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Revision 0.07
November 1992


Copyright 1992 by RTFM Software and Richard W. Turenne
Winnipeg, Mb.
All Rights Reserved

All users are granted a limited license to try QMP for a
reasonable evaluation period to determine its' suitability.

QMP is USER SUPPORTED. It is not Public Domain and is not
free. This means, if you decide to use this program, please
show your support by registering it with the author.
Registration of this program is included when you register


-Page 1-

Minimum of one floppy drive, 256K or more memory.

QMP stands for QCom Mail Processor. It is designed for
reading and answering QWK formatted mail systems.

First time execution of QMP puts you into the Configuration
screen. Edit the filenames and paths to suit your needs.
Note: Decompression utility should include the switches to
extract and overwrite. Compression utility should include
the switch to add or update files to the packet. Recommended
settings are shown using PKZIP and PKUNZIP as examples at
initial startup.

All configuration data is stored in the text file called
QMP.CFG. If you wish, you can edit the file with any text
editor providing these rules are adhered to:
a)The sequence and number of items in the file must not
be altered.
b)Each line should be no longer than 80 characters.
Longer lines are truncated to 80 characters.
c)Comments, if used, must be kept behind semicolons.
d)The editor must not insert any hidden formatting or
control characters into the text. If in doubt about
your editor, edit it within QMP by selecting "C"
(Configure) at the first screen.
e)Pathnames MUST end with a "\".


Browsing :To advance to the next message press ENTER,
SPACE or the grey plus key. To go to previous
message use the grey minus key. Cursor keys
allow scrolling long messages.

Ansi :Use A to display messages containing ANSI codes.
"Ansi" music is supported.

Index :Press I to show a sorted (by subject) index of all
messages in the current conference.

-Page 2-


Reply :Press R to reply to the message currently on screen.
QMP will insert the current message text and append
your signature file if one is present into a file
called REPLY.TXT and then call the editor specified
in QMP.CFG. When finished editing this text, exit
and save. At this point if the To, From, Subject
fields, etc. are acceptable, press F10. Replies will
be compressed into any existing reply packet for the
appropriate BBS. Be sure to erase any old reply
packets (files with REP extension).

DOS :Press D to shell out to DOS temporarily.

Enter :Press E to create a new message. QMP will create
a new blank message appending your signature file
is one is present. After saving the editing file
you can fill the Subject field and the To field.
QMP will fill the From field and the Conference
fields. If you wish to send the message to a
different conference, change the Conference number
to the one you want.

Print :Use P to print the current message.

Order :Press O to change the order in which messages are
sorted. By default, they are sorted by subject.

Save :Use S to save the current message to disk.

TagLines :Press B. Taglines can be "Borrowed" (saved in a
file call QMPTAGS.TXT) for future use.

Search :Use F to find messages containing specific text or
messages To or From specific people. When text is
found, pressing any key continues searching, ESC
aborts the search. Currently, this function will
only search one conference at a time.

Signature File:
This is simply a text file created with a text editor that
would contain any closing statement that you would normally
want to appear in all your messages. After creating and
saving your signature file, insert its' filename into QMP.CFG
on the same line as the editor filename.


-Page 3-

Comments or suggestions are always welcome and can be left on
CompuServe, I.D. 72361,3117. Or drop me a note at the address
below. Or call Programmer's Oasis BBS at 1-204-478-3562 and
leave me (Richard Turenne) a message in the QCom Support area.
When reporting a problem be to give the version number of the
program in question.

This software is provided "as is" without warranty either
express or implied. The user assumes all responsibility in
determining its'usefulness and or fitness for any purpose,
and assumes all risks and liabilities including damages for
loss of business profits, business interruption, or loss of
business information arising from the operation of this

If you use QMP, please register it. This software is the
result of a great deal of time and effort. Please support
its'continued development and the Shareware concept.

The one-time registration fee is a modest $20.00 which buys
you registration of QCom as well. Two for the price of one.

To receive a copy of the absolute latest version on disk,
send an additional $5.00 to cover cost of disk, packaging and
mailing. Specify disk size desired and your current version.
A quick mailer is provided in the file called Register.
Send a check or money order, comments or suggestions to:

RTFM Software
108-Egesz Watson St.
Winnipeg, Mb. Canada
R2R 2E1

Again, your comments, questions, suggestions and bug reports
are always welcome, whether or not you register. Many
features included in this program are a direct result of user
suggestions. To those who have taken the time to contribute
their ideas, thank you!

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