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Max de Jong, P.O.Box 2160, Rotterdam - 3000 CD, The Netherlands

Voice: +31.10-4046529 - Fax/Data: +31.10-4046238 - Fidonet 2:512/16.5

Copyright (c) 1990, 1991 by Max de Jong

December 16, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.06

The following changes and additions are now available:

The Help menu has been expanded into 3 menu items

[R]ead manual
[C]all SysOp!
[M]essage to SysOp

The manual that will be called for must carry the filename: HELP.TXT.
This file must be placed in your MAX!BBS-directory.
The other options are already discussed.

The option "[T]ype file" has been removed for compiler reasons.

The Bulletin Menu has been changed and is now called [A]reas B/C.


The Bulletin sections remains the same.
The Conference sections can be configured within the Configuration
Menu of MAX!BBS. These Conference sections have replaced the Public
message area and are accessible to anyone subject to their level.

The MAILER-function in MAX!BBS has been drastically changed.
Now you can directly answer messages which are addressed to you in
private (MAILBOX) and which are publicly addressed within the
Conference areas.

Also MAIL (both private & public messages) can now be downloaded
so messages can be read off-line.

I am working at an off-line mailer/reader program for users, so they
can easily read and answer 'mailbags' off-line and afterwards upload
these 'mailbags' again to their (MAX!)BBS-system.

Also I will make an attempt to make MAX!BBS-messages fully compatibel
with FIDO '.PKT' format and with the '.QWK' format for Xpress
mailbags, so messages can be exchanged with these mail networks.

Added another key "[F5]" to allow messages to be purged after being
marked ''. This will prevent your messages taking too much
of your valuable disk space after a while.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W A R N I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The [F4]-key (File-updates) will use the DOS 'DIR'-command with the
'/B' parameter to create 'raw' directories (DIR /B). Remember that
this command is only available in DOS version 5.0. When you use a
lower DOS-version, you will get the error 'invalid parameter'. Please
upgrade your DOS to version 5.0 to be able to use this function.

SysOps can now easily [R]ead and [A]nswer their private mail OFF-LINE
by pressing the [M]ailBox option within the Stand-by Menu.

Also the [S]end option is fully available so messages can be written
with your favourite editor and automatically be placed in the private
messages file of other users.

I hope you like these changes and wish you all happy MAX!BBSing
and a merry Xmas..!


November 18, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.05

o Added DOORWAY, AICHAT and SHEZ in the Configuration Menu.

When DOORWAY is installed in the Configuration Menu, it now
automatically generates the file RSHELL.BAT with all parameters to
make a proper DOS Shell within MAX!BBS.

AICHAT is an external CHAT-program and written by Serious Cybernetics.

"The underlying paradigm of AICHAT is that it simulates a sysop, who
has a "train of thought" (or CURRENT TOPIC) at any given time and
will endeavour to involve the user in a discussion. However, if the
user changes topics or mentions something upon which AICHAT can make
a witty remark, it will happily do so. After somewhere between 2 and
12 minutes or when it can no longer find any topics of interest to
discuss with the user, it will "get bored" and make an excuse to
leave." (quoted from the AICHAT-manual).

After installing AICHAT, MAX!BBS will no longer use it's internal
chat-function but will call AICHAT as the external chat program.
Besides SysOp-simulation, AICHAT uses wordwrap and adds color to both
sides of input, so it's features are interesting enough to implement.

SHEZ (v.6.3)
SHEZ is a shell program for viewing and and working with archive
files. SHEZ was written by Jim Derr, The Compression Company.
I have added this program in the configuration menu, to be able to
scan for virusses within archives (e.g. .ARJ, .ZIP, etc.).
You need at least SHEZ version 6.3 to make this option work.

Follow the next procedure:
1. You must replace SCAN.EXE into SHEZ.EXE within the Configuration
Menu of MAX!BBS.
2. Make sure you have placed the file STUFF.COM in your DOS-path.
(This file comes with the package SHEZ 6.3)
3. Make sure you have placed the file SCAN.EXE in your DOS-path.

That's all...

If you press 'F3' within your Configuration Menu, after you have
done the above procedure, all archives in your UPLOAD-directories
will be scanned for virusses.
If users have uploaded unarchived executable files (e.g. .COM, .EXE),
these files will NOT be scanned!! You have to check those yourself!

o Added 2 functions in the User-Editor:
1. [DEL]-key to delete Users
2. [F2] -key for DIAL-option
(automatically dials the phone-number of the selected User within

o Corrected an error in mail flickering within the Main Menu, after
SysOp messages were canceled.

o When chatting with SysOp, the time-update counter will not continue
until the chat is over. This will prevent loss of access-time when

o When using macro's to log-in (e.g. username and password), MAX!BBS
would not accept the string that was sent over.
This has been corrected!

