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Listread Version 1.09.c.ansi (Shareware)
(C)opyright 1991, 1992 by Doug Laine of The Philly Exchange


I am responsible for NOTHING! You are using this system totally at your
own risk! User takes sole responsibility for security and safety of any
datawhile using this program.

Listread is not in the Public Domain. It is shareware. This means that
you are free to copy it, upload it to bulletin boards, and share it with
friends so long as no modification is made to the files contained in
this archive but you must either register it or stop using it after
thirty (30) days. No changes made be made to the contents or archive
except as required to accommodate the default archive format of a
particular BBS. No -AV's or ads for any BBS may be placed on, or in,
this archive without the express permission of the author.


Listread was written so that a user can take any bbs list and generate a list
of bbs's in his/her area that are local calls only. This is a very simple to
use program, and really requires little work to set up. I have included a
sample configuration file in this zipfile for you to work from. As you will
be able to see, there are comments throughout the file. Any line that starts
with a ; or at some point in the line there is a ;, then that is considered
a comment.

The first line that is necessary is the local area code. This isentered
as a 3 digit alphanumeric number. For example 609.

The second line is your local prefix. In my case that was 390.

All the additional lines in the configuration file are the prefixes that
are local to you. There can only be one per line and up to 300.

The configuration file must be called LISTREAD.INF and is NOT compatible with
the older listread.cfg or listread.loc files. They need to be deleted if
they exist. This file can then be place ANYWHERE that your search path is
set up to point to. The program will first look in your local directory and

then search through the path for this file.

How to make your BBS list SmartMode compatible:

1. The information line me be included somewhere in the bbs list before
any number and name information is used.

2. You must include the following line anywhere in the line:


The #LR: is the signature that listread will look for.
The first number represents the starting column of the phone number.
The second number represents the starting column of the bbs name.
The third number represents the maximum length of the bbs name.
The semicolon tells Listread it is done.

3. The closer you place this information to the beginning of the file,
the sooner Listread will be able to enter SmartMode.

4. That's it. That will let Listread 1.07 or greater use the SmartMode
method. It will be ignored by any lower versions.

To run Listread:

LISTREAD {filename} {capture_file} {/smart}

filename is the name of the bbs list or lists that you wish to search.

capture_file is where you want the data sent. Without it, the data will
all go to the display.

The /smart command is used to turn on the SmartMode capabilities. This
will allow Listread to produce a file called LISTREAD.OUT. This file will
contain the bbs number and name in a comma delimited format. This can then
be converted into your favorite telecom programs format. SmartMode will be
used if the BBS list contains the information, but will NOT produce any
files without the /smart command line switch. Also, /smart must be the
last command given.

To Register Listread:

Send me five bucks.

Doug Laine C/O Listread 1.09.c.ansi
399 Park Avenue
Marmora, NJ 08223-1236


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