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What's New In Telix for Windows?

Version 1.01a released October 14th, 1994

In previous versions, the PhoneBook was initially positioned on-screen in such a way that the title bar and other tools necessary to re-position or minimize it could be off-screen. The PhoneBook is now properly positioned on such systems.

RIPscrip emulations have been tweaked and corrected to emulate some bugs present in RipTerm and RIPaint 1.54.01, mostly dealing with (what else?) BGI flood fills. Such bugs included:

Corrected a bug where a flood fill in RipTerm would not leak through a one-pixel gap as it should when those gaps are in certain positions. TFW was properly "leaking" as one would have expected upon visual inspection of the imagesm and breaking screens that depended on this bug in BGI and therefore RIPaint and RipTerm. TFW now emulates this bug.

Corrected a bug in flood fills so that we now emulate the bug in RipTerm sometimes allowed a flood fill not to fill the entire intended area. This BGI/RipTerm bug was the root of the Fiero image not filling properly. TFW now emulates this bug as well. NOTE: This fix only applies to modes we can currently bypass Windows' built-in flood fill command, meaning 16, 256, and 65536 color modes only). In other modes, the bug is still present, in Windows' flood fill routines.

Added support for the RIPscrip PolyLine function, which fixes most of Legend of the Red Dragon

Fixed a pair of problems in the Rip Arc/Circle functions. In one, the aspect ratio was being miscalculated, causing circles to be a bit more "squished" than they should have been. This fix corrects screens such as SYNCHRO.RIP. The other corrects a problem where the endpoint of an arc was not being drawn, which causes some arc-using screens such as Galacticomm's galaxy spiral to leak when filled.

Several VT-10x bugs corrected, most involving EMACS and other Unix-based editors.

Fixed some scripts that still ran while file transfer was going causing protocol errors (they are now suspended while any transfer is going). This corrects the upload errors that many saw in version 1.00b.

Fixed a bug in script tracking that caused the terminal to slow way down when a track_hit(0) turned up a found string.

Fixed the configure connect device box not popping up during first-time installs like it was supposed to

Several runtime error 201 bugs were found and corrected.

The complete version number, including the "a" modifier, now shows on the title bar and in the about box.

Telix for Windows no longer writes a hidden file to your root directory as part of the registration sentry. Running this version with that file present will remove the file. This does not mean that the registration sentry is no longer active -- we just chose not to do it in the root directory, or with a file of the same name, which was admittedly a poor choice to begin with.

PhoneBooks will now properly Auto-save when the Dialing Directory window closes.

Corrected a bug in the SALT function VGetChrs, which was present when the cursor was near the bottom of the terminal view.

Did some tweaking with the VT fonts; it should no longer GPF with double-height characters when using the Telix VT Terminal (non-TrueType) font anymore. It will still look good if you have Telix VT TT Terminal font installed, but if this font is not present, it will default to Windows' Courier New or some other default Monospaced TrueType font which will likely be close, but not exact.

Fixed a bug where changing terminals via the dialer didn't update the duplex settings on the status line.

Fixed chat mode so that it is easier to keep the two "boxes" separated visually.

Fixed an off-by-one bug in PhoneBook editor and Connect Device manager. We were chopping off the names of some connect devices.

Fixed the 'Modem configuration file not found' bug if the working directory was not set to where TELIX.MDM was

Fixed some invalid handles etc. as reported by DBWin, a debugging tool for Windows.

Fixed Phil Crown's null in subchrs/substr bugs.

Fixed a bug where a tooltip wasn't cleared when its icon got disabled.

Fixed a bug in scripts; TFW wasn't keeping track of parameters on the stack correctly
if system int variables were passed to a built-in-function. This caused "parameter overflow" error messages from the interpretter.

Added case to TelixVersion() so if you pass it a string it will fill that string with the version number formatted like this: "v1.01a"

Alt-E local echo toggle was disabled for a few releases, now it's back at Alt-'/'

Fixed Rip Button Hotkeys so that one doesn't need to press Shift now.

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ÿÿó ÿÿõ ÿÿG ÿÿI ÿÿÅ ÿÿÇ ÿÿNÿÿPÿÿ<P»ÿÿ½ÿÿÿÿÿÿ“ÿÿ•ÿÿÿÿÿÿ\ÿÿ^ÿÿÿÿ‘ÿÿÙÿÿÛÿÿ2ÿÿ¶ÿÿ¸ÿÿ@ÿÿBÿÿ•ÿÿ<•—ÿÿàÿÿâÿÿäÿÿ“ÿÿ•ÿÿÿÿÿÿ\ÿÿ^ÿÿÿÿ‘ÿÿÙÿÿÛÿÿ2ÿÿ¶ÿÿ¸ÿÿ@ÿÿBÿÿ•ÿÿ< longer writes a hidden file to your root directory as part of the registration sentry. Running this version with that Arial will remove the file. This does not mean that the registration sentry is no longer active -- we just chose not t

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Archive   : TFW101SP.ZIP

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