o Textcolors are now reset to normal white when typing ASCII-files.

o The colors of the first letters in the menu-options has been changed
to accomodate those who use VGA paperwhite monitors. Users of VGA
paperwhite monitors, could not see the first letters properly due to
their color-displays.

o Corrected a problem that caused garbage on the User Editor screen,
when holding down the arrow-keys to browse users.

o Added possibility to log-out immediately after download requests.
A 10 secs. delay is entered after hang-up. Within this delay a User
can return to MAX!BBS after entering a couple of [RETURN]'s.

o Added the option to sent a closing message prior to the BYE-message.
The closing message must be named "CLOSE.ANS", otherwise MAX!BBS will
skip this message at closing off.

o Due to compiler-restrictions, another ANSI-file has been added which
MUST BE PRESENT! in the MAX!BBS-directory.
The file is called: "SYSLOCAL.ANS" (menu for local SysOp commands).

o With this release, the 15 minutes limitation within MAX!BBS has been
removed from the ShareWare version, except for the SysOp's name that
will remain "Unregistered".
The ShareWare message will appear only when running the User-Editor
and Configuration menu and the amount of users that can be accessed
in the User Editor is limited to only 5.


September 30, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.04f

o This is not a major release, but just a fix!

It was done solely for the convenience of DUTCH users who are using a
Dutch PC/MS-DOS operating system.

Due to ENGLISH oriented DOS-versions, MAX!BBS was not able to detect
DUTCH answers for DOS-commands. This has now been compensated by
generating a file called "YES" in the MAX!BBS-directory.

By default MAX!BBS generates this file with 'Y' in it, to let DOS
know that some DOS-actions (e.g. copy, delete etc.) may be performed
without delay or asking 'yes' or 'no'.

If you are using a Dutch DOS-version, you must alter this file and
change the command 'Y' into 'J'.
That's it.

o The additional programs like AVAILIST and NEWS were creating headers
which exceed the 80 coloms width.
Due to this MAX!BBS word-wraps lines after 79 columns resulting in
strange looking ANSI-files.

This has been corrected by enlarging the string-length into 180
coloms. Now all generated files from AVAILIST and NEWS will be shown


ANSI-files generated by Thedraw must be saved within a column length
of 160.
The best way is to go safe and use a column width of 75.
This should do the trick!

o Some minor enhancements were made in the MAX!CONF-script to let File-
updates function more accurately.


September 20, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.04

o This version was released only by major requests for local file-
update maintenance. Although the previous version did implement
automatic file-updates after uploads were done, it did not not allow
easy file-updates when locally performed.

If you want to add files to your DOWNLOAD-directories, the only thing
now you have to do is to put these files in the appropiate section in
your UPLOAD-directory, goto to the Configuration Menu and hit the F4-

MAX!BBS will then automatically update your DOWNLOAD-sections
including all necessary file-lists like ALLFILES.LST, NEWFILES.LST
and all file-lists of each file-section.

I hope to have accomodate you guys.....

o The Author will take a rest for a while and will forward any request
for modification to a future release. Nonetheless he appreciates any
comment that might improve MAX!BBS up to a point that it can fully
stand up for his name (up to the MAX!)

Thanks for all your support and keep promoting MAX!BBS...!


September 17, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.03

o This should complete the releases of versions 3.02x of MAX!BBS.
All requested changes were implemented and minor bugs were corrected.

o Major changes had been done to the Configuration Menu as well in the
calling routines.
Added an option to put in a virus scanner (SCAN.EXE from McAffee as
default), but you can place any virus scanner which can be called for
by DOS-command.

o Also added a separate directory for DOORS in which all DOOR1.BAT -
DOOR9.BAT must be placed in.
(MAX!CONF will do this automatically at first installation).

However if you have used a previous version, you must move these
batch-files in the specified directory of DOORS.
This change was done by request of many users, who wanted their
DOORWAY programs in a separate directory for easy access and

o A bug was detected while leaving a message in the message section.
MAX!BBS reports a 'script error due to a stack overflow'.
This is a result caused by the inability of TELIX SALT compiler to
compile code that exceeds the 64K limit.
A request has been made to TELIX to raise this limit for example to
128K or more. Until then I am forced to strip certain routines,
delete code or split the major script into smaller script-files.
It goes without saying that this is not the easiest and most pleasant
way to solve it. Hopefully TELIX will respond accordingly.
In this version the error has been corrected.

o Also the 'FILES.BBS' were not properly created at first installation
into the download sub_directories when called for in the
Configuration menu with the 'T' option (Titles & Sections) and option
'2' for File sections (only important when using AVAILIST).
This has been corrected.

o The manual has been fully updated and is now available in printed
style. The printed manual can be ordered for US$ 7.50 or Nfl. 15,00
as the equivalent in Dutch guilders (postage not included).
Please contact the author on the given address if you prefer a
printed manual.

o Requests were made to translate MAX!BBS into Dutch.
Please inform the author if you have interest in doing so.
If the author has received a reasonable amount of requests, he will
start translating the package into a Dutch version, otherwise the
program will remain in English.


