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Changes to QmodemPro for Windows v1.01

Released March 2, 1994


þ Changed code to prevent improper focus issues (active window) when
using the macrobar. When opening items that used overlapped windows
like the phonebook, the focus was sometimes not correct. Cosmetic
change only.

þ Changed the operation of the group flags. Loading a phonebook was not
clearing the current group thus the same entries that were highlighted
in the last phonebook are still highlighted in the new phonebook.

þ Modified the text editor so that when a wordwrapped file is saved it is
actually saved in the wordwrapped state. The default action was to
save it in an unformatted state even with wordwrap on.

þ Changed the dialer to accept lowercase letters in a prefix string.

þ Changed both the Viewer and Editors to store selected fonts.

þ Fixed default "Scrollback to file" file name - it incorrectly used
the Trap screen file name.

þ Changed startup code so if "Run minimized" is specified in the QMWin icon
and the last window size was maximized, QMWin will not try to maximize
itself on startup.

þ Added @HELP function key macro as was documented, but not previously

þ Added the ability for the Esc key to exit from scrollback (review) mode.

þ Fixed a problem with QMWin appearing to lock up after dialing an entry
if Scrollback mode was turned on.

þ Fixed a GP fault when you typed past the right edge of the screen in
split-screen modem.

þ Fixed a GP fault when using "Scrollback to File" and saving a large
amount of data to the file.


þ Changed faxing from the phone directory to default to the setting
(Fine or Normal) in Options|Fax.

þ Changed FAX operation to automatically select a default font. If no
font was selected, strange things could happen!

þ Fixed a problem with rasterizing 256 color PCX files for faxing.

þ Added support for 24 bit per pixel (16 million color) PCX files for faxing.


þ Screen height for each emulation (Options|Emulations) now has
validation code to limit screen height to a maximum of 50.

þ Fixed a problem with "printer controller" mode in VT emulations -
QMWin wasn't releasing the printer capture mode so the print mode
would stay on until you exited QMWin or changed to another emulation.

þ Fixed a problem with DG 100, DG 200 and DG 210 emulations.

þ Fixed a problem with VT-100 style line drawing characters.

þ Fixed a problem with capture and printer logging in TVI and Wyse
emulations, it was not logging CR and LF at the end of lines.

þ Fixed a GP fault in TVI emulation when logging on to certain systems.

þ Fixed a couple of problems with the TVI and Wyse emulations.


þ Changed handling of Zmodem transfer failures. Aborted or failed Zmodem
transfers were holding the file open until QmodemPro was exited causing
problems with auto-resume or deletion.

þ Fixed a problem that caused the protocol status window not to appear when
making a CIS B+ upload on Compuserve.


þ Fixed problem with downloading multiple RIP icons one after another on
some systems.

þ Fixed a problem with RIP Icon directory not working for phonebook

þ Fixed the GP fault in RIP InvertRect.

þ Fixed the GP fault in RIP_WRITE_ICON with large icons.

þ Fixed a cosmetic problem in RIP when an invalid RIP_TEXT_WINDOW
command was given.

þ Fixed a problem with ANSI music playing while in RIP mode.

þ Fixed a problem with RIP buttons turning white when using a high color
or true color display adapter.


þ Added a SETDTR on/off script command:

Sets the DTR (Data Terminal Ready) signal high (ON) or low (OFF).


SETDTR on | off


This command is provided to allow direct control over
the DTR (Data Terminal Ready) line on the modem for
special applications. Normally lowering DTR (SETDTR
OFF) will hang up the modem the same action as the
HANGUP command with the modem hangup string set to

See also



This example sends a command to log off an on-line
service, waits five seconds, then hangs up the modem.

send "bye"
delay 5
setdtr off

þ Changed the script compiler so it counts REM lines when reporting
error line numbers.

þ Fixed a problem that developed when running scripts in continuous dial
mode. If the first entry executed a script and the connection
terminated before the script was completed, the continuous dial would
not run scripts for any other entries in the dial sequence that had

þ Added support for wildcards (* and ?) in the Batch upload script
command and the macro command.

þ Fixed a problem in which a wrong filename was passed to the
script quicklearner whenever a full path was specified in a phonebook
entry for a script.

þ Fixed the host script chat mode so it no longer sends a C/R when
backspace is pressed.

þ Fixed a problem with a WAITFOR triggering on a string with a double quote
character (") when using Quicklearn.

þ The POS function in the script language was documented as taking no
parameters, but it expected an integer. The compiler has been fixed to
match the documentation.

þ Fixed a problem with the Stop button in script debugger causing the
system to appear to lock up under certain conditions.

þ Added an error dialog message if you try to Quicklearn a script in a
path that does not exist.

þ Changed the script compiler so that GOTO statements in a WHEN block
are legal and execute as expected.

þ Fixed a problem with GOTOs jumping out of SELECT CASE statements.

þ Fixed a problem with the COPY command in the host mode DOS shell.

þ Changed the script SEND command so you can send a ^ by passing ^| to
the SEND command (like the dialer).

þ Fixed a problem with literal reals in PRINT statements in the script

Phonebook converter:

þ Fixed a problem when converting QmodemPro for DOS phonebooks. The
**Current Device** and **Default Device** entries are now properly
converted to -Current- and -Default-.

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