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Acer Technologies Corp. 408-922-0333 Tech Support
Adaptec 408-945-7727 BBS
Adaptec 408-945-2550 Tech Support
Altos Computer Systems 408-258-6787 General
Always Technology 818-597-1400 Sales/Tech Support
AMI (Bios) 404-446-3665 BBS
AMI (Bios) 404-263-8181 Tech Support
Apple Computer 800-538-9696 Tech Support
Ashton-Tate 213-324-2188 BBS
AST Research 714-852-1872 BBS
Atari 408-745-2000 General
AT&T 800-247-1212 Tech Support
AT&T Support 201-769-6397 BBS
Award (Bios) 408-370-3139 BBS
Award (Bios) 408-370-7979 Tech Support
Brown Bag Software 408-371-7654 BBS
Byte (magazine) 617-861-9764 BBS
Central Point Software 503-690-6650 BBS
Central Point Software 503-690-8090 Tech Support: PC Tools
Chicony 714-771-9067 Tech Support
Colorado Memory Systems 800-432-5858 Tech Support
Commodore Business Mach. 215-431-9100 Tech Support
Compaq 713-370-0412 Tech Support
Compuadd 800-456-3116 Tech Support
CompuServ Info. Serv. 800-848-8199 General
Computer Peripherals Inc 805-499-9646 BBS
Computer Peripherals Inc 805-499-5751 Tech Support
Conner Peripherals 408-456-3388 Tech Support
Control Data Corp. (CDC) 612-851-4131 General
Core International 407-241-2929 BBS
Core International 407-997-6044 Tech Support
Crosstalk Communications 404-641-1803 BBS
Data Technology Corp 408-942-4197 BBS
Data Technology Corp 408-262-7700 Tech Support
Dell Computer 800-624-9896 Tech Support
Digiboard Inc. 612-922-5604 BBS
Digiboard Inc. 612-922-8055 Tech Support
Digital Equip. Corp.(DEC) 508-493-5111 General
Digital Research 408-646-6464 Tech Support
Distr. Process Technology 407-830-5522 Tech Support
DPT (Dist Process Tech) 407-831-6432 BBS
DPT (Dist Process Tech) 407-830-5522 Tech Support
DTK Computer 818-333-6548 BBS
DTK (Bios) 818-333-7533 Tech Support
Dysan Corp. 408-988-3472 Tech Support
Epson 213-539-9955 Tech Support
Everex Systems 415-438-4650 BBS
Everex Systems 415-498-1115 Tech Support
Fifth Generation Systems 504-295-3344 BBS
Fifth Generation Systems 800-873-4384 Tech Support: Mace, Fastback
Fujitsu America, Inc. 800-826-6112 Tech Support
Future Domain 714-253-0400 Tech Support
Gazelle Systems 800-233-0383 Tech Support: Optune
Genoa 408-943-1231 BBS
Genoa 408-432-9090 Tech Support
Gibson Research 714-830-3300 BBS
Gibson Research 714-830-2200 Sales/Tech Support: Spinwrite
Goldstar 408-432-1331 Tech Support
Hayes Public BBS 404-446-6336 BBS
Headland Technology 415-656-0503 BBS
Headland Technology 800-553-1850 Tech Support
Hercules Computer Tech. 415-540-0621 BBS
Hercules Computer Tech. 415-540-6000 Tech Support
Hewlett-Packard Co. 800-858-8867 Tech Support
Hyundai Electronics 800-234-3553 Tech Support
IBM PC Users Group 404-988-2790 BBS
Intel 800-538-3373 Tech Support
Intel Support 503-645-6275 BBS
Kaypro 619-481-3900 Tech Support
Keytronics 800-262-6006 Tech Support
Kyocera Unison Inc. 415-848-6680 General
LAN (magazine) 415-267-7640 BBS
Logitech 415-795-0408 BBS
Logitech 415-795-8500 Tech Support
Lotus Development 617-577-8500 General
Mace, Paul Software 714-240-7459 BBS
Mace, Paul Software 800-523-0258 Tech Support
Maxtor/Miniscribe 303-678-2222 BBS
Maxtor/Miniscribe 800-356-5333 Tech Support
McAffee Assoc 408-988-4044 BBS, virus protection software
Microbotics 214-437-5330 Tech Support
Micropolis Corp. 818-709-3310 BBS
Micropolis Corp. 818-709-3325 Tech Support
Microscience International408-433-9898 Tech Support
Microsoft 206-637-7099 Tech Support: Windows Applica'n ?'
