,1.&+@&B0!
Determining baud... ,R1.0%,1.0%u,}1 ûÿ.0%€,}1 öÿ.0%,}1 ñÿ.0%ž,}1 ìÿ.0%­,}1 çÿ.0%,v1 âÿ.0 âÿ,s1*]A0,1*Â@0%,1.%+°A0,1*Ò@00, 1,~1.0%,€1 Ýÿ. Ýÿ%*é@+£@ Ýÿ ûÿ*þ@$, Øÿ.(OA Ýÿ öÿ*A$° Øÿ.(OA Ýÿ ñÿ*(A$` Øÿ.(OA Ýÿ ìÿ*=A$€% Øÿ.(OA Ýÿ çÿ*OA$K Øÿ. Øÿ.+]A(£@ Øÿ*A0!Failed!,Q1.0%,1.%+°A0 Øÿ,P1.0!,Q1.00,310,010,11 Øÿ,\1.0%,1.%+°A&B!¸.0!r,(1 ûÿ*ëA%+oD *$B!*
Press "P" to pause, "S" to abort.¸.0%¸-H1.!
¸.0%¸-H1.%*nDÌ*yB0,1*yB%Û.%½.0 ûÿ,1.%+oD0 ûÿ%ÿ¸,!1%*íB0 ûÿ,1. *èB!3
File finished. Press any key to continue.¸.0%¸-H1.0%-fJ1.%+oD0%!¸,i1 öÿ%
**C öÿ%*C0 ûÿ,1.%+oD(*C0% öÿ¸,`1.0%¸-H1.0%!
-H1. ìÿ. ìÿ%
*ÎC% ìÿ.
¸.0%¸-H1.0%-fJ1.½*®C0 ûÿ,1.%+oD0%!       -H1.Â*%D0,1*%D0, 1 çÿ.0 çÿ,|1%S*D0%!
-H1.0 ûÿ,1.%+oD("D0 çÿ,|1%P*"D0-pD1.(ÕC0,<1 ñÿ.0 ñÿ,|1%S*XD0%!
-H1.0 ûÿ,1.%+oD(kD0 ñÿ,|1%P*kD0-pD1.(KB&B0%!(Press any key to continue.
-H1.0%-fJ1.&+°D&B0-ïz1€.€* E!0Sorry, that archive format not supported.¸.0%¸-H1.&+ÆE¸.0¸,d1.!GATE‰.00,21%0%‰,`1.Â*¸E0‰,W1%*™E!.Sorry, can't view archives at this time
¸.0%¸-H1.&+ÆE(¦E0%¸,X1.Â*µE0!,W1.(ÅE0%¸,X1.&B @0-ïz1€.€*tF!0Sorry, that archive format not supported.¸.0%¸-H1.&+I”º.0! PKZIP.EXEº,d1.®ÿ.0!TEMP®ÿ,d1.!MD ¸.0®ÿ¸,d1.0%¸,1.&*I!-File to extract, ? to list? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%% ñÿ-I1.ñÿ!?*2G0-±D1.+ÇF(Iq¸.0¸,d1.0! ¸,d1.0®ÿ¸,d1.0! ¸,d1.0ñÿ¸,d1.0%¸,X1.! -a -ea4 -eb4 ¸.0¸,d1.0!TEMPARC¸,d1.0! ¸,d1.0®ÿ¸,d1.0!\¸,d1.0ñÿ¸,d1.0%¸º,X1.!ERASE ¸.0%¸-H1.0®ÿ¸,d1.0!\¸,d1.0ñÿ¸,d1.0%¸,1.!RD ¸.0%¸-H1.0®ÿ¸,d1.0%¸,1.%.!E
Please download the file "TEMPARC.ZIP" before logging off.
¸.0%¸-H1.0%%! Extracted: ,‡1.0%%ñÿ,‡1.0%%! from ,‡1.0%%,‡1.+I(ÇF&B0-ïz1€.€*I%+vIy¸.0¸,d1.0%¸,X1€.€%
*TI%+vI(uI€%*eI%+vI(uI€%*uI%+vI&B0 ,O1.Â*ŽI0 ,1.&B%*,J0 -fJ1 öÿ. öÿ*ÅI0%%,`1.%+eJ öÿ%
*ÑI+,J öÿ% öÿ%*øI ûÿ*õI ûÿ.0 öÿ-wI1.+šI ûÿ 
*J0 öÿ ûÿ,`1. ûÿ% ûÿ.()J ûÿ% ûÿ.(šI ûÿ  *>J  ûÿ.0% ûÿ,`1.0%,l1*_J%+eJ(dJ%+eJ&B0$¸ ,v1 öÿ.%*`P0%-|1.0 öÿ,s1!*)K!E

