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This is the lame documentary to Megacom! Megacom was written By Megak
this is a shareware file, if you think this program has POTENTIAL.. a $10
donation would be most helpful in the writting of this product, but please send
all your questions comments and or concerns to Megak or Marty Geier
via Message Exchange (301-855-0339) or any other board in the D.C metro area.
Now for the instructions, Megacom is not that sufisticated.. it only has
one function at the moment and that is to dial up BBSes and preform standard
functions.. you CANNOT do file transfers, or scroll back buffer or any advanced
features. of course all of this will change in future aditions of Megacom..
but only with your support. To run Megacom unzip it into a directory and type
Mcom215 followed by a return.. this will start the program.. to return to the
disk operating system, simply press the ESC key. to dial a bbs type ATDT
followed by the number and then return. The first time you run megacom it will
ask you many questions concerning your modem hardware/software. If you do not
know the answers to these questions simply type in the default value that is
given and megacom should work from there. When you complete answering the
questions you will have to press ESC to exit and come back in, before you can
use megacom. this is so that megacom can load all the proper variables.
I hope you enjoy megacom! it is only going to get better from here!
in this particular version there are a few bugs, and please inform me of all
of them.. the next release of megacom will be megacom 2.16 and will be a bug
fix and possibly add to the alt commands such as a hangup feature, change
com parameters etc.. let me know what you like and don't like about megacom!


Updates since Megacom verion .001 are: Backspaces now work, and line
feeds do not distort the viewing vision, there are many imporvments to be made
though look for Megacom to support ansi and ansi music fully!
Megacom version 2.0 - now megacom is in Compiled Turbo Basic! so no
more fooling around in basica, now you can run it via exe file!, Also now
Megacom has full ansi support, and communications buffer overflow errors have
hopefully been fixed as well as line feed characters terminated...
Megacom version 2.1 - now megacom is in compiled Turbo C++! I have
chosen to write megacom in this language as it is the language of the future
and it also makes the program size very small while the speed very large...
this version is very limited, as it hasn't gotten off the ground yet in
programing, no ansi support, and very limited features.
Megacom version 2.15! - Now megacom can support full internal ansi
codes! of course there are a few bugs in the version as I did not get time
to work them all out before the release date, but by far these bugs will not
effect normal operation. Also Megacom now has the online time meter to tell
you how long you have been on a bbs, as well as the infamous "Type-o-meter"
this gadget tells you how many words per minute you can type on every given
line that you type! I neat feature...

Coming soon!

Megacom 2.16 - 2.2 will be coming out through the month of may..
these additions should cover all the bug fixes from previous copies as well
as adding a few alt - key features, and having optional type-o-meter support
for the people who do not like it, lots more options.. by 2.2 megacom will
have a dialing directory and by 2.3 will have macros, and by 2.4 will have
file trasfers!

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Archive   : MCOM215.ZIP
Filename : MEGACOM.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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