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+~0%%%²%%O%%,1.0%p%%! TELIX COMMAND: ALT-O, then T ,T1.0%p%%%! T.1 ,T1.0%%%%%N%%,1.0%%%!FCommunication parameters are the heart of the beast. They are used by,T1.0%%%!FTELIX to send and receive data over the modem. To gain access to the ,T1.0%%%!Fcurrent communication parameters, press ALT-P. You'll be presented ,T1.0%%%!Fwith a menu. Press the letter of the setting you want. Changes ,T1.0%%%!Fyou make here are temporary, they won't continue past your present ,T1.0%%%!Fsession. To make changes that are default values, make them in the ,T1.0%%%!FConfiguration Menu by pressing ALT-O, then T. Make whatever changes ,T1.0%% %!Fare necessary, then be sure to write them to disk (ALT-O, then W)! ,T1.0%% %!FHINT: The most commonly used format is a baud rate of 1200 or 2400, 8,T1.0%% %!Fdata bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. Large networks such as Compu- ,T1.0%%
%!:serve use the data format, 7E1. Your BAUD rate is set at ,T1.0,/1$,*0% !300,S1.(ù0,/1$°*-0% !1200,S1.(ù0,/1$` *I0% !2400,S1.(ù0,/1$À*e0% !4800,S1.(ù0,/1$€%*0% !9600,S1.(ù0,/1$K*ž0% !19200,S1.(ù0,/1#–*½0% !38400,S1.(ù0,/1#á*Ü0% !57600,S1.(ù0,/1#Â*ù0% !115200,S1.0%!.,S1.0%%%!You've set a data length of ,T1.0,01%*F0% !7,S1.(Q0% !8,S1.0%%%"! bits, PARITY is set to ",T1.0,11%*“0% !None,S1.(ü0,11%*®0% !Even,S1.(ü0,11%*È0% !Odd,S1.(ü0,11%*ã0% !Mark,S1.(ü0,11%*ü0% !Space,S1.0%!". ,S1.0!The,Q1.0%%%!number of STOP BITs is set to ",T1.0,31%*Z0% !1,S1.(e0% !2,S1.0%!". ,S1.0%!Your present Data Format is: ,S1.0,01%*²0% !7,S1.(½0% !8,S1.0,11%*Õ0% !N,S1.(20,11%*í0% !E,S1.(20,11%*0% !O,S1.(20,11%*0% !M,S1.(20,11%*20% !S,S1.0,31%*J0% !1,S1.(U0% !2,S1.0%!.,S1.0%%%!FHINT: If you're having problems with a +0 appearing at the sign-on ,T1.0%%%!Fprompt when you connect with some boards, turn the CIS Quick B option ,T1.0%%%!Foff by entering the configuration menu (ALT-O, then T). Currently, ,T1.0%%%!the CIS Quick B option is ,T1.%*Ÿ0% !off. ,S1.(®0% !on. ,S1.0% %%!9Press "0" to return to Menu, any other key to continue...,T1.0%%,81.0,=1%0* +w( 0, 1.0%%%²%%O%%,1.0%p%%! TELIX COMMAND: ALT-O, then T ,T1.0%p%%%! T.2 ,T1.0%%%%%N%%,1.0%%%!ETELIX's default communications port is the one your modem needs to be,T1.0%%%[email protected] to. This can be COM1 through COM8. Yours is set to COM ",T1.0,21%*1
0% !1,S1.(×
0% !2,S1.(×
0% !31,S1.(×
0% !4,S1.(×
0% !5,S1.(×
0% !6,S1.(×
0% !7,S1.(×
0% !8,S1.0!".,Q1.0%%%!DHINT: While you can specify COM1 through COM8, COM5 through COM8 are,T1.0%%%!address repeats of COM1.,T1.0%%%!BTELIX can emulate (act like) a number of terminals (TTY, ANSI-BBS,,T1.0%% %!AVT102, VT52, or AVATAR). ANSI-BBS will get you pictures, but TTY,T1.0%%
%!works with almost anything.,T1.0%% %!FLocal Echo On/Off determines whether or not TELIX will echo characters,T1.0%%
%!Byou type on the screen. If you are getting duplicate charcters on,T1.0%%%!Dyour screen when you type, turn Local Echo to Off. Right now, Local,T1.0%%%!Echo is turned ,T1.
0% !off. ,S1.(^
0% !on. ,S1.0%%%!CThe Add line feeds on/off option controls whether or not TELIX will,T1.0%%%!:add line feeds to incoming Carriage Returns. It's turned ,T1.%*(0% !off,S1.0%%B,81.0!, now. ,Q1.(M0% !on,Q1.0%%A,81.0!, now. ,Q1.0% %%!9Press "0" to return to Menu, any other key to continue...,T1.0%%,81.0,=1%0*­+w(²0, 1.0%%%²%%O%%,1.0%p%%! TELIX COMMAND: ALT-O, then T ,T1.0%p%%%! T.3 ,T1.0%%%%%N%%,1.0%%%!CHINT: If you're connected to a remote system and lines are writing,T1.0%%%!,over each other, turn the Add Line Feeds on.,T1.0%%%!FZmodem auto downloads automatically begin a download on your end. You,T1.0%%%!"have Zmodem auto downloads turned ,T1.%*A0% !off. ,S1.(P0% !on. ,S1.0%%%!AHINT: If you have a single floppy system and need time to change,T1.0%% %!&disks, turn Zmodem auto downloads off.,T1.0%% %!>The answerback string. Some systems need it, most don't. Your,T1.0%% %!answerback string is ,T1.!*^0% !blank.,S1.(~0!",Q1.0% % %,T1.0!".,Q1.0%%%!?HINT: In order to make any changes effective, exit TELIX after,T1.0%%%!Bwriting them to disk (Selection W on the main Configuration Menu).,T1.0% %%!9Press "0" to return to Menu, any other key to continue...,T1.0%%,81.0,=1*w0, 1.0, 1.&B