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May 29,1990 NMODEM 0.91a

1. Ah Ha! I think killed the Bad Header problem!

May 29, 1990 NMODEM 0.91b

1. Now can transfer files that are multiple of 2048 and it works.

2. Tweaked the first block interface seems better but sometimes
doesn't connect.

3. Bad Header problem seems to be gone!

4. Receive side user screen improved!

05-31-90 NMODEM 0.91c

1. Improved receive interface after synchronized.

06-JUN-90 Ver: 0.91d

1. Corrected File Check routine before transfer.

2. Added commandline switch for optional DirectVideo.

3. Improved CommandLine check.

7-Jun-90 Ver: 0.91e

1. Fix blocksize cosmetics.

2. Improved Carrier Detect in Receive sequence.

3. Improved Carrier Detect in Send Sequence.

8-JUN-90 Ver: 0.91f

1. Improved startup sequence.

09-JUN-90 Ver: 0.91g

1. Smaller now needs less than 40k to run!

2. Better startup sequence.

3. Faster IO and receive sequence.

4. Improved receive sequence.

5. Improved handling of Runtime Errors.

NOTE: Due to timing constraints NMODEM will NOT work at 300 Baud!

10-JUN-90 Ver: 1.00

1. Now should correctly restore modem on exit!!
[Thanks twc for getting me on track here!]

2. Finally I feel it can be called version 1.00. The major hurdle
in item #1 above should make this a fully functional protocol!

11-JUN-90 Ver:1.01

1. Added more items to force modem back into mode before NMODEM

13-JUN-90 Ver: 1.02

1. Added code to improve rejection of false CAN byte received.

2. Changed send abort from keyboard sequence to allow receive
side to better see the CAN bytes.

14-JUN-90 Ver: 1.03

From this version on I have changed the registration schedule for NMODEM
since I would like to make a few bucks from this effort.

Drv/Dir/DirectVideo Options will only function in the Registered versions

If you find NMODEM adequate without these options then only $5.00 will
register the current and all future versions of the "cheapware" issue

If enabling of the options of value, $10.00 will get you a disk with a
version of NMODEM allowing the options to function plus the latest version
of NMODEM and NMTERM and whatever I decide to throw in at the time.

SYSOPs I'm sorry if this is a problem but I cannot think of a reasonable
Zer0 cost way to screen valid SYSOPS for free registered versions.

As the product evolves I'm sure various options will be requested and
added - if feasible and they do NOT decrease the efficiency of NMODEM.
I will try to make a reasonable evaluation as to whether the registered
version or "cheapware" version or both should have that option enabled.

15-JUN-90 Ver: 1.04

I changed NMODEM so that if Drive, Directory or DirectVideo switches
are passed they will just be ignored. This if for those users that
have a program such a TELIX which insists on passing the Drive/Directory
with the filename.

15-JUN-90 NMODEM Version: 1.05

1. Removed valid port check problems with newer UARTS.

2. Changed usage and syncup to show registered status.

17-JUN-90 Ver: 1.06

1. Added support for 16550 UART FIFO buffer. The new commandline
switch /F will turn it on. It is turned off at end of NMODEM run.

17-JUN-90 Ver: 1.07


Registered users can now download new versions for free from

1. Added MNP support via the /M switch on commandline. NO CRC checking
will be performed.

2. Eliminated forced delays in handshaking loops of Send/Receive.

3. Removed forced delays in SynchUp routine.

CAUTION: Version 1.08+ will NOT be compatable with earlier versions!
I need to change the NAK handshaking to improve reliability!

17-JUN-90 Ver: 1.08


Versions prior to 1.08 are NOT compatable with 1.08!
Sorry for any problems this may cause.
In non-error conditions pre-1.08 versions will work!

1. Improved error interface is more BulletProof!

17-JUN-90 Ver:1.09

1. Timeout on syncup adjustment.

19-JUN-90 Ver: 1.10

1. First I must apologize for a gross blunder on my part in the
method of calculating the CPS. It seems I dropped the decimal
point figures and as such at 2400 Baud the only rates were 227
or 256 at the high range. Similiar problems existed at 1200 &
9600, etc. The CPS now should be very close to correct! The
calculation uses rounding so it will reflect the closest even

2. Item 1 above means it time to do some fine tuning! As of this
version the best I can get is 234 CPS at 2400 Baud. Newer
versions will be accented on improving these numbers.

3. Corrected CPS calc if CRC error on receive side.

4. Optimized CRC calculation sequence for more speed.

20-JUN-90 Ver: 1.11

1. Optimized the main send and receive loops.

2. The wait for ACK from receive is costing about 2 or 3 CPS, so I'm
going to try for a send ahead scheme. This will cause 1.12 to be
a bit unless I find a non-related bug.

22-JUN-90 Ver: 1.12

1. Major surgery! Now uses 47K of memory but gained about 3 CPS over
1.11 version.

* Implemented partial look ahead scheme for sending.
* Further optimized the send methods and sequences.
* added 4k in buffers but managed to reduce some code to keep
the size down.

2. This version still ok with 1.10 and 1.11 but much better on send.

05-JUL-90 Ver: 1.13

1. Corrected bug in send handling of Bad CRC! from receiver side.

08-14-90 Ver: 1.14

1. This version compiled with Turbo Pascal 4.0 to see if it will kill
some problems with the TP5 compiled versions.

29-AUG-90 Ver:1.15

1. Corrected nmodem.log item on size of last block sent or received.

02-SEP-90 Ver: 1.20

1. Considerable rewrite of SendFile Procedure. Removed file lookahead
scheme as it was faulty.

2. Added Resend count to screen.

3. Send CPS now includes time to read block from disk.

26-SEP-90 1.30

1. Major rewrite of Send and Receive routines.

2. Corrected bug in Outchar routine.

13-OCT-90 NMODEM 1.31

1. A user report indicated problem with the method of handling the
status window. Status window scheme now changed completely!

2. Improved handling of NMODEM.LOG and NMODEM.ERR files.

14-OCT-90 NMODEM 1.32

1. Eliminated a redundant clearscreen on startup.

11-22-90 Ver: 1.40

1. Changed the modem interface drastically.

2. Changed to TP 5.5 and used SYST55C2 from EAGLE Performance
Software as well as TPCRT from Turbo Power Software!

NOTE: Problem reports are of little use unless it provides:

A. DOS version.

B. NMODEM.err copies.

C. CPU, Modem and Comm program info.

I get many messages "I can't get NMODEM to work! Whats wrong?".

Please review Trouble.doc for possible help!

12-09-90 NMODEM 1.41

1. Added delay in init routine for slow modems/UARTS.

12-10-90 NMODEM 1.50

1. Major revision of modem interface. Hopefully will solve the
problems some users having with modems.

01-JAN-91 NMODEM 1.60

1. Optimized send and receive loops a bit more.

2. Optimized single character output routine.

3. Added code to inform DOS of COM3: and COM4: addresses.
-Initial value found restored on exit from NMODEM.

4. Non-Registered version now supports path names for files.

01-13-91 NMODEM 1.61

1. This version now has a new commandline switch for disabling
the generation of the Nmodem.log file. Adding 'L' in the
options will cause nmodem.log to be disabled. This option
will only work on registered versions.

2. Updated some items in Nmodem.doc and trouble.doc.

01-13-91 NMODEM 1.62

1. Added statusline that shows the various options.

2. Optimized the status screen.

3. Cleared full status screen on exit.

01-28-91 NMODEM 1.63

1. Corrected several code typos.

2. Added a couple of items to improve interrupt handling.

Feb 10, 1991 Version 1.64

1. Tweaked the interrupt interface and reduced memory needed by 4k.

13 Feb 1991 NMODEM 1.65

1. Added date and time stamp to entries in NMODEM.LOG and

2. Restructered and reduced lines in NMODEM.LOG.

19-Feb-91 NMODEM 1.66

1. Corrected an oversight (goof) in the new status window
drawing scheme.

03-28-91 Ver: 1.67

1. Fine tuned modem interface a bit.

May 25, 1991 Ver: 1.68

1. Fine tuned the CRC routines for a little more speed.

05-27-91 NMODEM 1.69 BETA

This version of NMODEM incorporates a look ahead scheme that should
make transfers much faster.

1.69B is being issued as a "BETA" version at this time.

Please let me know how it handles transfer errors.


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