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rem This is an example BAT for Intellicomm auto-mail transfers using the
rem HS/Link protocol by Sam Smith (available on BBS's as Shareware). This
rem batch ALSO contains instructions on how to set up Intellicomm for mail
rem runs with HS/Link, so please read on. The batch has been customized for
rem use in Intellicomm MAIL runs, and it should not be renamed or otherwise
rem modified, if you want it to work properly.
rem AUTOMATED uploads/downloads are currently only supported bi-directionally
rem for message transfers (i.e. systems that send a message 'packet' and
rem expect you to send a reply packet... any mail system that supports HS/Link
rem should work fine).
rem NOTICE: You may experience problems with UNREGISTERED copies of HS/Link,
rem since the Shareware screen delays return to Intellicomm, and can cause
rem important prompts (successful up/download) from the BBS to be missed.
rem This causes Intellicomm to think that the transfer was unsuccessful, and
rem it will thus attempt another download (2 D/L max). If you experience
rem this, give The Tool Shop a call (see HS/Link docs) and pay for your copy
rem of HS/Link... there's no other way around it. You can be rid of Shareware
rem delay the next day after you place your order.
rem FIRST: to plug this BAT into Intellicomm, run Intellicomm's SETUP.EXE,
rem press 'S' to move to the 'Screen/File Transfer' screen, press UP to move
rem to the 'External Protocols' item, then enter the following information
rem in one of the empty entries (it needn't be entry 1):
rem ³ Ask for File ³
rem ³ Name/Description Hotkey Receive Cmd. Send Cmd. name on D/L? ³
rem ³ ³
rem For automated mail runs, all you must do is modify your BIF to use
rem HS/Link-MAIL as the 'Send/Receive Mail' protocols (BIF screen 1, protocol
rem section). Notice above that HSMAIL.BAT is used to receive, while HSLINK.
rem BAT is used to send. This IS how it should be set up.
rem If the BBS/mail system prompts you to select a protocol from its menu you
rem should also enter the proper BBS Letter so Intellicomm can select HS/Link
rem from the BBS protocol menu. As always, you must pick the proper "Message
rem Type" and set the proper "Access Msg Menu" commands and packet names...
rem See EXAMPLES.DOC for a quick tutorial on setting up for automated mail
rem runs, if you've never done it. Next, modify or create a Job that performs
rem a message download -- and DO NOT add a "Send Replies" task since use of
rem HSMAIL.BAT on a download will automatically cause a bi-directional
rem transfer, if the reply packet exists.
rem !NOTE!: If you rename HSMAIL.BAT, Icom -will- screw up when it calls
rem HS/Link during automated mail runs. Icom checks the Receive Cmd. item
rem specifically for HSMAIL.BAT, and behaves differently if found (i.e. it
rem sends your Message Dir and the proper -reply- filename on the command line
rem rather than sending the message filename as with other protocols).
rem is not located on your PATH (e.g. C:\UTIL\HSLINK.EXE -B ...).
HSLINK.EXE -B%1 -P%2 -U%4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

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Archive   : ICOM095A.ZIP
Filename : HSMAIL.BAT

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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