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Tips on using Host mode of PCPLUSTD.
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Tips on using Host mode of PCPLUSTD.
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Contents of the PCPLUS.TXT file

ProComm Plus Test Drive 1.0

There are a few things to help your use of ProComm Plus Test Drive in Host
Mode. To allow users to access the SHELL and ABORT commands (the latter will
cause ProComm to exit Host Mode), you need to change the '0' following user
names and passwords to '1' in the file PCPLUS.USR. This file is created as
soon as someone logs onto the Host Mode, and can be changed with an ASCII
editor such as E88.

To create a welcoming message for callers, use an ASCII editor and name the
file PCPLUS.NWS. It will pause when the screen is full. I have included a
sample welcome message file.

There is no HELP file for callers in Host Mode (the Alt-Z HELP file is for
the Sysop); you can create your own HELP file with an ASCII editor under the
name PCPLUS.HHP. This will display when the HELP command is entered, and will
pause when the screen is full. I have included a sample HELP file I have

As Sysop, you can logon to Host Mode with the F2 key; you can either logon
as Sysop or under a user name. For the latter, answer 'N' when asked if you
want to logon as SYSOP.

If you change the current directory before going into Host Mode (so that
callers will not access the directory with all your ProComm+ files) be sure to
move all the Host Mode files to that directory (i.e., PCPLUS.HDR, PCPLUS.HHP,
PCPLUS.HST, PCPLUS.MSG, PCPLUS.NWS, and PCPLUS.USR) so that they will be
accessed by callers.

ProComm will create a log of all uploaded files, with descriptions, under
the name of PCPLUS.ULD. This will be located in whatever is the current
directory while you are in Host Mode.

Finally, be warned that use of the program FASTPC.ARC to speed-up your
ProComm Plus TD screens may eliminate your ability to logon to your own Host
Mode either as Sysop or with a username. When I tried it, pressing F2 merely
moved the cursor around the screen. None of the other ProComm screens seemed
to be affected by this, and they DID appear noticeably more quickly. Use of
the program FIX PCP.ARC (to eliminate the ProComm Plus Test Drive opening
advertisement) had no ill effects, and worked as promised. PCPLUSRT.ARC, to
sort the phone directory, also worked without incident.

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