September 16, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.02e

o Added option 'automatic log-off' after downloads are received.

o Made some changes in the User Editor ('MAX!ED.SLC')
Now the field that shows the total amount of users has been changed
into a field that shows the total minutes left for each user.
The total amount of users will now appear in the above right corner.
Also previous it was not possible to make permanent changes in the
field 'Minutes Left' of each user, when raising his level via the
User Editor.
Also the field 'Min.Left' kept showing the last minute character of
previous users when they had for example '120' minutes and the next
one had only '15'. The field would show '150' instead of just '15'.
(Note: This did not affect the real time left in the password-file)

All have been corrected.

o Put some minor enhancements into the Host-script of MAX!BBS.


September 14, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.02d

Now users can upload a message (ASCII format only!) without typing in
a message remotely. Users can pre-type files at home and after
logging in, send those message-files (with ASCII-protocol) to anyone
listed as a user on the system.
This will spare both time and typing mistakes.

o In addition to the F9-key which raises the time amount for users I
have added the F8-key to lower the amount of time for users.

o Due to proper checking for file-matching by uploads, the uploads are
now restricted to only one file per upload.
The only exception is when using Bi-modem for uploads.
File-checking will now be performed on both up- and download sub-

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W A R N I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The TELIX SALT-compiler has a restriction of 64K compiling size.
Therefore I had to free some code to let these functions work.
You MUST place the file TOOLBOX.ANS in your MAX!BBS-directory to let
MAX!BBS work properly. Without this file, MAX!BBS will abort the
program, so please take notice of it!



September 12, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.02c

o Due to download-subdirectories I had to expand the strings containing
the requested filenames for download. It did appear that the maximum
of five files per download could not be captured by MAX!BBS for the
string-length was too short to hold more than 80 characters and so
was not sufficient enough to hold all five filenames including their
originated paths.
This has been corrected.

o Also the accessibility of each level per file-section had to be
adjusted, for MAX!BBS will check all the download-subdirectories to
find a match for the file-request and if found would allow the file
to be transferred.
Now MAX!BBS looks at a user's level first and according to his level
scans only those directories he has been given access to.

o Added F9-key in the SysOp Help menu (local).
This key permits the SysOp to raise the amount of time the user has
left during his session. Normally you would have to raise his level
to create extra time for the user, but this would also allow the user
some privileges according to his raised level than just the extra time.
Now you can raise a user's time-level by pressing the F9-key without
raising his level and so prevent raising his privileges also.
Each press of the F9-key would allow the user 15 minutes extra time.

o Problems arised when hitting the 'END'-key to force a user to hang-
up. In a strange way MAX!BBS went to look for the mail-section,
opened the log-file and error report and waited for a key-press.
This also happens when the user was thrown out for lack of activity
after 4 minutes.
This has been corrected.

o When uploading files to MAX!BBS when using any of the INTERNAL
protocols like X,Y,Z-modem, all files were uploaded in one area
specified by the configuration script (UPLOAD DIRECTORY) and not in
the upload-area specified by the user when pointing to a file-
This problem did not occur with UPLOADS used with EXTERNAL protocols!
This has been corrected.

All files uploaded with INTERNAL protocols will now arrive correctly
into the specified upload area's according to the pointed file-


September 9, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.02b

o Added some changes in the scripts that were worthwhile releasing it.
The manual and the file MAX!BBS.NEW have been updated with these
changes. For details read further below and the manual 'MAX!BBS.DOC'.

o To download with Bi-modem you must now go through the download-options.
This has been done to control the number of downloads in file-sizes and
to update the file-counter.

o To force page-breaks in textfiles (e.g. news/bulletins/file-lists)
place ASCII-character (4) '' in your textfile.
This forces MAX!BBS to prompt with a 'more?' sign and after pressing
any key the screen will be cleared for further text.
MAX!BBS will automatically use prompts after each 23 lines.


September 1, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.02


Many requests were made to divide the file-sections into sub-
directories for easy maintenance.
Up to now all downloadable files were put in one directory only and
their seperate descriptions were placed in the title-files:


With the release of version 3.02, this function has been implemented.

Now you can put your downloadable files from WITHIN your main
'DOWNLOAD'-directory into sub-directories for easy access.
These sub-directories can be named into whatever you think suits your
files (that will be placed there) best.

These sub-directories MUST BE created by running the 'MAX!CONF'-
script (Press 'C' for Configuration within your main Menu).
DO NOT! create these sub-directories yourself by means of by-passing
the Configuration program.
This Configuration program will create all sub-directories automati-
cally, just by answering all menu-items in the Configuration Menu.

Because of this new (file-)structure, the configuration-file that is
created by the 'MAX!CONF'-script has been altered slightly for it has
to save now also the different pathnames for the file sub-directories.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W A R N I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Sorry for the inconvenience)


Major changes has been done in the 'MAX!CONF'-script to allow these
features to work and major changes had to been done to the Host-
script ('MAX!BBS.SLC') to work accordingly.

Here is a brief summary how to work with the new Configuration
program of MAX!BBS:

Configuration Menu

Îγ [1] Shell password : shell ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [2] Shutdown password : shut ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [3] Download directory : D:\DOWNLOAD\ ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [4] Upload directory : D:\COMM\UPLOAD\ ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [5] Message directory : D:\COMM\MESSAGES\ ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [B] Bulletin titles : Titles 1 - 9 ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [F] File sections : Sections 1 - 9 ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [T] Time limits : Levels 1 - 4 ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [C] Connection type : Modem ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [D] Doorways : Doorways 1 - 9 ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [U] Utilities : Editor/Lister/Protocols ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [X] Exit without saving changes ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
Îγ [S] Save changes and Exit ³ÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎι Change which option: ÌÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎÎι F2 do File Updates ÌÎÎ

1. FIRST OF ALL!, use option 'U' for Utilities.

This option allows you to install your favourite Editor and your
Lister. Please type in a full pathname plus filename WITH EXTENSION!

e.g. C:\UTILS\Q.EXE for Editor
C:\UTILS\LIST.COM for Lister

After that your configuration program asks if you will be using
external protocols. If so put 'Y' else 'N'. MAX!BBS will look for
this answer whether to show the extended ANSI-file with additional
protocols or not.

('PROT-I.ANS' shows internal protocols)
('PROT-E.ANS' shows external protocols)

The previous ANSI-file named 'PROTOCOL.ANS' has been omitted by now.
Please make sure you to put these two ANSI-files in your major COMM-
directory where MAX!BBS resides.

2. After that go through items 1 - 5.

3. Choose option 'B' for your Bulletin titles.

After having typed in your Bulletin title, your program will try to
detect if the accompanying file ('BULL.x') exists.
If not it will ask if you wish to create it. By answering 'Y' it will
directly drop you into your Editor to create the Bulletin file with
the appropiate filename.

COMMAND LINE! (e.g. "Q.EXE filename.ext")

If the file was already created, the program asks if you want to
either '[L]ist' or [T]ype it or to make changes with '[E]dit'.

4. Choose option 'F' for File sections.

The following sub-menu will overlay the menu:

ÎÎÎκ [1] Wordprocessing.......................... ºÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [2] Spreadsheets............................ ºÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [3] DataBases............................... ºÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [5³ Communications........................... ³ÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [7]³ COMM\.... ³s........................... ºÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [8]ÔÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ;rus checkers................ ºÎÎÎÎ
ÎÎÎκ [9] Confidential............................ ºÎÎÎÎ
[E]dit [L]ist [T]ype  ...............................

First pick a section number.
Type in the title-name for this file-section.
The program asks for the name of the sub-directory in which to look
for the appropiate files.
If the sub-directory does not exist, it will be created automatically.

After that it will try to look for the matching file-list ('FILE.x')
If it exists, again it allows you to either '[L]ist' or [T]ype it or
to make changes with '[E]dit' and if not found it will ask you to
create one.

The program will first look if any files are residing in this sub-
directory. If files were found, it will automatically generate a
SORTED! file-list of all the files in that sub-directory.

It will then allow you to make any changes in this file-list
according to your wishes.




It will also create exactly the same sub-directories in your
'UPLOAD'-directory. This is needed to make uploads from users much
easier to find by inviting the user first to point in which file-
section his upload is appropiate to place in and after that to give a
brief description of the uploaded file.

MAX!BBS will place his file in the chosen file-section and automati-
cally updates two files called 'UPLOADS.NEW' and 'FILES.BBS' in the
same 'UPLOAD'-subdirectory.

The file 'UPLOADS.NEW' will be used to update the files: 'FILE.1 -
FILE.9' within the 'DOWNLOAD-directory, while the file 'FILES.BBS'
will be used to update each 'DOWNLOAD'-subdirectory with its own
file: 'FILES.BBS'. This has been done to make MAX!BBS more compatible
with most of the file-list generators, used on most Bulletin Board
Systems, who are looking for the listfiles 'FILES.BBS'.

Though MAX!BBS makes his own file-lists (see section 'F2 - do File
Updates'), you could decide to use a professional file-list generator
to make complete lists of ALLFILES and NEWFILES.

