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NOTE: these files apply to Procomm Plus versions
2.0 and 2.01 only. Procomm Plus is a registered
trademark of Datastorm Technologies, Inc.

Hi there, Procomm Plus fans!

Hidden deep in the Procomm Manual is a little section
in Chapter 9 (Using Host Mode) that describes some optional
files you can put into your Procomm directory.

are included in this zipfile. This is FREEWARE.


1. PCPLUS.HDL - a simple ascii text file to list the
files available for downloading in your designated
download directory. You must create this yourself
using an ascii text editor. The good news is that
you may include file descriptions in this file, and
use up to 79 characters per line. This is displayed
to all level 0-1 users (level 2 users still get the
standard DOS format directory, but they can also
search diretories other than your designated one).

2. PCPLUS.HHP - included in the Procomm Package, but
can be edited by any ascii text editor. I have
included a revised one that fits more closely the
alternate menus in this zipfile.
3. PCPLUS.HRM - an alternate Main Menu for Host Mode.
It will be displayed to all level 0-1 users instead
of the rather skimpy (sorry, Datastorm) one included
in the Procomm Package. The sample included in this
package is the one I composed for my own Host Mode,
but can be modified as you see fit with any ascii
(or ansi) editor.

4. PCPLUS.HMM - an alternate menu for the R)ead Mail
function in Host Mode. It will be displayed to all
users, regardless of level (note that it also pops
up when you use the PCMAIL.EXE function that comes
with Procomm Plus). This can also be edited as you
see fit.

5. PCPLUS.HPM - an alternate menu for level 2 users,
which should include the additional commands for
S)hell and A)bort. I prefer the simple menu included
in Procomm, but if you prefer, just compose one to
include these or edit my PCPLUS.HRM and rename it.

6. PCPLUS.HXM - an alternative menu to the default
transfer protocol menu. Again, I think Procomm's is
fine the way it is, but you may like to create/edit
one of your own. I have not included a sample in
this package.

7. PCPLUS.NUF - a file which will be displayed only to
new users logging on the first time, and is displayed
23 lines per page (with "[MORE]" on the 24th line).
Use this to tell your new users anything you like
about your system. Sample not included here.

8. PCPLUS.NWS - displayed to users after logon - can
contain anything you want (text, graphics) and will
be displayed by 23-line screens. Sample not included


These files may simply be placed in your Procomm directory
or whatever directory you may have designated with the
SET PCPLUS= command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and they
should work automatically. You may have to experiment a
little to get the spacing right and so forth. To do this,
just hit F2 and do a local logon at the appropriate user

The manual says that ANSI graphics may be used, but did
not specify if it was regular or 7-bit ANSI. Since Host
Mode does not emulate ANSI with a local logon, the only
way to test it is with a remote logon, so I have not
yet tried it.

For more info, refer to your Procomm Plus Manual.

Good luck and have fun!

Harry Hoffman
CIS ID - 71621,2652
Housecalls BBS - (916) 369-8517 2400/8/N/1


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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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