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GoCIS Version 1.01
1992, 1993 Copyright(C)
All Rights Reserved
Logix Systems
16038 Augusta Drive
Chino Hills, Ca 91709

Installing GoCIS

What you Should Know to Use GoCIS

Before installing and using GoCIS, you should have a basic
knowledge of your computer and the Windows environment. In
particular, you should be familiar with the use of menus,
windows, and dialogue boxes and other controls typically used
in the Windows environment.

You should be able to select items by highlighting them with
the arrow keys, or clicking on them with the mouse. You must
also have an understanding of the operation of your modem.

For more information about the Windows operating system, refer
to your Microsoft Windows User Guide. For more information about
your modem, refer to the manual that came with your modem.

System Requirements

GoCIS requires the following minimum hardware and software
environment to run acceptably:

An IBM PC, PS/2 or 100% compatible computer.

A 386/20 CPU chip, (386-33 recommended).

At least one floppy disk drive of 1.2MB 5.25" or a 720K 3.5"
floppy and a hard disk.

At least 4 megabytes or more of RAM. The more RAM you have the
better GoCIS will run.

Approximately 2 megabytes of free space on your hard disk
drive in order to install the complete GoCIS product. If you
already have some of the required DLL's the space will be
correspondingly less.

Microsoft Windows 3.0 or 3.1 running enhanced mode installed on
your system.

An Asynchronous modem from 1200 - 14400 Baud.

GoCIS may run on configurations that do not meet these minimum
requirements; however, the performance may not be acceptable.

Downloading from CompuServe

The following is a list of the files necessary for downloading
from CompuServe:

The naming convention used is GCnnnX where:

GC ....... indicates GoCIS
nnn ....... indicates version
X ....... Sequence

For example:

GC101A.ZIP .... Contains the installation notes
for GoCIS Version 1.01

The files on CompuServe are as follows:

NOTE: For those of you UPGRADING from PRIOR releases
you should only require GCnnnC and GCnnnD:

GCnnnA.ZIP .... Installation Notes (this file)
and README.WRI Getting Started Manual

GCnnnB.ZIP .... Support Files 1 of 4 (REQUIRED)
GCnnnC.ZIP .... Main Program 2 of 4 (REQUIRED)
GCnnnD.ZIP .... VBX Files 3 of 4 (REQUIRED)
GCnnnE.ZIP .... Help & User Docs 4 of 4 (OPTIONAL)

VBRUN3.ZIP .... VBRUN300.DLL This is the visual basic runtine
library. (REQUIRED)

This file is REQUIRED and can be found in
several forums:

MSBASIC............. VB Files VBRUN3.ZIP
WinUSER.............. (GoCIS) VBRUN3.ZIP

However Check your


directories and see if this file (VBRUN300.DLL)
is present on your system. If so, there
is no need to download this file.

This file is NOT INSTALLED by the installation
procedure. Simply unpack this file into your
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory if you need it.

If you download GoCIS from CompuServe, copy the files
onto a 1.2 or 1.4 diskette and save them for future reference
prior to running the installation.


To INSTALL GoCIS create a directory called GoCIS and
unzip the WCnnnB...F files using the -d option of pkunzip

For example:


+ + + + IMPORTANT + + + +

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you use the -d switch in order
for PKUNZIP to create and unpack the files into the
appropriate subdirectories...


After you have installed the files you will find a Windows
GoCIS.GRP file that you can add to PROGMAN in the \GoCIS
directory. To do so go to Windows progman and select

For the description enter... GoCIS
For the group file enter.... C:\GoCIS\GoCIS.GRP

If you have placed GoCIS on a differnt drive or directory

than C:\GoCIS you will have to modify the GoCIS program
group items by holding down the alt-key and double-clicking
on the program items. Then correct the command line and or
working directory as appropriate.

For a quick tour of GoCIS please refer to


For a quick reference to more of the commonly asked questions
please refer to:

Questions and Answers in Q&A.WRI

For a summary of the latest changes review please refer to:


Thank you for taking the time to give GoCIS a try. If you have comments
and/or suggestions please feel free to post them in section 12 (GoCIS) of
the WinUser forum on CompuServe.

GoCIS is a shareware product (formally known as WinCIS). You can order
a registered version of GoCIS by contacting:

Patri-soft Software
5225 Canyon Crest Dr.
Suite 71-358
Riverside CA, 92507

To Order Call: 909-352-2820
or Fax: 909-352-1527
CIS Id: 76670,1471

Larry Lee

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