Well, try 'AVAILIST from Edward D. Farmer (highly recommended) and
the only thing you have to do is put your download-subdirectories
including pathnames in the config-file of 'AVAILIST' et voil….....

'AVAILIST' will automatically create the files 'ALLFILES.LST' and
'NEWFILES.LST' based on the information of the files: 'FILES.BBS' in
all the 'DOWNLOAD'-subdirectories which MAX!BBS has already
automatically generated.

F2 - do File Updates
After a period, you can call the 'do File Updates'-function by
pressing the 'F2'-key from within the Configuration Menu and your
download sections will be automatically updated with the appropiate
upload-files and your file-lists ('FILE.1 - FILE.9') will be updated
with the names of the newly received files with their descriptions.

Also MAX!BBS generates a file-list called "NEWFILES.LST" in the
'DOWNLOAD'-directory with a list of the new uploaded files.
If the file "NEWFILES.LST" already exists, it will be overwritten!!!

If you want to use 'AVAILIST' as your favourite file-list generator
(good choice!) please make sure to call the program after you have
fully completed the 'F2 - do File Updates' option of MAX!BBS.
After running 'AVAILIST' the file 'NEWFILES.LST' which was generated
by MAX!BBS, will be overwritten but that is nothing to worry about
for 'AVAILIST' makes an excellent listing of your new files.

If you want to use 'AVAILIST', make sure to place and run the program
from within your 'DOWNLOAD'-directory so the generated files can be
found by MAX!BBS whenever called for.

o Due to the fact that pathnames have been implemented, I had to delete
some external protocols that did not support pathnames on the command-
line. Some newer protocols were added, all supporting pathnames and
known for their speed and reliability.

These are the external protocols supported by MAX!BBS:

Protocol version Copyrighted by:
--------- ------- -------------------------------------------------
Bimodem 1.24 Erik Labs
HyperP 1.1e Hilgraeve
Lynx 3.02 Matthew Thomas
MPT 1.10 Matthew Thomas
Nmodem 1.67 L.B.Neal
Punter 2.00 Data Technology Corporation
SZmodem 1.50 Scott M.Baker
Tmodem 7.00 á Mike Bryeans (BE AWARE! in this version the
command-line switches have been changed!
Older versions are not supported by MAX!BBS)
Tmodem 6.20 Mike Bryeans
ZMax 1.00 Micro Tech Systems
Zlynx 1.6b ProToSoft & Micro Tech Systems
Zyrion 2.12 ProToSoft

o Mail will be 'typed' and after the '-more-' sign (24th line) the
screen will be cleared for the next lines to appear.

o Minor changes were made in the User Editor ('MAX!ED.SLC').
Now the User Editor allows you to skip the next fields if no
information is available yet, by pressing the 'ENTER'-key:


o The file MAXBBS.ANS has been altered! (Main menu screen of MAX!BBS).
Now the file MAX!BBS.ANS will replace it.
If you are using a previous version of MAX!BBS, please copy this
file into your main MAX!BBS-directory.

o Now option 'E' calls for the Error Report.
The User Editor can now be invoked by pressing the 'F2-key'!

o Added Newslist generated by NEWS 1.40à
(c) 1990 by änigma Development Center & JLA

MAX!BBS will now look for the files "NEWS.ANS" or "NEWS.ASC" and when
found show this file after a user has logged in.
Of course you don't need the program "NEWS" from änigma Development
Center & JLA to make your own news-flashes (handy though!).
Just create your own ANSI- or ASCII-file with your favourite editor
and give it one of the abovementioned filenames.

o Also changed the filename 'NEWFILES.ANS' into 'NEWFILES.LST' to make
it more compatible with file-list generators like 'AVAILIST' from
Edward D. Farmer.

o Also added the option 'A' for Allfiles in the File menu, to allow
users to view all available files for download. This file must be
named: 'ALLFILES.LST' and should be created in the 'DOWNLOAD'-
You can create this file yourself or use a professional file-list
generator like 'AVAILIST' form Edward D. Farmer at your convenience
(available on most Bulletin Boards).

o MAX!BBS will look for 'XU.EXE' in your MAX!BBS-directory and will
execute 'WATCHDOG ON' to watch carrier-loss.
Your system will reboot automatically if carrier-loss is detected.
Make sure that X00.SYS has been put as a device in your config.sys
(e.g. DEVICE = X00.SYS) and that the file 'XU.EXE' has been put in
your MAX!BBS-directory!
Of course end your 'AUTOEXEC.BAT' with a line to call 'MAX!BBS'
instantly after rebooting your system.


MAX!BBS-files to be REPLACED:
1. MAXBBS .ANS must be replaced by MAX!BBS.ANS;
2. PROTOCOL.ANS must be replaced by PROT-I.ANS and PROT-E.ANS;
3. VERSION .ANS must be replaced by VERSION.ANS (altered!)

MAX!BBS-files that have been changed in name:
1. NEWFILES.ANS has been changed into NEWFILES.LST.

MAX!BBS-files that have been added:
1. ALLFILES.LST (called by 'A' from within the File-option)
2. NEWS.ANS or NEWS.ASC (called when found during log-in session)

(MS)DOS-files to be added (must be in your path):
1. SORT.COM (from your (MS)DOS package);
2. MORE.COM (from your (MS)DOS package);


June 28, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.01


Now you can implement your favourite games, other (fun) programs
or spreadsheet programs into MAX!BBS through DOORS!

It offers nine Doorways which can be called by the following batch-
files: DOOR1.BAT > DOOR9.BAT.


Before starting MAX!BBS v3.01 for the first time, it will drops to
the configuration program automatically to allow you to implement
up to nine Doorways.
If you don't want to install any DOORS, just make sure to SAVE the
configuration settings ANYWAY, otherwise MAX!BBS v3.01 won't work!

Access to DOOR-sections are limited by access-levels only.
These limits can not be changed and are fixed in the program.

Level-1 Up to DOOR-section 4
Level-2 Up to DOOR-section 6
Level-3 Up to DOOR-section 8
Level-4+ Up to DOOR-section 9

To make DOOR applications work, you need the DOORWAY program by
Marshall Dudley. With this program you can even make sub-menu's into
one batchfile, so the number of DOORS are not limited to only nine.
For a full understanding about installing DOORS, please consult your

o Some minor enhancements were made in the HOST-script file.
Corrections were made to some flickering of the cursor in the standby-
menu after pressing the Alt-Z key for helpinfo.
Now all temporary files and temporary directories are deleted, after
a user logs out.
Also access-limits to bulletin & file sections according to access-
levels were corrected properly, including the approximation of the
transfer-time when downloading files.


June 1, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.00


MAX!BBS has been fine-tuned and has now a non-beta status.
This release will be placed in the ShareWare market as the official
introduction of MAX!BBS.

o Small changes has been made to make MAX!BBS more open for evaluation

- The ShareWare-version has not been limited to 5 users anymore.
- External protocols are now available also in the ShareWare version.

The only differences with a registered version are:

- The amount of access-time available for users is limited to only
15 minutes, when logging on to a ShareWare-version.
- The ShareWare-message will appear every time a user logs-in and
re-appear every time a user logs-out.

All these limitations has been disabled in a registered version.


May 25, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.38á and v.2.39á

o A small 'bug' was detected concerning the file-update when adding a
new user to the password-file "MAX!BBS.PAS" by means of the User-Editor.
This has been corrected.

o After a user logs-out due to a time-limit, the following user did not
gain access to the system at all. The variable, holding this value,
had not been reset, so all following users could not enter the system
without shutting off immediately.
This has been corrected.


May 20, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.37á

o This release added 2 external protocols:

- PUNTER version 2.00 from Data Technology Corporation.

PUNTER is a MSDOS implementation of Steve Punter's original "C1"
protocol, well-known amongst Commodore users.
This protocol offers a bridge between Commodore and IBM machines.

- HYPERPROTOCOL version 1.1 from Hilgraeve.

o Some minor enhancements were made in the HOST-script routines.


May 10, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.36á

o This release supports the following ARCHIVE types:

- PKZIP version 1.0 + from PkWare
- PAK version 2.0 + from NoGate Consulting
- LHA(RC) version 2.1 + from Haruyasu Yoshizaki
- ZOO version 2.0 + from Rahul Dhesi
- ARC version 6.0 + from System Enhancements Assoc.
- ARJ version 1.0 + from Robert K.Jung

Now users can View and Xtract programs archived with above mentioned
compression types.
The called for archive viewer 'MAD.EXE' is now no longer needed,
since this program does not (yet) support the compression program

Xtracted files from a selected 'ARCHIVE', will now be compressed with
the selected archiver and made available for downloads.
The temporary compressed file will be named automatically with the
proper extension of the selected archiver (.ARJ/.ZIP/.LZH etc. etc.).

Due to memory limitations, Xtracted files can only be stored with the
'-m0' switch, so actually files will only be grouped together in one
'ARJ'-file. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but 'ARJ' consumes
nearly 300 kb of memory and that is beyond the 640 kb limit normally
on board by most computers (or you must be fortunated enough to have
additional memory which can be called for).

