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; PHONE.CLL How to prepare and use a dialing directory
; by Timo Salmi Sun 24-Dec-1989
; Gives the outlines only. You must customize this script.
; You must have a Hayes compatible modem
; The script is called by the Kermit command "take phone.cll"
; You can interreupt the scipt by CTRL/C. If you do that this it
; is highly advisable to write "release" before continuing!
; It is also advisable to include your kermit directory in your path

define release define \%1,define \%c,define \%n,define \%b,define \%y,define \%p,define \%s

if not defined \%1 goto _directory
goto _check_choice

echo \13 System Phone Baud\13
echo 1) Micro Maniacs Opus 425966 9600\13
echo 2) Mikro PC 143227 1200\13
echo 3) Mykki 481277 2400\13
echo 4) Server 455xxxx 4800\13
echo 5) Casino Opus 466867 9600\13
echo 6) New Country Road 608666 4800\13
echo Q) Quit now
ask \%1 Select:
if not defined \%1 goto _get_choice

define \%c \%1
if equal \%c 1 goto _label1
if equal \%c 2 goto _label2
if equal \%c 3 goto _label3
if equal \%c 4 goto _label4
if equal \%c 5 goto _label5
if equal \%c 6 goto _label6
if equal \%c q goto _quit
echo Invalid choice\13
goto _get_choice

define \%s Micro Maniacs Opus 2:515/1
define \%n 425966
define \%b 9600
define \%p xxxxxxx ;Put your password here
take 9600e.cmd ;Not provided, put your own modem inits here
take ansi.cmd
goto _make_call
define \%s Mikro PC Opus
define \%n 143227
define \%b 1200
define \%p xxxxxxx ;Inovoke password using alt-1
take 1200.cmd ;Put your own modem initializations here
take ansi.cmd ;To use ansi terminal emulation
goto _make_call
define \%s Mykki Opus
define \%n 481277
define \%b 2400
define \%p xxxxxxx
take 2400.cmd ;Put your own modem inits here
take ansi.cmd
goto _make_call
define \%s Opmvax server
define \%n 455xxxx
define \%b 4800
define \%p xxxxxxx
take 4800e.cmd ;Put your own modem inits here
take msk232zn.ini ;To undo possible ansi
echo \13msk232zn.ini laptop keyboard definitions ready\13
take memacszn.cmd ;A Unix system
goto _make_call
define \%s Casino Opus
define \%n 466867
define \%b 9600
define \%p xxxxxxx
take 9600e.cmd
take ansi.cmd
goto _make_call
define \%s New Country Road
define \%n 608666
define \%b 4800
define \%p xxxxxxx
take 4800e.cmd
take ansi.cmd
goto _make_call

echo Error: Incomplete script \7\13


set key \2424 \%p\13 ;Password by alt-1
echo Calling \%s \%n at \%b bauds\13\10
pause 1

set baud \%b ;Set the appropriate speed
set count 3 ;Set the counter (substitute 3 with your choice)

:_try_again ;Label for returning
pause 4 ;Let it get ready
output at\13 ;Wake up the modem
pause 1
output atdt\%n\13 ;Call the phone number
input 5 busy ;Is the line busy (timing is important here)
if not failure goto _try_again
input 35 connect \%b ;Wait for a connection (you may decrease the time)
if failure goto _nocnect ;Just what it says
goto _cnect ;To making the connection

:_nocnect ;Subroutine for no connection
if count goto _try_again ;Try again until count is exhausted
echo Maximum number of attempts exceeded\13
hangup ;Just to make sure
release ;Release the parameters (else the values remain)

:_query ;Want to select another call?
ask \%y Select again (y/n)?
if not defined \%y goto _query
if equal \%y y goto _get_choice
if not equal \%y n goto _query

:_cnect ;We've made it!
release ;Release the parameters

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Archive   : KERMUTIL.ZIP
Filename : PHONE.CLL

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: