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+Lƒ0 ???????? ????????Y60N17121415Y1%.% .0-1.0-W1.&BP­ÿ.0!GEDL.CNF­ÿ,d1.0!r­ÿ,(1 ¨ÿ. ¨ÿ*L0! Can't open ,R1.0­ÿ,Q1.%+V0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*j+G­ÿ.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*+G­ÿ4.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*¶+G­ÿC.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*Ü+G­ÿR.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*+G­ÿV.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*(+G­ÿ\.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*N+G­ÿ`.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*t+G­ÿd.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*š+G­ÿi.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*À+G­ÿn.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*æ+G­ÿs.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%* +G­ÿx.0 ¨ÿ%P­ÿ,!1 £ÿ. £ÿ%*2+G­ÿ|.0 ¨ÿ,1.%+V0 ¨ÿ,1.%+V&Bd*å.%*I0, 1.0!)
GECONFIG - GEDL Configuration Script
,Q1.0!5 A: Drive and directory to download to : ,R1.0,Q1.0!5 B: Your GEnie user number is? : ,R1.04,Q1.0!5 C: Your GEnie password is? : ,R1.0C,Q1.0!5 D: PRIME TIME rates protection? (Y/n) : ,R1.0R,Q1.0!5 E: How many seconds for time out errors? : ,R1.0V,Q1.0!5 F: Do you want alarms to sound? (y/N) : ,R1.0\,Q1.0!5 G: Background color is? (0-7) : ,R1.0`,Q1.0!5 H: Foreground color is? (0-15) : ,R1.0d,Q1.0!5 I: Color for time to call is? (0-15) : ,R1.0i,Q1.0!5 J: Color for current time is? (0-15) : ,R1.0n,Q1.0!5 K: Color for error messages is? (0-15) : ,R1.0s,Q1.0!5 L: Do you have ALL LIBRARIES selected? (Y/n) : ,R1.0x,Q1.0!5 M: Which entry is GEnie in the dialing directory? : ,R1.0|,Q1.0!"
N: Exit without saving changes.,Q1.0!$ O: Exit and save changes to disk.
,Q1.0! Which option? ,R1.0%™ÿ,41.0!,Q1.00%™ÿ,l1,|1 ”ÿ. ”ÿ%A
”ÿ%O *E+å ”ÿ%A
”ÿ%M *n0!Enter new value: ,R1. ”ÿ%A* !™ÿ.0%(™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*§™ÿ.0,k1.0,f1 …ÿ%*Ü0 …ÿ% ,l1%\*Ü0% …ÿ!\,>1.0%,l1%:*û0%%!:,>1.0%,l1%\* 0%%!\,>1.(F ”ÿ%B*† !™ÿ.0%
™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*N ™ÿ4.04,f1 …ÿ%*ƒ 0 …ÿ% 4,l1%,*ƒ 0% …ÿ4!,,
1.(F ”ÿ%C*ï !™ÿ.0%
™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*· ™ÿC.0C,f1 …ÿ%*ì 0 …ÿ% C,l1%,*ì 0% …ÿC!,,
1.(F ”ÿ%D*C
!™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*
!NR.(F ”ÿ%E*”
!™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*‘
0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ$ç *‘
™ÿV.(F ”ÿ%F*è
!™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*å
!Y\.(F ”ÿ%G*A !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*> 0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ% ™ÿ!0*> ™ÿ`.(F ”ÿ%H*š !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*— 0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ% ™ÿ!0*— ™ÿd.(F ”ÿ%I*ó !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*ð 0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ% ™ÿ!0*ð ™ÿi.(F ”ÿ%J*L !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*I 0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ% ™ÿ!0*I ™ÿn.(F ”ÿ%K*¥ !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*¢ 0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ% ™ÿ!0*¢ ™ÿs.(F ”ÿ%L*ù !™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*Ö 0™ÿ,k1.™ÿ!N*í !Yx.(ö !Nx.(F ”ÿ%M*J
!™ÿ.0%™ÿ,41 €ÿ. €ÿ%*G
0™ÿ,c1 ÿ. ÿ%
ÿ$è *G
™ÿ|.(F ”ÿ%N*z
GECONFIG completed.
,Q1.&+J(F ”ÿ%O*F™ÿ.0!GEDL.CNF™ÿ,d1.0!w™ÿ,(1 Šÿ. Šÿ*ã
0!Error writing to ,R1.0!s,R1.0!!!,Q1.+å0 Šÿ,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿ4,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 ŠÿC,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 ŠÿR,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 ŠÿV,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿ\,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿ`,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿd,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿi,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿn,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿs,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿx,*1.0 Šÿ!
,*1.0 Šÿ|,*1.0 Šÿ!
GECONFIG completed.
,Q1.0 Šÿ,1.&+J(å&B

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Archive   : GEDL200.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: