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University of Vaasa, Finland, Sun 4, ( has a
collection of PD and shareware PC programs. The file /pc/ts/0news
contains news about the TS-programs in the /pc/ts directory (in
reverse order). This text, which you now have, is an extract from
the 0news file.
Prof. Timo Salmi (Moderating at anon. ftp site
School of Business Studies, University of Vaasa, SF-65101, Finland
Internet: [email protected] Funet: gado::salmi Bitnet: salmi@finfun

Sun 18-Feb-90: With the introduction of the new Kermit version 3.00
in January 1990, I have decided to update my MsKermit utilities
accordingly, and released (/pc/ts/)tskerm24.arc. I have tried to
build the system so that it would still be compatible with MsKermit
version 2.32A. You will thus have a choice between the two, and the
tools should be useful even if you have not yet updated to MsKermit
version 3.00. I have also included some more postings and messages
about Kermit with the kind permission of the authors.

Sat 23-Dec-89: I have updated my MsKermit utilities collection to be
version (/pc/ts/)tskerm23.arc. This is a major revision. To simplify
things I have streamlined the collection, and the tools within, by
excluding all explicit support for MsKermit versions earlier than
2.32A. Most of the tools probably still are compatible with MsKermit
versions through 2.30-2.32, but I have done nothing to check this
The documentation TSKERM.INF has finally been reorganized and
rewritten to make it clearer, since there have been so many
developments during the lifespan of the tskerm package.
Part of the idea of the recent versions of this package has been
scripts which facilitate kermit file transfers so that the user need
not give a series of kermit commands him/herself. These scripts have
again been improved so that they take the file name as a parameter,
and if the file name is omitted, the script asks for it. Should be
really convenient to use.
Appended a couple of more interesting messages about MSKermit with
the kind permissions of the authors.
Scripts for defining Home End PgUp, PgDn, and Del keys for
MicroEmacs instead of VAX/VMS EDT. Simple redefinition script for
ansi terminal emulations. Scripts for making all the initializations
at one go.
The z-modem macros can now handle also uploading a list of file
names, not just a single file (wildcarded) definition.
Introduced a script for dialing from a dialing directory. Includes
system names, phone numbers, modem speeds, and passwords. Easily
Oh yes. And a Merry Christmas for all users.

Sun 26-Nov-89: I have updated my MsKermit utilities collection to be
version tskerm22.arc. I have included some interesting postings and
email about MsKermit related file transfer problems and principles
with the kind permission of the authors. I have prepared a set of
command synonyms to further automate Kermit and Z-modem file
transfers. Furthermore, I included separate scripts for downloading
and uploading text files with a VAX/VMS host.

Sat 11-Nov-89: I have been using Telix, Procomm Plus, and MsKermit
successfully for terminal emulation for quite awhile. All these
programs have their strengths and weaknesses, and to some extent
they are complementary to each other. Which telecommunication
program to use is dependent on the circumstances.
The strengths of MsKermit are in its flexibility of terminal
emulation, and the robustness of its kermit file transfer protocol.
For example in VT102 emulation I have definitely achieved the most
satisfactory results with MsKermit. Of these three communication
programs it is the only one that has never caused me unacceptable
problems in emulating VT102, nor in translating the Scandinavian
keys. With MsKermit version 2.32A the keyboard keys of a PC can be
made to simulate true VT102 terminal layout very closely. See
MSK232AT.INI in my tskerm21.arc package for an example of
configuring such a keyboard.
Kermit file transfers are far from convenient. Kermit file
transfer is rather slow, and it is very awkward to use. Whenever
possible, I prefer to use the z-modem file-transfers which are
inbuilt in Telix, and external for Procomm Plus. Unfortunately, I
have encountered situations where using MsKermit's kermit file
transfer is the only option that works. This occurs under two
different circumstances. First, the host machine (such as our VAX)
may not have any other file transfer protocol. Second, with some
modems the mainframe <--> PC file transfers z-modem simply fails.
This is aggravating.
Because of these problems in file transfers I decided to do
something about the clumsiness of MsKermit's file transfers. So, I
wrote scripts that fully automate both sending and receiving files
between a Unix host (which has C-Kermit) and the PC (which has
MsKermit 2.32A). I have included these scripts is my MsKermit
utilities collection tskerm21.arc.
Incidentally, Procomm Plus users, who do not already have my
Procomm utilities and advice collection, might be interested to take
a look at the tspfon29.arc package.

Thu 26-Oct-89: I have a private mailing list for emailing these
update news. Especially, if you have my programs downloadable at
your site or your BBS you are welcome to ask for inclusion on this

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