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HSL/Tag Update v1.01Beta. (C) 1993 - Thomas P Hansen
HSL/Tag Release site is Church Chatters BBS
Call our data line direct at:
402-593-8863 14.4k V.32 / V.32bis

Netmail Addresses:
Fidonet Address: 1:285/[email protected]
Internet Address: [email protected]
RelayNET Address: ->OURIDER (#693) Can be reached in the ToolShop echo.

---------------------------[ HSLT102B.ZIP Released]------------------------
Enhancements/Fixes listed below.

1. Added mouse support to HSLTAG. All main menu commands now have mouse
2. Added TimeClock to Menu


Cleaned up code in HSLTAG and also added ability to change directories
once in hsdirn using a mouse. To change directories with mouse click the
subdirectory you wish to change to. If you are not using a mouse simply
highlight the subdirectory you wish to change to and hit your carriage
return. The mouse can be clicked on the files you wish to add to the list
and will be saved to the list before changing subdirectories.

If using a mouse, to save your tagged files to the tagged file list and exit
simply click on the little box in the upper left corner of the directory
display window.


Enhanced File Tagging capabilities allowing changing of directories
from within the tagger.


Added capability of Naming where your tagged list will be placed
by passing the path and name of the list to HSLTAG when loading
it. If nothing is passed then HSLTAG will default to its current
subdirectory and use the name send.lst.


---------------------------[ HSLT101B.ZIP Released ]-----------------------

More Windows Tweeking:

1. Some have difficulties with HS/Link operation when in Windows 3.+.
In instances where we have tested this having a fossil driver has made
a difference. One fossil which has tested OK is X00.SYS by Ray Gwin.
The last official release of X00 is X00V124.ZIP. You will find other
later versions floating around in the BBS world but the author, Ray
Gwinn, has not posted those releases on his BBS. Other reliable
Fossil drivers are BNU and OPUSCOMM. Your command switches will
be best set as follows in your config.sys:

³ Locks Port 1 at 38400 with 8192 Transfer and Receive buffers at ³
³ 8192. These buffers should not total to exceed the maximum buffer ³
³ size set in Procom Plus. DV = uses DESQview Time slicing: ³
³ ³
³ Device=x00.sys E 1 T=8192 R=8192 B,0,38400 DV ³
³ ³
³ Locks Port 1 at 38400 with Transfer and Receive buffer settings at ³
³ 8192. These buffers should not total to exceed the maximum buffer ³
³ size set in Procom Plus. DV = uses DESQview Time slicing: ³
³ Device=X00.sys E 1 T=8192 R=8192 B,1,38400 DV (COM2 at 38400) ³
³ OPUSCOMM tested best with the folling settings loaded in AutoExec.Bat:³
³ Loads the fossil on port 1 with transfer and receive buffers set for ³
³ 4096: ³
³ ³
³ OPUS_CFG S 1=4096,4096 ³

If using Procomm for Windows set buffer in your comm port setup at the
highest level. HS/Link tested best with Transfer blocks set for 1024
in HSCONFIG.EXE and Idle method on page 3 of HSCONFIG set to 0.

When you call HS/Link using the F4 key and you have indicated there
is a fossil in use on your system HSLTAG will search your path
for FHSLINK.EXE. Be sure you have this file placed in your path
or in your current directory.

Optimized the code and brought down size quite significantly from
76k to 58k.


Corrected spelling and other display errors.


Additional Windows Information :
Procomm Plus:

Set Windows 386 enhanced mode to "Never Warn" Pif Editor - Minimum
512 - Max 640.

If you get Framing Errors etc. in Procomm for Windows, reduce the buffer
size in you port settings to 4k. Make sure that all your port speeds are
set at the same speed from your Windows setup to your Procomm setup and your
dialing directory. Double check your HS/Link configuration for the same

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Archive   : HSLT102B.ZIP
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