Inactivity period too long. Connection terminated¸.0%¸-H1.!!
¸.0%¸-H1.Ì*K0,:1.%½.%à.%+aPÌ*‹K0,1*‹K0!*Connection has been lost, call terminated.,Q1.%Û.%½.0!*CLOSE*,†1.%+aP0,<1€%*P€%*ÇK%½.%Ö.0!*CLOSE*,†1.%+aP(P€$O*QL0%!Š~àX¦†U-H1.0!User terminated!,Q1.0%%!User terminated by sysop.,‡1.Ì*,L0,:1.%½.%à.0!*CLOSE*,†1.%+aP(P€$;*lL0%-|1.0-àU1.(P€$<*®L![WAIT]¸.0%¸-H1.0%-P}1.%
Please wait, the Sysop has shelled to DOS.¸.0%¸-H1.0,1.%
Sysop is here!
¸.0%¸-H1.0%,1.!¸.0%¸-H1.Â*’M0%,1.(¾M0!$You can't chat in local mode!,•1.%ï.0-àU1.0!
User already has SYSOP status.,•1.+|JÇ.0-àU1.Ç%*2O%
WARNING! This user now has SYSOP access.,•1.0!-
Are you sure you want this? ,•1.%
User already has Level 1 access.,•1.+|JÇ.Ç*œOÇ.0-àU1.(P€$G*ÏO*¿O%.(ÆO%.0-àU1.(P€%ÿ *P€%€%* P €%
*P0%*-wI1.( P0€-wI1.€+aPÂ*]P0,1*]P0, 1€.€%€%*WP €%
HOST31.CNF­ÿ,d1.0!r­ÿ,(1 ›ÿ*üP%+‰S0 ›ÿ%P,!1%*Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ›ÿ%PD,!1%*>Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ›ÿ%P ÿ,!1%*_Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S00% ÿ,l1,|1%D!.0 ›ÿ%‡,!1%*•Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ›ÿ%@”,!1%*¶Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*×Q0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ÿ,c10.0$è0.0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*R0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0%:% ÿ,—1€.0º€% ÿ,n1.0º,c15.0º%€% ÿ,n1.0º,c1:.0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*|R0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0%:% ÿ,—1€.0º€% ÿ,n1.0º,c1?.0º%€% ÿ,n1.0º,c1D.0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*èR0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ÿ,c1].0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*S0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ÿ,c1l.0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*BS0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ÿ,c1q.0 ›ÿ% ÿ,!1%*oS0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S0 ÿ,c1{.0 ›ÿ,1.%+‰S&BD‰.0‰,f1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *åS0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%\0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%/*åS0% ûÿ% ‰,`1.‰0‰,f1%0%‰,l1%:*'T0‰,"1 öÿ. öÿ% öÿ%*'T%+SU‰.0‰,f1 ûÿ. ûÿ% *xT0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%\0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%/*xT0% ûÿ% ‰,`1.‰0‰,f1%0%‰,l1%:*ºT0‰,"1 öÿ. öÿ% öÿ%*ºT%+SU”‰.0‰,f1 ûÿ. ûÿ% * U0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%\0 ûÿ% ‰,l1%/* U0% ûÿ% ‰,`1.‰0‰,f1%0%‰,l1%:*MU0‰,"1 öÿ. öÿ% öÿ%*MU%+SU%+SU&B0%!:,i1%*wU%+ßU0%!\,i1%*U%+ßU0!/,i1 ûÿ%*«U%+ßU0! ,i1 öÿ. öÿ%*ÊU%+ßU öÿ ûÿ
*ÙU%+ßU%+ßU&B0,61 óÿ.0,71 îÿ.]* V0% %%%%O%%,1.(3V0%%%%%O%%,1.*DV0%-lx1.(LV0%-lx1.0% %%!( HOST31, Copyright 1989, by Daniel Horn -è1.0%
%%!User: -è1.0%%%S-è1.0%
%%#!Access: -è1.0øÿÇ,G1.0%%%+øÿ-è1.0%
%%F!Chat: -è1.ê*W0%%%L!ON-è1.ê*8WN*&W0% %%L!OFF-è1.(8W0%%%L!OFF-è1.ï*ZW0% %%2!
Wants to chat-è1.ï*}W0% %%2!
%%!Laston: -è1.0%%% x-è1.Â*ÂW0%%%#!Local -è1.( X0%
%%#!Baud: -è1.%*ïW!NONEøÿ.(úW0øÿ,G1.0%%%)øÿ-è1.0%
HOME for help-è1.0 îÿ óÿ,81.&+5X&Bå%*[Ç% *×Y!
¸.0%¸-H1.!GSelect [C,F,T,¸.0%¸-H1.!@D,U,X,G,¸.0%¸-H1.Ç% *dY!;Y,V,?] > ¸.0%¸-H1.(ÔY!>Y,V,E,?]¸.0%¸-H1.! > ¸.0%¸-H1.([!J
Select [C,F,T,D¸.0%¸-H1.!@,U,X,G,S¸.0%¸-H1.!H,Y,V,E,L,¸.0%¸-H1.!?] > ¸.0%¸-H1.([å%*L[!
Select > ¸.0%¸-H1.([0-[1.!
Select > ¸.0%¸-H1.&B0%!

-H1.0%!Mº [U]pload ³ [C]-H1.0%!Ehat ³ [X]pert ³ -H1.0%!A[F]iles list ³ [D]-H1.0%!ownload º
-H1.0%!Iº [T]ype text file ³ [G-H1.0%!D]oodbye ³ [V]iew Arcs -H1.0%!<³ [Y]our Defaults º
-H1.0%!Gº [E]xtract file from archive º
-H1.0%!Jº [S]hell to DOS ³ [E-H1.0%!C]xtract file from archive ³ System [-H1.0%!#L]og º
-H1.Ç%*{a0%!>Control-Z to Shutdown system.
-H1.0%!N º [U]pload ³ [C]hat ³ [X]pert ³ [F]iles list ³ [D]ownload º
-H1.0%!N º [T]ype text file ³ [G]oodbye ³ [V]iew Arcs ³ [Y]our Defaults º
-H1.0%!; º [E]xtract file from archive º
-H1.0%!L º [S]hell to DOS ³ [E]xtract file from archive ³ System [L]og º
-H1.Ç%*•e0%!9 Control-Z to Shutdown system.

-H1.0%!4ÌÍͼ ÌÍ˼ º º º º º º º º º ÈÍÍ»
-H1.0%!4Ê Ê ÈÍ ÈÍͼ Ê ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ
-H1.0%!Lº (X)modem³ Ymod(E-H1.0%!()m-g º
-H1.0%!Gº (1)k-Xmodem ³ (-H1.0%!(M)odem7º
-H1.0%!Lº (G)-1k-Xmodem ³ (-H1.0%!)S)ealinkº
-H1.0%!Mº (Y)modem³ (Z)-H1.0%!modemº
-H1.0%!Mº [Q]uit ³ [N]o-H1.0%! ne º
-H1.0%!Protocol > -H1.(Sn0!

-H1.0%!> ÌÍͼ ÌÍ˼ º º º º º º º º º ÈÍÍ»
-H1.0%!> Ê Ê ÈÍ ÈÍͼ Ê ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ ÈÍͼ
-H1.0%!9 º [X]modem ³ Ymod[E]m-g º
-H1.0%!9 º [1]k-Xmodem ³ [M]odem7 º
-H1.0%!9 º [G]-1k-Xmodem ³ [S]ealink º
-H1.0%!9 º [Y]modem ³ [Z]modem º
-H1.0%!1 º [Q]uit ³ [N]one º
-H1.0%! Protocol > -H1.(Ÿoå%*do0!
Protocol [X,E,1,M¸.0%¸-H1.!E,G,S,Y,Z¸.0%¸-H1.!.,Q,N] > ¸.0%¸-H1.(Ÿoå%*Ÿo0!
,Q1.!Protocol > ¸.0%¸-H1.0-àU1.0%%-I1.!*¿o+—e0%!

