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No-Frills SeaLink file transfer

Copyright 1986, Wynn Wagner III.
All rights reserved.

LICENSE: A limited license is given to use this program
as long as it is used in a lawful and friendly manner.

You may freely distribute OpusLink
as long as there is NO MONEY charged.

If your system has a fee,
then you may NOT make the OpusLink
available for download.

If you make money from the sale of OpusLink, or if
you make money by suggesting its use (eg. consultant),
then you are required to make a $50 donation to AIDS
research for each copy of OpusLink that is made.
This donation is not optional.

LEGAL STUFF: The SEAlink file transfer protocol is copyrighted by
System Enhancements Associates. There was no charge
for using the protocol, as long as we gave them
credit. We are doing so now.

WARRANTY: You've got to be kidding.
The author makes NO warranty of any kind.

If you decide to use the OpusLink,
you do so entirely at your own risk.

EQUIPMENT: "Standard equipment" is considered to be Wynn's
computer and modem.

All other equipment is non-standard.

There is no guarantee that OpusLink will work on
any non-standard equipment. It is rumored to work
on most IBMs and IBM-clones with Courier and Hayes


UPFRONT OpusLink is not a full-service modem program. It was
designed to use in conjunction with other software
(such as ProComm). About all you can do is type and
receive characters (dumb terminal) and send/receive
SeaLink file transfers.

IT UP To start OpusLink.....

Your setup... Type...
COM1 at 2400 baud OpusLink
COM1 at 1200 baud OpusLink -b1200
COM1 at 300 baud basica
COM2 at 2400 baud OpusLink -p2
COM2 at 1200 baud OpusLink -p2 -b1200
COM2 at 300 baud chkdsk /f

CONTROLS Alt-B ... flips baud (300/1200/2400)

Alt-X ... exit to DOS

Alt-H ... hangup the phone (disconnect)

... upload a file using SeaLink

... download a file using SeaLink

... during a file transfer, you can cancel the
download or upload by pressing the Escape key.

NOTE: All other characters are passed on to your modem.

PROCOMM If you are using ProComm as your main modem program
to call Opus, you can get to OpusLink like this...

1. Press Alt-F4 to get to Dos.

2. Type OpusLink (see "Getting It Up" above)
Assuming OpusLink is available, it will
spring to life.

To get back to ProComm from OpusLink...

1. Press Alt-X to leave OpusLink.

2. Type EXIT and press Enter to leave the
DOS "shell".

3. ProComm should reappear


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Archive   : OLINK31.ZIP

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