Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
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Output of file : ORDER.DOC contained in archive : ICOM095A.ZIP

To purchase Intellicomm, please print this file by typing COPY
ORDER.DOC PRN from DOS. Then fill in the form below, enclose it
in an envelope with your check or money order (payable to
Liberation Enterprises) and mail to:

Liberation Enterprises
3091 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 602
Scarborough, Ont., CANADA M1J 2G1 (Check your postage.)

If you do not have a printer, please view the order form below
and be sure to include all the necessary information in writing
on a piece of paper, so we may process your order quickly.
If you previously purchased a related communications product, and
do not feel that Intellicomm is worth your while at full price
combined with your previous purchase, you may take $10.00 off
Intellicomm's price! The object of this offer is to help make up
for an earlier purchase you made with a competitor, possibly
before realizing that Intellicomm existed.

Eligible 'competing' products include any retail or shareware
MS/PC-DOS communications program for IBM PC's (XT/AT, etc.) that
cost you $20 or more. If you did not pay at least $20 for the
product, or if it doesn't compete in the MS-DOS market, the
product is not eligible. Examples include ProComm, Qmodem,
Telix, Crosstalk, Mirror, etc., and you must have purchased a
version of the program that cost you $20 or more. Robocomm/Rose
Reader are not typical communications programs, but they are
related and are also eligible. No communications scripts are
eligible, other than as outlined in the footnote.

This discount is valid on ONE full-priced ($29.95) copy of
Intellicomm only, and is not cumulative. If you are ordering in
quantity, discounts are built in and are outlined below. This
discount may not be used in combination with any other offers,
and your order must be mailed to Liberation Enterprises directly.
Dealers will not process discounts of this type.

Please enclose your bill-of-sale*, or other proof-of-purchase as
available. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BILL-OF-SALE for the product,
please include the ORIGINAL disk with your order (package it
taped between two squares of cardboard; postage is only 80 cents
for a package of this type in Canada, similar from U.S. to
Canada). We will mail your proof-of-purchase back with your
registered copy of Intellicomm, however WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE
discount vs. the value of what you're sending carefully.
* Registered Liberator users (any version) need only specify
their registration number in a Comment on the form. If your
address has changed since you registered and you didn't notify
us, please specify your OLD address in the comment so we can
confirm it.

Intellicomm v0.95 Order Form C-9201
[Office use] R# D/R D/S

Name: ________________________________________________________

Company: ________________________________________________________
[Only if you require an invoice in the Company's name.]

Address: ________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ Prov/State: ______________

Country: _____________________________ ZIP/Postal: ______________

Day Phone: ___________________ Evng Phone: ____________________
[If we have a question about your order.]

Quantity Price [Canadian/U.S. currency only]
1 $29.95 A bargain at regular price!
1 19.95 *Proof-of-purchase required
2 - 19 23.95 (20% off)
20 - 39 20.95 (30% off)

40 - 49 17.95 (40% off)
50 - 199 14.95 (50% off)
200 - 999 13.45 (55% off)
1000+ 11.95 (60% off)

Each copy comes with its own 'key' file/serial number (which
suppresses registration reminders), plus the latest version of
Intellicomm, and documentation on-disk. [360K 5 1/4" disks].

Please rush __________ copies of Intellicomm at $_____________

per copy for a subtotal of $_____________

Ontario Residents, please add 8% PST $_____________

Canadian Orders, please add 7% GST $_____________
[Apply GST to the SUBTOTAL]

Shipping & Handling $_____________
FREE on single-disk orders! <------------------
$2 per disk for 2+ disks TOTAL $_____________
within North America ($20 max)
$3 per disk for 2+ disks 3 1/2" disks not available.
outside North America ($24 max)

Comments/Instructions: __________________________________________



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Archive   : ICOM095A.ZIP
Filename : ORDER.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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