 Your Name: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%ð-H1.!-
 Your Access Level: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%-H1.!#
 Last on: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%x-H1.!%
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 Uploads: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%‘-H1.!-
1: Your phone number: ¸.0%¸-H1.0% -H1.!(
2: Your address: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%/-H1.!%
3: Your city: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%K-H1.!&
4: Your state: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%b-H1.!)
5: Your zip code: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%j-H1.!$
6: Pause is: ¸.0%¸-H1.
7: ANSI is: ¸.0%¸-H1.X*«s0%!ON-H1.(¹s0%!OFF-H1.!+
8: Change default protocol.¸.0%¸-H1.!(
9: Change your password.¸.0%¸-H1.!
Q: Quit to BBS.¸.0%¸-H1.!

Select > ¸.0%¸-H1.0-àU1.0%%÷ÿ-I1.÷ÿ!1*õt!"
New phone number: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%  -I1.÷ÿ!2*=u!
New Address: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%/-I1.÷ÿ!3*‚u!
New City: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%K-I1.÷ÿ!4*Èu!
New State: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%b-I1.÷ÿ!5*
New Zip Code: ¸.0%¸-H1.0j-I1.÷ÿ!6*€v!$

Pause's after each page? ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%÷ÿ-I1.0÷ÿ,k1.÷ÿ!Y*yv%

Enable ANSI graphics and color? ¸.0%¸-H1.!÷ÿ.0%%÷ÿ-I1.0÷ÿ,k1.÷ÿ!Y*øv%X.(ÿv%X.÷ÿ!8*dwå ûÿ.%å.0-—e1.‡.‡!n‡!q*Uw0‡%%!n,n1.%.(\w%. ûÿå.÷ÿ!9*x!1

Please type in your current password: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%
Please type in your new password: ¸.0%¸-H1.0%%

,Q1.+fx(*p&+kx&B *Šy]*Žx0%%%% %M%%7,1.(¡x0%%%% %M%%7,1.0% %%9!F1: Chat ON/OFF-è1.0% %%9!F2: User Editor-è1.0% %%9!F3: Lower Access-è1.0% %%9!F4: Raise Access-è1.0% % %9!F9: DOS Shell-è1.0% %
%9!F10: Chat with user-è1.0% % %9!END: Terminate user-è1.%….(íz…*íz0%%%7! -è1.0%%%7! -è1.0%%%7! -è1.0%%%7! -è1.0%%%7! -è1.0%% %7! -è1.0%%
%7! -è1.0%% %7! -è1.0%% %7! -è1.%….&B”.0%!.,j1 ûÿ.0‰% ûÿ%,n1.0‰,k1.‰!ARC*x{0! PKUNPAK.EXE,d1.! -v .! -x q.! -t y.%+|(|‰!PAK*À{0!PAK.EXE,d1.! V .! E q.! T y.%+|(|‰!ZIP*|0! PKUNZIP.EXE,d1.! -v .! -x q.! -t y.%+|(|%+|&B *d|ê*E|%ê.I*B|%N.%S.(d|%ê.IN*d|%N.%S.0,1 ûÿ.0 ûÿ,q15 0 ûÿ,q1?
0 ûÿ,q150 ûÿ,q1?0 ûÿ,x1:
0 ûÿ,q150 ûÿ,q1?0 ûÿ,x1D
0 ûÿ,q150 ûÿ,q1?0 ûÿ,x1D
0 ûÿ,x1:
*"}êN*}%ê.0-àU1.%I.(J}I*J}%I.%N.%S.%ê.0-àU1.&+O}&B0]%!h31utils,1€. %*—}þ.0-/91€.0,c1Ç.&+œ}&+œ}&B *D.. Š.% ..%.”.%.
.ž.á.0-bP1%*‡~0% %%!Error! Running H31CONFIG.,T1.0%
,1.0%%%!h31utils,1€.0-bP1%*‡~0% %%!Error! Aborting HOST31!,T1.0%
,1.%+x0-ŠS1*0% %%!0Some directories do NOT exist! Running H31CONFIG,T1.0%
,1.0%%%!h31utils,1€.0-bP1%*%+x0-ŠS1*%+x(d0]%%!h31utils,1€.0-bP1%*d0% %%!Error! Aborting HOST31!,T1.%+x.D.%+x&B

  3 Responses to “Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
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Filename : HOST31.SLC

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: