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Press information -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
CONTACT: Samuel H. Smith (818) 891-4228


HIGH SPEED LINK bidirectional protocol adds "CHAT" in version 1.2.

PANORAMA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- THE TOOL SHOP announced the release of
HS/Link version 1.2. HS/Link is a file transfer protocol driver capable
of simultaneous "CHAT", transmission of computer files, and reception of
files, at high speeds. HS/Link has built-in error correction and is
easily installed in most telecommunication programs and bulletin board
systems. Bidirectional file transfer means that uploading and
downloading of files can take place simultaneously, thus reducing file
transfer time up to 50% on many long distance phone calls.

The HS/Link protocol is now used on thousands of bulletin board
systems worldwide, and is frequently used to transport large volumes of
message traffic in echo networks.

HS/Link requires an IBM PC or compatible computer running MS DOS
versions 2.1 or later. Works with any type modem or direct connection
at speeds up to 115200. Supports NS16550AN buffered UART, if available.
Works with most available terminal or BBS software. A "FOSSIL" version
is also available. A version specifically written for "PROCOMM PLUS FOR
WINDOWS" is due to be released later this year.

HS/Link is available from Samuel H. Smith DBA The Tool Shop, P.O.
Box 4808, Panorama City, CA 91412-4808. Phone orders are accepted at
(818) 891-4228 or using a modem at (818) 891-1344. The HS/Link 1.2
suggested list price is $47.

HS/Link is also available in shareware form with a $20 (NO DISK)
basic registration fee.

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Archive   : HS121B6.ZIP
Filename : PRESS.DOC

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