Microsoft 206-637-7098 Tech Support: Windows Interface ?'
Mitsubishi Inc. 213-515-3993 Tech Support

Mountain Computer, Inc 800-458-0300 Tech Support
Mouse Systems 415-683-0617 BBS
Mouse Systems 415-656-1117 Tech Support
National Semiconductor 408-245-0671 BBS
NCR 316-688-8529 Tech Support
Norton 213-319-2020 Tech Support
Norton/Symantec 408-973-9598 BBS
Novell 800-526-5463 Tech Support
Okidata 609-235-2600 Tech Support
Olivetti Office USA 201-526-8200 General
OMTI/Scientific Micro 408-954-1633 Tech Support
Ontrack Computer Systems 612-937-0860 BBS
Ontrack Computer Systems 800-872-2599 Data Recovery
Ontrack Computer Systems 800-752-1333 Sales: Disk Manager, Dosutils
Ontrack Computer Systems 612-937-2121 Tech Support
Orchid Technology 415-683-0327 BBS
Orchid Technology 415-683-0323 Tech Support
Packard Bell 800-733-4411 Tech Support
Panasonic Communica'n Sys.201-863-7845 BBS
Paradise 800-832-4778 Tech Support
Perstore 602-894-4605 BBS
Perstore 602-894-4601 Tech Support
Phoenix (Bios) 617-551-4000 Tech Support
PKWare (PKZip) 414-352-7176 BBS
Plus Development 408-434-1664 BBS
Plus Development 800-826-8022 Tech Support in Calif.
Plus Development 900-740-4433 Tech Support out of Calif.
Priam Systems 408-954-8680 Tech Support
Prime Solutions 800-847-5000 Tech Support: Disk Technician
ProComm Support 314-474-8477 BBS
Quarterdeck Office Syst. 213-396-3904 BBS
Quarterdeck Office Syst. 213-392-9851 Tech Support: Manifest, DeskView
Rancho Technology 714-987-3966 Tech Support
Ricoh Corp. 201-882-2000 General
Samsung Info. Syst. 408-434-5684 BBS
Samsung Info. Syst. 800-446-0262 Tech Support
Santa Cruz Operation (SCO)800-347-4381 Tech Support
Seagate Technology 408-438-8771 BBS
Seagate Technology 800-468-3472 Tech Support
Shugart 714-770-1100 Tech Support
Softlogic Solutions 800-272-9900 Tech Support: Disk Optimize
Storage Dimensions 408-395-2688 Tech Support: Speedstor
Syquest 415-490-7511 For ST02 V3.1
Tandy Corp. 817-390-3011 General
Tatung Co. of America 213-979-7055 Tech Support
Teac America, Inc. 213-726-0303 Tech Support
Telebit Corp. 800-835-3248 Tech Support
Telix Support 416-439-8293 BBS
Texas Instruments 512-250-7407 Tech Support
TOPS Support 415-769-8874 BBS
Toshiba America 714-837-4408 BBS
Toshiba America 800-999-4273 Tech Support
Trident 408-738-3194 Tech Support
Ultrastor 714-581-4100 Tech Support
USNO Time of Day 202-653-0351 BBS
U.S.Robotics 708-982-5092 BBS
Western Digital 714-756-8176 BBS
Western Digital 800-832-4778 Tech Support
WordPerfect Corp. 801-225-4414 BBS
WordPerfect Corp. 800-541-5096 Tech Support
Wyse Technology 408-922-4400 BBS
Wyse Technology 408-435-2770 Tech Support
Xerox Computer Serv. 213-306-4000 General
Zenith Data Systems 800-888-3058 BBS

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Archive   : FONELIST.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: