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Athena Systems Development Group

PC-VT Release 10.1 1/23/91

PC-VT now supports a varied combination of communication ports and
interrupt chaining.

Using the standard selection mechanism (i.e the 6 key in the SETUP-B
frame after pointing to the correct feature column or the c key), you
can select these combinations :

COM Port Interrupt

1 3F8 4 Standard
2 2F8 3 Standard
3 3E8 4 Pseudo Standard
4 2E8 3 Pseudo Standard

5 2E8 4 Non Standard
6 2E0 3 Non Standard

COM 1 and 2 are the standard ports. COM 3 and 4 are the almost standard
ports. COM 5 and 6 are used on some boards as what they call COM 3 and 4.

For additional flexibility, you can select one of these ports and change
the Interrupt IRQ number. To change the IRQ number, select the correct
port with the 'c' key and then press the 'i' key. Each time you press
the 'i' key, the IRQ number will go up by one. It will cycle 0-7 and
repeat. Pick the IRQ number you want. Make sure you select a 'good' IRQ
number for your system. Selecting a 'bad' IRQ number (like one the disk
drive uses) will surely lock up your computer.

The port and IRQ information is saved with the SETUP and DIALER just
like all the other feature selections.

PC-VT also supports interrupt chaining. If you have two ports on a
single IRQ line, PC-VT checks the port's IID register. If the Interrupt
Pending bit is not on, it chains any other ISR that may be attached to
that IRQ line.

Thanks to Malcolm Michael at Triad for prompting this enhancement.

Other New Features and Bug Fixes :

1. On the ANSI/VT52 selection on the SETUP B screen, you can now select


from the following prompt:

ANSI/VT52 0=VT52 1=ANSI (VT100/102) 2=ANSI.SYS

The new selection ANSI.SYS makes PC-VT interpret escape sequences
more like ANSI.SYS and less like the ANSI standard. Microsoft
chose to change some of the sequences when they developed

Enables these sequences :

[2m clear the screen and home the cursor

Enables these characters :

clear the screen and home the cursor

2. Fixed a bug in the Index and Reverse Index sequences. They should
only scroll the window if the cursor is ON the top/bottom
line of the margin. Found by George Fluck at Standard and Poors.

3. Fixed a bug in loading of Table keys if macro keys were not done
first. Found by George Fluck at Standard and Poors.

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Archive   : PC-VT101.ZIP
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