Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
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Filename : !EDITME.SCR

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;-| Intellicomm Script Command Summary |---------------------------------------
; [For reference only, do not run this script.]
; Note that double quotes "" can be substituted with single quotes '' if the
; text you are specifying contains one or the other: "this has 'single' quotes"
; 'this has "double" quotes'
exit ;explained below, but here in case of a 'Run'
;before seeing it's only for reading purposes...

capture "filename.cap" ;open a capture file: will close current cap
capclose ;close an open capture file
chdir "d:directory" ;change to a new drive/directory
cls ;clear the screen
delay 10 ;pause for 1 second, update screen during pause
delaync 10 ;pause, no comm port (screen) updates during
dos "dir c:" ;execute dos command dir c:
download "protocol" "filespec" ;download "X" "" receive
exist "filespec" label ;if 'filespec' exists on-disk, goto label
exit 0 ;end the script with no abort codes
goto label ;jump to label [labels must end with a colon]
gotoxy 1 1 ;goto screen column 1, line 1 [top of screen]
hangup ;same as [Alt-H], hangup the modem
label: ;example label to jump to
log "filename.use" ;start logging in filename.use
logclose ;close the usage log
notexist "filespec" label ;if 'filespec' doesn't exist on-disk, goto label
offline label ;if offline [not connected] goto label
online label ;if online [connected] goto label
pause ["message"] ;wait for keypress with optional message
print "string" ;print string/CR on the screen at current cursor
printnc "string" ;print string, don't add a CR
printraw x y color "string" ;direct screen write at x/y, in color
port 1 ;close current port, open comm. port 1 [1-8]
scapture ;capture screen to default screen.cap file
script "scrname" ;run script named 'scrname.scr'
send "string" ;send string out the comm. port, add CR
sendbif "section" "tag" ;send data from current BIF out comm. port
sendbreak ;send a break signal
sendnc "string" ;send string out the comm. port, no CR
setcomm "1200,N,8,1" ;new port settings
stamp "comment" ;stamp a COMMENT record in the usage log
system ;exit to DOS
tone pitch duration ;make some noise on the speaker
upload "protocol" "filespec" ;upload "X" "" uploads
; may also use "@C:\DIR\LIST" to specify a list
; of files (one fspec per line in 'list'). You
; MUST follow the @ with a drive (@C:...). You
; may also specify several files separated by
; spaces, as in "file1 file2 file3".
waitfor "string" timeout label ;if string not found within timeout goto label
; timeout is in seconds; 0=no timeout
waituntil "hh:mm" "day" ;pause script until hh:mm on Day [or Everyday]
when ;clear all 17 whens
when "string1" "string2" ;when receive string1, send string 2 [note ""]
when "string" label ;when receive string1, goto label [note no ""]

;NOTE: when's are only active during a waitfor. When/waitfor combos
;can be used to handle multiple prompts while waiting for some text
;and can timeout and jump to the waitfor label if the key text isn't
;received. If you wanted to write a script to logon to PCBoard (as an
;example; it shouldn't be necessary with Intellicomm), you would do
;something like the following:

when ;clear all 17 whens
when "Language" "1" ;if/when receive Language, send 1
when "Graphics" "N Q" ;or Y Q for color
when "First name?" "John Smith" ;your name
when "Password" "password" ;your password
when "(Enter)=yes? " "N" ;no mail scan, thanks
when "er) to continue" " " ;need at least a space or ignored
when "More? " "N" ;no more, thanks
when "GO AWAY!" ERROR ;...example jump to label
waitfor "Command?" 120 ERROR ;wait 2 min. for main menu or goto ERROR:
; while waiting handle any when's
send "J IBM Q" ;a little startup command for convenience
exit ;exit script to avoid the hangup

hangup ;main menu wasn't found, hangup
exit 1 ;exit code 1 aborts auto job, if any

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Archive   : ICOM095A.ZIP
Filename : !EDITME.SCR

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: