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³ ³
³ ³
³ A PCZ to DSZ Log Converter for PCBoard ³
³ ³
³ (C)Copyright \/\/alter Cox 1991. ³
³ All rights reserved. ³
³ ³

The problem: PCBoard knows how to read the file transfer log created
by Omen Technology's DSZ, but it doesn't know how to read
the corresponding file created by Drue Kennon and Gary
Smith's PCZ, a Public Domain implementation of Zmodem and
other file transfer protocols.

The solution: PCZ2DSZ.EXE, which converts PCZ.LOG into DSZ.LOG.

PCZ.LOG is the file transfer log file created by PCZ.

DSZ.LOG contains the same data as PCZ.LOG, but the data
are arranged in the same order as a log file created by
DSZ. The converted DSZ.LOG will be used by PCBoard in the
same way it uses a log file created by DSZ.

How to use it:

1. Create the environment variables DSZLOG and PCZLOG in your
BOARD.BAT file. DSZLOG points to DSZ.LOG in PCBoard's current
directory, and PCZLOG points to PCZ.LOG, also in PCBoard's
current directory. For example:


2. Create the batch files PCBRP.BAT and PCBSP.BAT for uploads and
downloads, respectively. The examples below enable the
Super_Z option for PCZ.

echo off
if exist pcberr.fil del pcberr.fil
if exist pcz.log del pcz.log
pcz %1 %2 k d s rz r %3\

echo off
if exist pcberr.fil del pcberr.fil
if exist pcz.log del pcz.log
pcz %1 %2 d s sz r %3

3. Copy PCZ2DSZ.EXE to your PCBoard directory, any directory on
the PATH, or put the full path & filename in the batch files.

4. Add the following to your PCBPROT.DAT file:

º PCBoard Setup Utility º
º Edit Protocol File º
º º
º Use Type Size MNP Open Lines Protocol Description º
º . . . . . . . º
º . . . . . . . (other protocols) º
º . . . . . . . º
º P D 1024 N N N PCZ Super_Z º
º º

PCZ2DSZ has been tested and is in use on a two-node PCBoard running
under DESQview, the Wright Place BBS in Baltimore, 301-882-4481. Give
a call (1200/2400/9600 V.32) if you'd like to try it out, or if you
need help installing PCZ2DSZ.

Trademarks, Products and Other Legal Stuff

PCZ Copyright (c) by Drue Kennon, All Rights Reserved.
Super_Z(tm) is a trademark of PCý

PCZ - A Public Domain implementation
Zmodem, Ymodem, Xmodem, Xmodem-1K, Sealink
for the IBM PC family
PcConnect Zmodem by Drue Kennon and Gary Smith

The Programmer's Corner
Home of
"PcConnect" & "PCZ"

Data/BBS: 301-596-1180 Data/BBS: 301-995-3744
Data/BBS: 301-621-4636


DSZ - a ZMODEM-90(TM), True YMODEM(TM), XMODEM File Transfer Program

Omen Technology Incorporated
The High Reliability Software

17505-V Northwest Sauvie Island Road
Portland Oregon 97231
TeleGodzilla BBS: 503-621-3746 Speed 1200,2400,19200
FAX: 503-621-3735
CompuServe:70007,2304 GEnie:CAF
UUCP: ...!tektronix!reed!omen!caf


DESQview is a product of Quarterdeck Office Systems


PCBoard is a product of Clark Development Company, Inc.



While a license is freely granted for use of this program, I do
retain a copyright and reserve all rights to it. You may not charge
for PCZ2DSZ. No version of PCZ2DSZ is to be distributed in modified
form. Distribute it exactly as is.

Since this is a free program and I gain nothing from it, I also
assume no responsibility should you decide to use it. Although it
seems to work fine on my AT compatible, it may not work on your
system. You assume all responsibility for ANYTHING that happens if
you choose to run PCZ2DSZ. By running it, you agree to these terms.



Thanks to Ron Wright, sysop of The Wright Place, for writing this doc
file. The idea for the program also was Ron's. I simply coded the

Thanks to Drue Kennon and Gary Smith for a fine Public Domain
implementation of Zmodem.

Thanks to Chuck Forsberg for developing Zmodem and also for allowing
his DSZ log format to be used.

\/\/alter Cox

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Archive   : PCZ2DSZ.ZIP
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