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Want to REMOTELY turn on/off your computer over the phone line?
I have available 'Call In Control' units that plug into your
phone line and the electrical wall plug to your computer. By
calling your phone and hitting the correct key sequence you
can turn your computer power ON or OFF !! These are well
made units that will also only pick up the phone after a
certain amount of rings that you designate. It can work with
the same line as your answering machine/phone. The units are
rated at 1500 Watts. You must be calling the unit with a touch
tone phone to operate the unit remotely.

These units are excellent for BBS Sysops to remotely re-boot
their computer while away ( by cycling the power ), or by
anyone who needs to have their computer on-line for only
certain periods of the day ( while traveling ) to avoid
unwanted visits by potential hackers. Then of course there
are those of you who use the computer remotely from home/office
and you just happen to lock-up the remote computer and.....
With Call-In Control you can easily cycle the computer and get
back in 'business' !

Q & A
How does the unit operate ??

The unit can work with an answering machine or just monitor any
phone line. It will pick up the phone anywhere from the first to
the tenth ring. Once the phone is picked up by the unit you will
need to input the access code and the unit will tell you via tones
if the power is on or off. You then simply enter your code to
instruct the unit to cycle. You may turn the unit On then Off,
Off then on, or just OFF or just ON !!

How does the Call In Control work with your answering machine?

The unit listens to the phone line for the access code to turn
the power ON or OFF. It does not interfere with the operation
of the answering machine and is completely independent in operation.
It sends tones to tell you whether you were successful in
turning the power on or off. The unit DOES NOT need to pick up
the phone itself to operate. Once another device picks up the phone
it 'listens' for your activation code and proceeds accordingly.

How do I set up the unit ?

Very simply. Plug the unit into a electrical wall socket,
Plug in the power cord of the device you want to cycle into the
Call In Control, run the phone cord into the unit ( the Call In
Control has 2 jacks and you can run your phone, answering
machine etc on the SAME phone line ), adjust the Ring selector
switch to pick up the phone after so many rings and your in
operation !!


The File CALL-IN.GIF is a poor GIF scan of the unit. It will show
you the basic layout. If you don't know how to read a gif try the
CALL-IN.EXE file which will also display the unit. Ring Selector Switch,
ON/AUTO/OFF Switch, Appliance ( Computer etc.) ON/OFF, LED active
light, and the location of the phone jacks. The unit is just a
little larger then your standard 2 outlet electrical socket in size.

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| |
| Your Name:_________________________________________ |
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| Street Address:______________________________________ |
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| City:_______________________________ State:__________ |
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| Zip Code:___________ Voice Phone:(___) ___ - ____ |
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| Were did you get this file from? _____________________ |
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| Product Unit Price |
| ====================================================== |
| |
| Call In Control $ 59.00 = ________ |
| Remote Power Switch |
| |
| Shipping & Handling $ 4.00 = -------- |
| Charge per unit. |
| |
| |
| California Residents add Sales Tax = ________ |
| |
| Total = -------- |
| |
| Orders are shipped within 3 Weeks or as soon as your |
| check clears !! Fastest shipment with MO. COD |
| accepted via UPS. YOU pay all COD charges. CASH |
| ONLY accepted for COD upon arrival. Sorry, I'm not |
| set up yet for Credit Cards! |
| |
| MAIL this form with payment made out to: |
| |
| |
| 26861 Trabuco Suite #E161-C |
| Mission Viejo, Ca. 92691 |
| |
| Questions ? Call THE SOLAR SYSTEM BBS at |
| 714-837-9677/3218 and leave a message |

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Archive   : FON-HOME.ZIP
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