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See the README.16 file for info on 16.00 proper.

| GT POWER 16.00 Notes |
| Paul Meiners |

P&M Software Co.
3104 E. Camelback Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Voice (602) 285-9914
Modem (602) 285-1146


If you are converting from a previous version of GT POWER, it would be
an excellent idea to backup your hard drive(s) before beginning. Care
has been taken and considerable testing has been done, but mistakes
are always possible when upgrading software from one release level to
the next.

To migrate from GT POWER 14.xx to 16.00, you must run the SYSOP
program. Select the (I)mport option to convert GTMAIL and GTMESSAG
files to the new format. There will be 1 central user file, which is
called USER.CTL, which has an index file associated with it, called
USER.IDX. In each message area the MESSAGE.CTL file will replace the
GTMESSAG.CTL file, and there will be created a USER_MSG.CTL and
associated USER_MSG.IDX. The USER_MSG files will record information
concerning which messages have been read by a user in each area. Also
these files will enable the new UNjoin command to function. It is
possible that the USER.IDX file might become damaged, if so, the SYSOP
program provides a clean-up user file option. This command will go
thru and build a fresh USER.IDX file from the USER.CTL file.

After running the SYSOP program to import your GT control files, the
WEEKDAY.COM program must be run to install the day-of-week in the
message bases. Once done, it will be kept up-to-date automatically.

Also, you must convert your phone directory from the old format with
the GT_UTIL.COM program, which is provided. The phone directory has
some added fields and expanded others.

Also, when converting from 14.xx to 16.00, the new external protocol
interface requires that the Kermit batch files be redone. Please read
examine the KR??.BAT files included for an example.

Please note the new files provided:

GT.WIN ......... Must be present and unchanged for GT to run.

SYSOP.BBS ...... Replaces old SYSOP.BBS, this file may be
customized by the user.

TDOOR.EXE ...... Replaces the old DOOR.EXE.

DOOR.EXE ....... New DOOR.EXE for use with the "GR" versions.
TDOOR.EXE not needed.

DELREN.EXE ..... Delete and/or renumber message bases.
Execute without paramter for instructions.

GT POWER 16.00 introduces a new format for the message bases, the MSGCVT
program is provided to convert from the old style to the new style. The
program R_MSGCVT will change back to the old format. After the conversion
process, check the the message areas for the old .MSG files, they may be

For LAN users, the old PID_FILE.BBS must be deleted. A new file will
automatically be created. The format of this file has changed and the
old file cannot be used.