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CALL PAGING (c) 1989 Robert M. WAlker

CALL PAGING is a Telix script designed for the small business that may
have one or two pagers and an unmanned office during the day. This
program will work for numeric or alphanumeric pagers that may be called
and have an numerical message transmitted my touch-tone phone to the
pagers LCD display.

This is how the system works:

1. A Hayes compatible modem and a PC are on the same line as your
business line which also has an answering when you are out of the

2. The caller phones your office and the AT responce "RING" is detected

3. CALL PAGING delays XXX minutes while the caller leaves a message on
your machine.

4. When XXX minutes has expired, CALL PAGING will dial the phone number
assigned to your pager, pause XXX seconds, and transmit your office
number to your pager.

5. If you have an alphanumeric pager, the number appearing on the
display means to call your office and retrieve your messages.

6. If your pager only beeps ( has no display), call your office for

Most answering machines have remote message retrieval using touch-tone
phones. Also, some machines allow a preset amount of time to leave a
message, while others are voice actuated (VOX) and allow up to 5

All of these parameters are controlled through a simple configuiration
file called PAGER.CFG.


line 1 ATDT Hayes AT command dialing sequence. ATDT for touch
tone phone lines and ATDP for pulse dialing phones.

line 2 20 Default time to wait for a connection when dialing
your pager (seconds)

line 3 2000 delay in 1/10ths of a second for CALL PAGING to wait
while caller leaves message on your answering
machine (10/10 = 1 sec, 100/10 = 10 sec, 3000 = 5min)

line 4 4427354,,,,,,5313382 number to call your pager separated by
number of seconds to wait before entering
numeric message to leave your pager.
( , = 1 sec) e.g. call pager 442-7354 and
wait 6 seconds. Transmitt message
5313382 to your pager. If your pager
only beeps and has no LCD for messages,
disregard delays ' , ' and last phone

Place all files in your Telix directory and make sure modem result codes
are on. These are the V1 and X1 commands most modems are set up for.
When system is up and running, help support authors efforts by mailing
$20.00 to:

Robert M. Walker
698 Lansdowne Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6H 3Y8

When I receive your contribution, I will supply the key to unlock the
message limit the program has.

Enjoy !


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Archive   : PAGER.ZIP
Filename : PAGER.DOC

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