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1993 June:

The last edition of the Libertarian BBS list.

The Annex has been deleted.
Umbrella Graveyard (formerly Anarchy) has been deleted.
House of Ill Compute has been deleted.
Tanelorn has been deleted.

1993 April:

The Purgatoire BBS has been added.
Beam Rider has been deleted.
House of Ill Compute is no longer so slow.
City of Tanelorn is in the process of moving, but is
currently still online by the good graces of a new sysop.
The BBS is expected to "split" by'n'by-- hopefully both
will maintain Libertarian areas.

1993 February:

City of Tanelorn has upgraded to 9600 bps.
Cockpit changed its name to Planet Mirth.

1993 January:

AMNet has been added.
City of Tanelorn has become an area hub-- congratulations!
Cockpit has been added.
Fort Knox Data Center / American Fido is now 9,600 bps.
Rational Life is history. R.I.P.
Soapbox is now 14,400 bps.
World Peace has a new phone number.

1992 December:

Starlight Acres has been deleted.
Synthesis has a new node number and updated comments.

1992 November:

Aether has been deleted.
H.E.M.P. has been deleted.
Inter-Phase has moved to a new number.

1992 August:

The 2" x 4" BBS is closed to new callers until mid-August.
The Inter-Phase BBS has moved to a new number.
The W.C.I.E. BBS has been deleted.

1992 July:

The first edition of the Libertarian BBS list.