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Copyright 1987 by Kramer Micro Systems Laurel, MD
12150 Dove Circle 20708

Syntax: PCPSort filename /s

Where filename = DIR name and /s = optional sort parameter
PCPLUS is the default. /N - Name
.DIR extension is not /P - Phone number
necessary. Old file /S - Script file
is renamed .BAK /D - Date

NOTE: sorts are not case sensitive! So B and b are the same...

you may indicate descending sort by adding - after the sort field (ie /N-)

IMPORTANT!! You must include the '/' on the command line or an error message
will result.

Also, command line can be upper or lower case.

Put PCSORT in you path to use, but please note that it will not support
pathnames for the DIR entry. YOU MUST HAVE THE DIR IN THE CURRENT
DIRECTORY FOR PCSORT TO FIND IT!. While it is possible that some
DOS extenders (DPATH, APPEND, etc) may find the DIR file, unpredictable
results may occur (I would guess that it would read and sort okay, and
will probably write the sorted version to your current directory, but
that is just a guess).

If you find this program useful, a contribution of $10 will go a long way
in persuading me to write utilities and make them publicly available.

You may freely distribute this program providing that NO FEES or other
material compensation is received for its distribution.

PROCOMM PLUS (TM) is a trademark of Datastorm Technologies.

If you have not yet bought your copy of PROCOMM PLUS, do so.
Its definitely worth it!!


To sort PCPLUS.DIR (Procomm Plus default) by name, either of these will do:

>PCPSORT pcplus /n
>PCPSORT /n (without a filename, it will default to PCPLUS)

To sort WASHDC.DIR by phone number, enter:

>PCPSORT washdc /p

To sort LOCAL.DIR by date, enter:

>PCPSORT local /d

To sort PCPLUS.DIR by script file, enter either:

>PCPSORT pcplus /s

After sorting, the original file is given a .BAK extension.

There is not much to say about PCPLUS except that it provides you with the
means of sorting your PROCOMM PLUS(TM) phone directories by NAME, PHONE,
SCRIPT, or DATE. See the above for proper syntax.

Version 1.00 was written February 16th, 1988 and released February 22.

It was developed with Turbo Pascal 3.0 under DOS 3.2 and tested under
the following on a PC clone with a NEC v20 at 8Mhz.

MS-DOS 2.0, 2.1, 2.11, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
PC-DOS 2.1, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3

Should you find any problems, inconsistencies, or (shudder) bugs, leave
a message for me on any of the following BBS Systems:

Folkemer Minihost (301) 465-8316
Darwin PCBoard (301) 251-9206
Your Place (703) 978-6360
Data Bit (703) 370-9832
Maryland Gateway (301) 730-5624

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.22 Feb 1988 Chuck Kramer

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Archive   : PCPSORT1.ZIP
Filename : PCPSORT.DOC

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