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Logimenu Procomm Plus Files
by M. Gallagher 5/3/88

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started

2. Setting up Procomm Plus Protocols

3. Using the Menu System

4. Other Products for Protocols

Page 1

This menu system is for the Logitech C7 mouse but should probably
work alright with a microsoft mouse. But the results with the
microsoft mouse cannot be guaranteed.

These files are donated to the Public Domain and are not to be so
sold or transmitted for profit in any manner.

1. Getting Started

At this point I am assuming that you have your copy of Procomm Plus
up and running. If you intend to use the Zmodem Protocol then
the accompanying batch files MUST be located in a directory in
the PATH statement in you autoexec.bat file. If this is the root
assuming you are not using a path then these files will be found
and executed. Also if you are planning to use Zmodem by Chuck Forsberg
the or DSZ.exe program must also be located in a directory in
your path statement. Once you hav done this then you can modify the
two batch files SNDZMODM.BAT and RECZMODM.BAT to reflect your upload
and download paths.

Basic assumptions:

This menu system is set up for a CGA, EGA, or VGA monitor. The def file
of course could be modified by changing the value of 23 to NORMAL, BOLD,
or INVERSE to support a monochrome monitor. But I am assuming that any
one using Procomm Plus would be using it with color. I have not tried
this menu on a monochrome monitor but I feel it may work alright. Further
we are assuming that you are a Registered user of Procomm Plus and,
and the Logitech menu system. If you use shareware programs frequently then
it is only Fair that YOU support the authors efforts. Where else can you
try something before you buy it? From here on I will refer to Procomm Plus
as PCPlus.

2. Setting up Procomm Plus

If you have not defined the External Protocols in PCPlus then I suggest
you do that so that Extern1 download should be given the name of RECZMODM,
and that Extern1 upload should be given the name SNDZMODM. These are the
names of the batch files which you placed in you PATH directory. These
batch files will call and initiate the transfer and upon termination
will place you back in Terminal mode in PCPlus.

Now that you have, and the batch files in your path directory you
must also initiate the Logitech menu system by calling it either in the
Click source with Newclick or a separte batch file. The batch file would
look like.

Page 2

Batch file continued:

cd pcplus
menu pcplus
menu off

Of course this assmues that you have made a subdirectory called pcplus, also
that your mouse.sys is loaded and the menu driver program is in your root
directory. Once this is established your installation of the menu system is
complete. Next we will look at the PopUp menus for PCPlus.

3. Using the Menus in PCPlus

The operation of the mouse buttons is as follows. The left button CALLS UP
the menus. The middle button ESCAPES or CANCELS the operation. And the
right button equals ENTER.

Once PCPlus is started press enter to go to Terminal mode. When in terminal
mode pressing the left button will show the Main menu. From here you can
select any choice listed by AltZ. Move the cursor to the function of your
choice and press the Right button for Enter. To Cancel press the Middle
button. There are Four main Popup menus:

1. Main Menu

2. Dial Menu

3. File Transfer

4. Redial

5. Script Cancel

If you select the Dial menu from the main menu when the Dial menu appears
press the Left button again to bring up the Dial Popup.

If you select the File Transfer from the Main Menu when the Upload or
Download menu appears press the Left button to activate the Protocol
selections. Once the cursor is on your selection pressing the Right button
will make that selection active.

One technique I have found working with Procomm 2.42 is using the scripts
or command files to dial your favorite BBS's. But cancelling scripts in

Page 3

PCPlus is a little more challenging. For this reason I wrote a Popup for
cancelling the dialing of a script. If you wish to cancel a script press
the middle button twice and the menu Cancel this Script (Y/N) ? will appear.
At this point pressing the Left button again will bring up the Cancel Popup
menu and you can select Yes to cancel or No to remain in the script. Press
the right button at Yes to Cancel the Script. Further during the dialing
there is another Popup activated by pressing the Left button. Which gives
the options on the bottom of the dialing screen.

Throughout the program in most places the mouse movement will move the
cursor the same as the up and down or right and left arrows. Some however
will not such as the Line Settings. Only the most important functions and
not secondary have been included but it gives PCPlus a new feel and makes
navigating in the program a pleasure. Experiment with the system and I am
sure you will agree.

4. Other Products

Before I mentioned the DSZ program by Chuck Forsberg. His company is

Omen Technologies Incorporated
17505-V Northwest Sauvie Island Road
Portland, Oregon 97231

Once you try Zmodem protocol I am sure you will want to donate the $20.00
he requests.

The user of these files bears sole responsibilty for any consequences
suffered by their use. I will not be held responsible for any liabilty
of damages suffered arising from their use or association by them. Their
are no warranties expressed or implied to be applied to the suitability
of these files by me.

Enjoy their use!

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