Category : Communication (modem) tools and utilities
Archive   : GT1600-1.ZIP
Filename : RAMDISK.BAT

Output of file : RAMDISK.BAT contained in archive : GT1600-1.ZIP

echo off
echo .
echo . Use this .BAT file to run GT from a RAM disk.
echo .
if "%1" == "" goto warn
if "%2" == "" goto warn
echo . Once GT has been started, the program disk can be removed,
echo . but it will be needed when you exit GT.
echo .
echo . NOTE: You may need to change the "Phone Directory PATH" in the
echo . GT configuration file. Use the ALT-I command, then set
echo . it to point to the RAM disk.
echo .
echo .
echo . Loading files to the RAM disk.
echo .
echo on
copy %1*.dir
copy %1gt.cnf
copy %1gt.key
copy %1gt.log
set GTPATH=%2\
echo off
%1gt1600 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
echo .
echo . Saving the configuration and directory files.
echo .
echo on
copy %2*.dir
copy %2gt.cnf
copy %2gt.key
copy %2gt.log
goto fin
echo .
echo . ERROR: You must specify the drives to use!
echo .
echo . Example: "ramdisk d: e: s /d".
echo .
echo . Where: d: ..... is the program disk and
echo . e: ..... is the RAM disk, and
echo . s ..... is optional, the name of a
echo . script to execute, when GT is
echo . started.
echo . /d ..... is optional, the DTR switch, if present
echo . GT will NOT drop DTR upon exit to DOS.
echo .
echo . Also: The user should manually set the
echo . desired directory on the source drive
echo . before executing this .BAT file. And
echo . use the root directory of the ramdisk.
echo .
echo on