Do not forget to place these programs in your main communication
directory or in your DOS-path to let these options work!

o A 'bug' was detected when calling for an 'error-report' in remote
mode (sysop-level only). After calling this option, user was hooked
off and MAX!BBS immediately returned to stand-by menu.
This has been corrected.

o Some minor enhancements were made to optimize certain in- and output-
routines. Also the download-counter was not updated when Xtracted-
files were downloaded.
This has been corrected.

o Due to memory limitations (again & again!) , I had to replace the
main opening menu of MAX!BBS into an ANSI-file, called "MAXBBS.ANS".

Please make sure that this file is available in your main
communication directory where all ANSI- & script-files of MAX!BBS are
located. If this file cannot be called for, MAX!BBS will terminate
the program automatically!!


May 6, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.35á

o This release has added an extra counter-field in the password-file
for tracking the amount of time left, after a user has logged out.
When a user tried to log in later (on the same day), he normally
would receive the same amount of time according to his level.
Now a counter is activated which keep track of his time spent on the
very same day.
When he logs in again, this counter will set his time-level properly.

The field_length of this field is set to [3] and ends with a
delimiter (|).

³ field ³size³
³ 1³ usernr ³ 6³
³ 2³ username ³ 16³
³ 3³ city ³ 32³
³ 4³ password ³ 16³
³ 5³ level ³ 2³
³ 6³ realname ³ 32³
³ 7³ address ³ 32³
³ 8³ zipcode ³ 8³
³ 9³ country ³ 32³
³10³ phone ³ 16³
³11³ birthdate³ 8³
³12³ ³ 8³
³13³ lastdate ³ 8³
³14³ downloads³ 8³
³15³ uploads ³ 8³
³16³ calls ³ 8³
³17³ time_used³ 8³
³18³ time_left³* 3³ * added!
³ Total size 251³

If you wish to use your old password-file, please make sure to add
this field at the end of each record, otherwise your password-file
will become unreadable!

o A 'bug' was discovered when updating the fields of a new user record.
Due to a pointer mistake, the user record of the previous caller
was mistakenly updated also with the usernumber and username of the
first time user.
This has been corrected.

o The approximately transfer-time of download-files did not function
in remote mode as the incoming baudrate was not called for properly
to determine the transfer-time.
This has been corrected.


May 5, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.34á

o This release finalizes the changes in the Password file structure.
It has added 5 more fields to it:


Below you'll find a total display of the fields used in one record-
line in the file "MAX!BBS.PAS".

³ field ³size³
³ 1³ usernr ³ 6³
³ 2³ username ³ 16³
³ 3³ city ³ 32³
³ 4³ password ³ 16³
³ 5³ level ³ 2³
³ 6³ realname ³ 32³
³ 7³ address ³ 32³
³ 8³ zipcode ³ 8³
³ 9³ country ³ 32³
³10³ phone ³ 16³
³11³ birthdate³ 8³
³12³ ³ 8³
³13³ lastdate ³* 8³ \
³14³ downloads³* 8³ |
³15³ uploads ³* 8³ * added!
³16³ calls ³* 8³ |
³17³ time ³* 8³ /
³ Total size 248³

If you wish to use your old password-file, please make sure to add
these five more fields at the end of each record, otherwise your
password-file will become unreadable!

o The MAX!BBS User Editor has been completed.
Now it shows also the download/upload counters, including the amount
of calls each user has made and his total time (hh:mm) spent on your

o In the previous version a 'bug' was detected preventing you to search
for names in the mailbox-section. Due to this, the system 'hangs up'
after typing a name instead of a number.
This has been corrected.

o With respect to users requests, the 'I'-modem protocol has been
replaced with the 'MegaLink'-protocol.
For reasons that new protocols are so often introduced and I can not
keep track of all of them, please let me know if other (external)
protocols should be replaced or added.

o For those who hate alarms, can toggle sound 'ON' or 'OFF' by pressing
the F6-key from within the main (stand-by) menu.

o Changes has been done in the download-option in the file-menu.
Now you can type in up to five consecutive filenames to download in
one batch. Each file will be checked first if present and after that
all filesizes will be shown including their approximately transmit
Be aware that some protocols are not supporting batch transmissions.
Consult first before using batch options.

o Due to memory limitations (again!) , I had to get rid of some screen
windows that were implemented directly in the main source program.
This has been replaced with normal ANSI-files.

The added ANSI-files are: "REGISTER.ANS" + "VERSION.ANS".

Please make sure that these files are available in your main
communication directory where all script-files of MAX!BBS are
located. If these files cannot be called for, MAX!BBS will terminate
the program automatically!!

