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Updated 28th October, 1989

A list of PD programs by Timo Salmi

If you have an access to InterNet (or its subnets NorduNet or
FuNet), and have ftp (file transfer program) capability, you can get
these PD programs from the University of Vaasa, Finland, node number by anonymous ftp. You can inquire for more information
from [email protected]. Furthermore, the programs have been
appearing as UseNet Binary Postings in The
programs are also available from several bulletin boards. You can
obtain them for example by calling 2:515/1 (Micro Maniacs Opus in
Finland, tel. 358-0-425966) directly, or by using a file request.
Some of the programs also appear on the PC-SIG shareware library.
The most recent versions are, however, at the University of Vaasa.
This means that using ftp is the best of the alternatives.

The author can be contacted at: (Comments are solicited!)
Internet address: [email protected] (preferred)
Funet address: VAKK::SALMI
Bitnet address: SALMI@FINFUN
FidoNet address: 2:515/1 (Micro Maniacs Opus, To: Timo Salmi)

TS1ST Statistical measures. Univariate statistics also including
autocorrelations and runs.

TS2ST Statistics: Multiple regression analysis. Also includes low
and high-resolution scatter diagrams.

TS3ST Statistics: transformations of observations, and, a kind of
an editor at the same time.

TS4ST Statistics: Pearson's ordinary correlations, Spearman's rank
correlations, and ranks of individual variables.

TSBAT Miscellaneous batch file utilities.

TSCDAR Perpetual calendars in Finnish and English.

TSDEMO Assorted graphics demonstrations of functions and fonts.

TSDRAW Graphical presentation of equations and LP problems.

TSFCOM A set of programs for handling files. Among other things
includes crypting, dumping, trimming, cutting, joining, and printing
files, and converting Scandinavian characters.

TSF2CM More file handling. Most importantly includes a facility for
comparing the contents of two files.

TSFILT Programs for filtering message and log files. Scandinavian
conversions, and noise filtering from log files.

TSFLTB Make your very own filters. Also a proper detab filter.

TSFLTC A third collection of filters.

TSFIMA Programs of financial mathematics.

TSFUNC Calculating, tabulating, and plotting functions.

TSGAME Three more or less educational games.

TSGMEB A second package of more or less educational games.

TSJOG A simple calculator for a jogging enthusiast.

TSKERM Keypads, batches and logging for MsKermit ò2.30. (The keypad
definition system was changed considerably since versions 2.29-,
e.g. allowing now a proper Scandinavian keyboard definition.)

TSLIN Linear programming and linear goal programming with

TSMATR Some standard matrix calculations.

TSNUM Various programs in numerical analysis.

TSPAS Turbo Pascal units for programmers.

TSPFON Utilities to get more information from the Procomm Plus dial
statistics file pcplus.fon, and a fix of ver 1.1 bug. Batches to use
ZMODEM. Batches to use Scandinavian characters. How to transfer
files between two PCs. Questions and answers.

TSPELL A spelling checker and word frequency counter for English

TSPRN Printing text files. Of particular interest to Diconix
inkjet, and Zenith laptop owners.

TSQLPC How to transfer ascii data between a Sinclair QL <--> PC.
Also contains a list of my QL programs available from Quanta.

TSUTIL Assorted command-like programs as PC utilities.

TSUTLB More assorted command-like programs as PC utilities.

TSUTLC The third collection of PC utilities.

TSUTLD The fourth collection of PC utilities.

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Archive   : KERMUTIL.ZIP
Filename : TSPROG.INF

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