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Host program for Telix. Very good and full featured.
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Host program for Telix. Very good and full featured.
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Contents of the HELP.TXT file

Max de Jong, P.O.Box 2160, Rotterdam - 3000 CD, The Netherlands

Voice: +31.10-4046529 - Fax/Data: +31.10-4046238 - Fidonet 2:512/16.5

Copyright (c) 1990, 1991 by Max de Jong

December 16, 1991 -- Notes on MAX!BBS v3.06

The following changes and additions are now available:

The Help menu has been expanded into 3 menu items

[R]ead manual
[C]all SysOp!
[M]essage to SysOp

The manual that will be called for must carry the filename: HELP.TXT.
This file must be placed in your MAX!BBS-directory.
The other options are already discussed.

The option "[T]ype file" has been removed for compiler reasons.

The Bulletin Menu has been changed and is now called [A]reas B/C.


The Bulletin sections remains the same.
The Conference sections can be configured within the Configuration
Menu of MAX!BBS. These Conference sections have replaced the Public
message area and are accessible to anyone subject to their level.

The MAILER-function in MAX!BBS has been drastically changed.
Now you can directly answer messages which are addressed to you in
private (MAILBOX) and which are publicly addressed within the
Conference areas.

Also MAIL (both private & public messages) can now be downloaded
so messages can be read off-line.

I am working at an off-line mailer/reader program for users, so they
can easily read and answer 'mailbags' off-line and afterwards upload
these 'mailbags' again to their (MAX!)BBS-system.

Also I will make an attempt to make MAX!BBS-messages fully compatibel
with FIDO '.PKT' format and with the '.QWK' format for Xpress
mailbags, so messages can be exchanged with these mail networks.

Added another key "[F5]" to allow messages to be purged after being
marked ''. This will prevent your messages taking too much
of your valuable disk space after a while.

SysOps can now easily [R]ead and [A]nswer their private mail OFF-LINE
by pressing the [M]ailBox option within the Stand-by Menu.

Also the [S]end option is fully available so messages can be written
with your favourite editor and automatically be placed in the private
messages file of other users.

I hope you like these changes and wish you all happy MAX!BBSing
and a merry Xmas..!


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