A list of all files needed to run MAX!BBS properly is given below:

³ MAX!BBS .SLC ³ MAX!BBS Host Mode script ³ TELIX script file ³
³ MAX!CONF.SLC ³ MAX!BBS Configuration script ³ TELIX script file ³
³ MAX!ED .SLC ³ MAX!BBS User editor script ³ TELIX script file ³
³ MAX!BBS .BAT ³ Batch file to startup MAX!BBS ³ optional ³
³ RSHELL .BA! ³ Batch file for DOS-shell ³ optional ³
³ LOGO .ANS ³ ANSI file for BBS-logo ³ user defined ³
³ WELCOME .ANS ³ ANSI file for Welcome message ³ user defined ³
³ BYE .ANS ³ ANSI file for Good-bye message ³ user defined ³
³ NEWUSER .ANS ³ ANSI file for First-time callers ³ user defined ³
³ HELP .ANS ³ ANSI file for Help message ³ user defined ³
³ PROTOCOL.ANS ³ ANSI file for Protocols ³ must be unaltered! ³
³ REGISTER.ANS ³ ANSI file for Questionnaire ³ must be unaltered! ³
³ VERSION .ANS ³ ANSI file for Version message ³ must be unaltered! ³
³ MAX!BBS .DOC ³ DOC-file of MAX!BBS ³ recommended to read ³
³ MAX!BBS .NEW ³ Releases of MAX!BBS ³ additions & changes ³
³ README .COM ³ Readme COM.file ³ list these files ³

o I hope this release will solve any problems in previous versions
encountered so far.

If I don't receive any more complaints or requests in the near
future, I will consider this version as a completed release of
MAX!BBS and will replace this program without the áeta-sign.

- ENJOY! -


April 29, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.33á

o This release introduces some new features and changes in the Password
file structure.

o The MAX!BBS User Editor has been added to make changes and appends
in the Password file. Due to memory limitations, I was forced to
create a new script file to adapt these possibilities.

Now you can easily append new users to the file or make changes in
any field and makes them permanent or you can browse through all
records just by pressing the arrow-keys or 'HOME'- and 'END'- keys.

For your convenience, you can use ANY! field to search for a
'match'. Just press 'ENTER' on the field you like to search for and
MAX!BBS will find your match.
You don't even have to put in all characters to search for.
Just pressing some first characters will do the job!


In order to make these features possible, I had to change the
Password file structure.
The format of the field names is now changed to:



MAX!BBS will add blanks automatically in the field, if the input is
less than the maximum field-length. This not only makes the file
easier to read, but was necessary for pointer addressing to make
searching on fields much more easier.

o MAX!BBS tolerates equal names from different users.

New callers will not be refused when typing in names which are
already in use by other callers.
After a registered user calls in, and has typed in the requested
name, MAX!BBS will check if this name is already on file, and if so,
offer the caller all corresponding names and let the user decide
which name is the appropiate one.

Now for those who hate to wait, you can now also log-in with your
Usernumber instead of your Username. This will make search & find
process much faster than typing in your name. You avoid to force
MAX!BBS check for more comparisons with your name after validating
you as a known user. Also handy for sending mail to users with equal
names, for a user# is unique in contrary to usernames.

If you have problems remembering numbers, you can always press '?'
for a complete userlist or to search for names or cities before
logging in.
This option is also available within the MAIN MENU (MailBox).

o Due to memory limitations the Protocol window has been left out from
the main host script. This has been replaced with the ANSI-file:
"PROTOCOL.ANS". This file MUST BE PRESENT in your main communication
directory which holds all files of MAX!BBS.


April 12, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v2.32á

o This release was not to introduce new features but rather to fix a
few bugs.

o Due to a loss of an Escape character, colors were not reset to their
original state.
This has been corrected.

o The Password-file "MAXBBS.PAS" was not created correct. The first
Usernumber was not written in the file, so a continuous error kept
occurring when you had logged in for the very first time.
This has been corrected.

o To prevent losing track of sudden errors in the Password-file, MAX!BBS
writes any errors found in a file called "PASSWORD.ERR".
This file allows you to allocate the error immediately.
The format is:
- Linenumber (where the error occurred)
- Linetext (what was actually written on this line)
- Type of error (indicates the possible mistake)

o The configuration of the time levels was not correctly implemented.
This was due to a string-to-integer conversion which was not
properly set. When users logged in, they were thrown out again
immediately, as their level stood on a blank value.
This has been corrected.

o Many little bugs and glitches have been fixed (including a couple in
the MAX!BBS script file).

o Some modems over-respond by starting up MAX!BBS immediately, without
any carrier detected. Probably this is caused by a default setting
of the initialisation of the modem. This causes the carrier detect
signal to be asserted at all times (default setting for some modems).
If your modem accepts the 'AT &C1' command it will force carrier
detect to follow the ACTUAL carrier presence.
If your modem can't recognize this command, you'll need to change
the proper dip-switch (see your manual for details).

Max de Jong, P.O.Box 2160, Rotterdam - 3000 CD, The Netherlands

Voice: +31.10-4046529 Fax/Data: +31.10-4046238

Copyright (c) 1990,91 by Max de Jong

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